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Group Fitness Classes

BODYVIVE®:  Heart Health, Functional Strength and Core Training are the primary chapters in the Les Mills BODYVIVE® Workout.  Really -it's like the perfectly balanced class painted against an amazing musical backdrop.  It's light impact and utilizes the VIVE® ball and exertube for full-bodied results!  (Mixed Impact Workout)

BODYSTEP®: BODYSTEP® features results oriented, high-energy step training and full body conditioning. This 55/60-minute class is very popular so you will want to arrive early and allow plenty of time to reserve your spot! BODYSTEP® is PERFECT Step Training for beginners, AWESOME step training for “step” experienced customers, and is billed as the “World’s ULTIMATE Kick Butt Class”. 

BODYATTACK®:   The Les Mills BODYATTACK® Workout features athletic, mixed-impact exercise set to high energy, inspired music.  Power, stamina and agility are fully challenged in this incredible workout that is suitable for all levels of fitness.  Be prepared to bleed results with the the BODYATTACK® Workout instructed exclusively by Les Mills Certified Instructors.

BODYPUMP®: The Les Mills BODYPUMP® workout has been engineered to increase strength, increase lean muscle, and decrease body fat.  This fifty minute class features systematic training for every major muscle group through the use of plate loaded strength exercise.  Each workout is facilitated by a Certified Les Mills BP Instructor.

SH'BAM®:  Freedom, Celebration & Dance - The SH'BAM experience includes twelve massive songs and features a ton of OMGs, great music and totally hot dance moves.  Its forty-five minutes of:  JUST DANCE!  Come as you are, leave as a STAR!

Fusion:   Fusion is a high effort, fifty minute class designed to strengthen, condition, and redefine the shape of your body. This workout combines steady-state step training, high intensity intervals and contemporary strength training techniques making it a “must” for people looking for serious results!

Zumba®: Zumba is rhythmically inspired fifty minute dance party. African and Latin beats combine to generate a hi-octane dance your zumba off experience! This one fills up quickly so allow plenty of time for class check in. (Mixed Impact Workout)

H.A.B.I.T. (Hips, Abs, Buns, & Incredible Thighs):  H.A.B.I.T. is the fifty minute solution to your biggest problems.  The title says it all.  With a combination of yoga, pilates, and movements designed specifically for those areas you are trying to strengthen, shape, and sculpt, you are destined to get into the “HABIT”. (Gentle Impact Workout) 

BODYFLOW®:  Mix it up and treat yourself right in this forty five to fifty minute class that features a challenging mix of yoga, mat pilates, and flexible strength.  Enjoy progressive relaxation designed to rest the mind and calm the soul!  (Gentle Impact Workout)

Aqua Fitness:  Let the dynamics of the water combine cardio and strength training into one workout.  No swimming skills are required in this fifty minute session that promises to deliver full-body training with emphasis on fat burning exercise.  The water provides a constant source of resistance affording an incredible workout with light impact stresses on the body.  Water bottles and aquatic footwear are recommended.  (Gentle Impact Workout)

Class Information

Class schedules are available online (Class Schedules) and in the SRC main office.  Check the Fitness Hotline for weekly class information at 252-328-6443, or see the posted schedules located at the Customer Service Desk at both of our facilities (main campus and health sciences).  

Be sure to bring a valid Group Fitness Pass and Picture ID for class check-in.  Water bottles and proper footwear are recommended for all classes. Have a GREAT workout!