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NEW for Outreach Services

To maximize staff clinical time, the CCSD staff will no longer provide classroom outreach and presentations. Instead, faculty are encouraged to refer students to the "FYI Series" (see below), which are programs on mental health concerns offered monthly by CCSD.

FYI series calendar


At this time, the Victim Advocates will continue to provide classroom presentations. Student organization outreach, Orientation programming, and tabling will also continue. Outreach requests will be filled based on staff availability. We require at least a 2 weeks notice for our planning purposes. The deadlines for submission of these outreach requests are November 1 for the fall semester and April 1 for the spring (exceptions will be considered for emergencies). Requests for these events can continue to be submitted through the CCSD Online Outreach Request Form or printed and filled out in a hard copy form here. If filled out in hard copy, please return the form to CCSD located in Umstead 137 or email completed form to ccsdoutreach@ecu.edu.

Students wanting to interview staff members for classwork, news articles, etc. can come in from 11 am - 12 pm during the following dates to fulfill such requests:

Fall: 9/21, 10/19, 11/16, 11/30

Spring: 1/25, 2/15, 3/15, 4/5, 4/19

Each interview will occur on a first come, first serve basis during the hour. Interviews will last up to 10-15 minutes each. Please notify the front desk upon arrival that you are here to interview staff. We will not be accepting interviews or shadowing with our therapy dogs; instead, please see Down with Dog Days as indicated below.

If you need more information or have questions, please call us at 328-6661.


Down With Dog Days

During the scheduled times listed below, one of our therapy dogs will be present to visit with all of ECU. If you want to say hello or need a pick-me-up, please come by and visit with one of the therapy dogs - no appointment needed. These puppies specialize in looking adorable, puppy kisses, positioning for tummy rubs, and snuggles. Courtesy of the Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC), there will also be games and activities to play such as corn hole, ladder golf, and more. This is an opportunity to have some fun, burn some stress and, of course, get some puppy lovin'.  


When & What: January 11 (Mental Health Awareness Month), February 8 (Black History Month), March 1 (Eating Disorder Awareness Month), April 12 (Alcohol and Stress Awareness Month), April 26 (Alcohol and Stress Awareness Month)

Time: 9:00 am-11:00 am

Where: Sonic plaza (by Joyner library's musical columns)

*No alternate location in case of bad weather. Announcements will be made on CCSD social media about cancelations if necessary.


Doggy Bios

Ziva DiNozzo is still considered a young or adolescent Siberian Husky. She is in her first year of therapy animal work and is registered through Pet Partners. She is very excited to be an honorary Pirate. Ziva has lots of energy to burn, but loves cuddling closely with people too. She is a fan of tummy rubs and has a white heart in the fur on her chest that marks just the right spot for the perfect tummy rub. Ziva, like some huskies, makes a singing noise instead of barking. So please don’t be alarmed if you hear her singing at you to come on by to say hello.

Bug aBoo is a handsome, older gentleman with a lot of pep. Bug is a Border Collie Mix and has been volunteering as a Pet Partner team member since 2011. He loves to run, play tug, and chase squirrels, bunnies, and well…. anything that will run. He sometimes has a hard time meeting new dogs, but with a little time, he usually has friends for life. Bug loves Pirate life and is excited to help the ECU community in any way he can.



Before your visit:

Please understand that although there are set times for visits, the animal or handler may need to cancel or end visit early. If this is to occur, you can find notifications on our social media accounts. 

Please do not attend a visit with an animal if you have allergies to animals or have an extreme fear of animals.

Please do not attend a visit with an animal if you are sick. Although most human illnesses cannot be passed to animals, you could pass your illness to others through your play with the animal. 

Please do not attend a visit with food or animal treats. Food can be very distracting to an animal trying to focus on interacting with people. You also do not know what the animal’s diet is and feeding them outside food/treats could make them sick. 

Please do not attend a visit if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

During your visit:

Please wash your hands before and after visiting with the animal.

Respect the animal and their handler at all times. This includes following instructions and being kind to the animal. Please understand that if you are not respectful during your visit, you can be asked to leave.

There may be several other people that would like to visit with the animal during the time you are present for a visit. Please be willing to share the animal if this is the case.


KORU is a 4-part, weekly 75-minute mindfulness workshop. Here's how to join:

 KORU workshop in spring

In crisis?

Come in M - F between 11 am - 4 pm for a brief crisis screening or call us at 252-328-6661 (press '2' if after-hours).


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