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Spring 2017 Groups

Interpersonal Process Groups: Understanding Self and Others

This group is for students who want to explore their identity, find new ways to connect with others, expand interpersonal skills, try new behaviors, and explore feelings within a support and growth-producing atmosphere.


The Ripple Effect

This group is for students who have family members (parents, siblings, etc.) that struggle with mental health and/or substance use issues. The group is mainly supportive in nature and includes topic-specific discussions, as well as a pscyhoeducational component.


Transgender Support Group

This group is open to any student who identifies as transgender, gender nonconforming, or who may be exploring their gender identity or gender expression.


Expressions: LGBTQ Support Group

This support group provides an opportunity for sexual and gender minorities to explore a wide range of topics such as identity development, coming out to family and friends, relationships and dating, gender transitioning, social stigma, religion, community, and much more!


Healing After Sexual Trauma

This group is a safe place for female survivors of sexual assault and provides a nonjudgmental environment to gather, learn, heal, and explore their experiences.


ADHD Skills Group

This weekly, structured group provides support to students with an ADHD diagnosis.


The Center for Counseling and Student Development welcomes YOU to inquire specifics about group offerings and/or make suggestions for future groups!

Groups typically consist of 4-10 students and are led by one or more trained mental health professionals, which means a great opportunity to connect with others in a small group setting who are looking to grow or address concerns just like you!

Groups provide a supportive, therapeutic environment to explore concerns and gain support for changes you may wish to make in your life.

Groups typically meet weekly for 60-90 minutes, which is more regularly than our Center usually offers for individual therapy.

If you are interested in one of the groups listed or would like to explore further if group counseling is the right fit for you, please contact the Center for Counseling and Student Development at 252-328-6661. Most students will be asked to schedule a triage appointment with a counselor for further discussion of your needs first and your interest in group counseling can be explored at that time. If you are already a client of the Center, ask your primary counselor for more details.

Most groups require a pre-group orientation appointment. In this appointment, you will have the opportunity to meet the co-leaders of the group you are interested in, learn more details about the group, and ask questions before making a commitment.

In crisis?

Call us at 252-328-6661 (press 2 if after-hours) or walk in M - F between the hours of 11 am - 4 pm!

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