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Spring 2017 Groups


Understanding Self and Others

This group is a safe environment where one may develop more self-awareness and grow personally while exploring oneself in relationship with others. Presenting concerns frequently include: anxiety, social anxiety, depression, peer relations as well as romantic relations, and family issues that have impacted self-concept (among many others.) Basically, people who are motivated to work on improving some aspect of themselves can benefit from this experiential learning opportunity. Often members benefit by finding effective ways to connect and communicate with others while addressing their own personal concerns. 


Co-facilitated by professional staff, this weekly support group provides an opportunity for sexual and gender minorities to explore a wide range of topics such as identity development, coming out to family and friends, relationships and dating, gender transitioning, social stigma, religion, community... and much more! 

Transgender Support Group

The Transgender Support Group is open to any student who identifies as transgender or who may be exploring their gender identity or gender expression. The group meets weekly to provide a safe & confidential space for students to connect, receive support, and explore relevant topics or issues.

Men's Group

The Men's Group is a confidential group of male peers. Through thoughtful discussion, group members will explore preconceived notions, personal thoughts, and learned perceptions about masculinity and how it is related to issues such as interpersonal relationships, mental health, and personal identity. Group members will help set the agenda and work together to provide and receive constructive feedback on how their personal idea of masculinity influences their life.   Some questions group members might have include: What does it mean to be a man? Is masculinity affected by one's culture? Does a male's sense of masculinity change with age? What does it mean to ask for help or exhibit vulnerability? Am I less of a man because my partner makes more money than me? Do gender roles really matter in a relationship? 

Sexual Assault Survivors

This group is a safe place for female survivors of sexual assault to gather, learn, heal, and explore their experiences. The group begins with a psychoeducational component, exploring common reactions to sexual assault as well as ways to cope with them. Group members then explore and share about their experiences using a variety of creative, therapeutic techniques, including writing, collaging, music, and more. No one is ever forced to share, but the safe, welcoming, and nonjudgmental milieu that defines this group will foster an environment where all can find common ground and learn from each other as they work to grow and heal.


ADHD Skills Group

This weekly, structured group provides support and strategies for students diagnosed with ADHD.



The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect is a group for students who have family members (parents, siblings, etc.) that struggle with mental health and/or substance use issues. Supporting family members with mental health or substance use issues often creates a unique family dynamic as well as unique concerns for students, which can leave you feeling isolated from peers. This group aims to normalize experiences of supporting family members with these concerns, provide support and feedback in how students approach family issues, and establish ways to cope effectively in your current relationships and your life at ECU.  The group is mainly supportive in nature but will include topic specific discussions, as well as a psychoeducational component.


The Center for Counseling and Student Development welcomes YOU to inquire specifics about group offerings and/or make suggestions for future groups!



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