Campus Recreation and Wellness


NRC Boat House is now OPEN!

What to do @ The Boat House

Sunbathe or play volleyball on the sand beach, toss the cornhole bags & horse shoes, walk the .5 mile trail around the lake, fish for bass and brim, kayak, standup paddle board, fly kites, or even run the 5k running trail.

FREE for ECU students and CRW members. Open to the public on a fee basis.

Boat House with kayaks


10 minutes north of campus, on highway 264 east, heading towards Little Washington. Next to the student housing complex. Located in the North Recreation Complex (NRC). Campus Map.

18 Hole Disc Golf Course @ North Recreational Complex

Hole Layouts 1-9 & 10-18

Free putter and driver discs are available for 24 hour checkout at the Boat House for all ECU Students & CRW members.

How to Play Disc Golf

Object of the Game
  • To play each hole in the fewest throws (strokes) possible. The player with the lowest total strokes for the course wins.
Guidelines for Play
  • Each hole begins at the tee.
  • Subsequent throws are made from the place where the disc comes to rest (the lie).
  • The player who is farthest from the target throws first.
  • The hole is completed when the disc is supported by the target's basket or chains.
  • Tee off order is determined by players' scores on previous hole. Lowest score tees first.
Basic Rules of Play
  • A player must have a supporting point behind his/her lie and in line with the target when disc is released.
  • A run up and follow through are allowed unless the lie is within 10 meters (32 feet, 10 inches) of the target.
  • Any shot within 10 meters of the target is considered a putt, and players may not step past the lie as a part of their follow through.
  • Casual relief should be taken from an unsafe lie.
Courtesy & Etiquette
  • Remain quiet and avoid unneeded movements when others are throwing.
  • Stand behind the player who is throwing until throw is complete.
  • Remove disc from target after completing the hole.
  • Allow faster groups to play through when possible.
  • Respect the course- put trash in proper receptacles: do not alter trees or obstacles.
  • Vandalizing targets, signs, equipment and landscaping will be prosecuted.