Campus Recreation and Wellness


Creepy Crux Climbing Competition

The Creepy Crux Climbing Competition is Adventure Leadership’s annual Halloween Climbing event. From people new to climbing all the way to veterans in the sport, the Creepy Crux has something to offer. Show up and show off your best Halloween costume while you climb the wall and win free candy!

Flatlander’s Fling Climbing Competition

Flatlander’s Fling is the annual spring Climbing Competition that ECU Adventure Leadership hosts to over 5 different schools. 2017 will be celebrated as the 19th Flatlander’s Fling competition in the programs history. Sponsors shower the program and climbers in prizes and gifts to show their appreciation to the people who buy and use their product. Corporate Sponsors like Adidas Outdoor, Triangle Rock Club, and the Great Outdoor Provision Co. give the event life with their prizes and donations. February 25th, 2017 is the day, mark it down and come have fun with us!