Campus Recreation and Wellness


Current Members

What are we up to?

The current members of the Wellness Living Learning Community (WLLC) are given the opportunity to participate in fun, educational programs designed just for them, social events planned by their Peer Mentors, and are placed in a unique classroom environment with their fellow WLLC members. Check out what the WLLC members are doing by following us on Instagram @ecu_wllc! 

Check out what the WLLC members are saying about their experiences:

“I got nothing but great things out of being part of the WLLC. The WLLC took care of me through my stressful days and kept me motivated. I am very grateful for how the WLLC made me a part of their family and every day I spent with them was a great, stress-free day. I was very nervous coming to ECU and the WLLC made the experience amazing.”        
 ---Connor Riley, WLLC Student
“The WLLC program has had a huge impact on my first year here at ECU. The WLLC has done more than just teach me about campus resources, completing a first year in college, and managing time, it's also taught me what it feels like to have an overwhelming support system so far from home. I believe that the friendships and the relationships I've made with my fellow first years and other people who are part of the program will be long lasting”.         
--- Abby Hubbard, WLLC Student
“WLLC has also allowed me to become involved in other areas on campus. For example, working for Intramurals was only possible through WLLC because I would not have known about it without going to the Wellness Center beforehand.”
“I absolutely loved with WLLC and recommend it to anyone in the future.”
“I never felt lonely or left out on this campus because of WLLC.”
“I have made friendships that will last and have made memories I will never forget!”
“It opened my eyes to resources provided by ECU and it showed me that people really do care for your well-being.”