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Employment Opportunities

Become an Intramural Official—officiate intramural soccer, volleyball, softball, flag football, basketball, and more! Officiating IM Sports at ECU can lead to many other opportunities at ECU and in the Greenville community including officiating North Carolina High School Athletic Association or being involved in various extramural tournaments.

Getting Started
  • Attend one of the Officials' Interest Sessions listed below. Note: Please help us communicate with you by filling out the form below.
  • If hired, all trainings, meetings, and shifts are paid at an hourly rate.
  • Officials are assigned games/shifts each week based on their availability and ability in the particular activity. The number of hours per week depend up the games scheduled but are typically 6-10 hours per week.
 Officials' Interest Sessions 2018-2019
  • Monday, 8/20 at 5:00 pm (SRC 202)
  • Tuesday, 8/21 at 5:00 pm (SRC 202)
  • Monday, 9/17 at 5:00 pm (SRC 202)
  • Tuesday, 11/27 at 5:00 pm (SRC 202)
  • Monday,  2/11 at 5:00 pm (SRC 202)
  • Note: Flag Football and Volleyball officials must attend one of the first two meetings. Basketball officials must attend the meeting in November. Softball officials must attend the meeting in February.

If you are interested in becoming a scorekeeper, please fill out the form below.  Once positions become available, you will be contacted in regards to your interest. 

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Site Managers are recruited internally, from current Intramural Sports officials and/or Scorekeepers. Anyone interested in becoming a Site Manager must be employed with Intramural Sports for at least one semester.


Year Official Credentials
2018Jordan Richardson(click here)
2017 Cameron Donaldson(click here)
2016 Steven Schulz (click here)
2015  Nick Lewis  (click here) 
2014  Trent Patteson  (click here) 
 Brent Wynne (click here) 
2013 Jordan Hedrick (click here)
  Billy Thomson (click here)
2012 Josh VanNamee (click here)
  Justin Waters (click here)
2011 Jordan Arnold (click here)
2010 Chris Riddle (click here)
2009 Charlie Kessel (click here)
  Dana Moore (click here)
2008 James Coffey (click here)
  Jimmy Heritage (click here)
2007 Jonathan Downs (click here)
  Matt Hill (click here)
  Alex Langley (click here)
2006 Todd Brewer (click here)
  Richard Chadwell (click here)
  Craig Faircloth (click here)
  Summer Talley (Faircloth) (click here)
2005 Matt Clarke (click here)
  Kevin Hinnant (click here)
  Shomari Kee (click here)
2004 Ron Barnhardt (click here)
  William George (click here)
  Isaac Moore (click here)
2003 Geouf Anderson (click here)
  Todd Boyd (click here)
  Aleczina (Zina) Briley (click here)
  Allan Buchanan (click here)
  Max Carter (click here)
  Lisa Corprew (click here)
  Haywood Dillahunt (click here)
  Russell Duvall (click here)
  Travis Fisher (click here) 
  George Hollen (click here)
  Chanel Hooker (Knowles) (click here)
  Allison Kemp (click here)
  Lynda McCormick (Flippin) (click here)
  Locke Monroe (click here)
  Craig Nestor (click here)
  Todd Riddick (click here)
  Steve Roberson (click here)
  Jason Spivey (click here)
  Jeff Watson (click here)
  Brian Weingartz (click here)
  Bobby Woodard (click here)

2017-2018 All-Campus

Flag Football: Glen Izzo, Colby Jolly, Tanner Durham, John Gegel, Malcolm Johnson, Cooper Kinsey

Volleyball: Jordan Carter, Courtney Case, Eric Tapp

Soccer: Kirstan Markovitch, John-Luke Laroque, Lawal Alhassan

Basketball: Chase Furlough, Malcolm Johnson, William Strickland, Cooper Kinsey, Daveion Taylor, Tyler Whisnant

Softball: Tanner Durham, Aaron Newns, Alex Reese, Kevin Cofield

2017-2018 All-Rookie

Flag Football: Matthew Fess, Trevor Guenther, Phillip Pilkington, Mark Warren, Chase Furlough, Donail Johnson

Volleyball: Megan Height Travis Foster, Alicia Ervin

Soccer: Jonathan McLamb, Ben Boekelheide, Hunter Potemri

Basketball: Phillip Pilkington, Taylor Brown, Parker Smith, Matt Fess, Tim Hutter

Softball: Brendan Boyd, Brooks Hill, Matthew Kos, McKenzie Hawkins

2016-2017 All-Campus

Flag Football: Alex Brunelle, Anthony Johnson, Alex Reese, Colby Jolly, John Gomez, John Gergel

Soccer: Brian Barnes, William St. Pierre, Emilie Dick, Kirstan Markovitch, Carson Talbert, Walter Snead

Volleyball: Jordan Carter, Eric Tapp, Ryan Smith, Tori Hawkins, Natalie Broder

Basketball: Nic Braxton, Alex Brunelle, Anthony Johnson, Chase Norman, Garrett Pittman, Blake Poe

Softball: Carl Battle, Blake Poe, Tanner Durham, Nick Perry

2016-2017 All Rookie

Flag Football: Bailey Robben, Jennifer Beard, Michael Biello, Karson Hallenren

Volleyball: Che'Kelvia Yarrell, Cooper Kinsey, Courtney Case, Andrew Hoech

Soccer: Jordan Laws, Che'Kelvia Yarrell, Tyler Whisnant, Katryn Reinstadtler

Basketball: Chase Furlough, Daveion Taylor, William Strickland, John Gergel

Softball: Nic Braxton, Mitchell Walker, Kevin Cofield, Casside Butler, Evan Sirota

2015-2016 All-Campus

Flag Football: Alex Brunelle, Cameron Donaldson, Kyle Griffin, Colby Jolly, Tanner Williams, Jordan Taunton

Soccer: Brian Barnes, James Ferraro, Emilie Dick, Kirstan Markovitch, Devin Butler, Brandon Avery

Volleyball: Devin Butler, Blake Poe, Andrew Coffey, Jordan Carter

Basketball: Ian McLeod, Alex Brunelle, Cameron Donaldson, Anthony Johnson, Landry Vaught, Jordan Taunton

Softball: Jacob Woodrow, Nick Perry, Cody Cyrus, Carl Battle, Tanner Williams

2015-2016 All-Rookie

Flag Football: Chris Smith, John Gergel, John Gomez, Joe Ralli

Soccer: Aaron Newns, Cameron Slayton, William St. Pierre, Jocob Sorensen

Volleyball: Cameron Slayton, Kyle Graves, Eric Tapp, Bailey Hobbs

Basketball: Eric Tapp, Nic Braxton, Cameron Slayton, Ryan Smith

Softball: John Gomez, Spencer Gaston, Ryan Smith, Cameron Slayton

2014-2015 All-Campus  

Flag Football: Cameron Donaldson, Steven Schulz, Jordan Richardson, Jordan Taunton, Adam Ward, Kyle Griffin

Soccer:  Tyler Camden, Devin Butler, Nick Saenz, Brian Barnes, Mic Reinhart

Volleyball: Katie Andrews, Brittany Bunn, Darvin Jasper, Michael Hoagland, Kathleen Molen

Basketball: Jared Pennington, Cameron Donaldson, Kyle Griffin, Jordan Taunton, Aaron Williams, Zach Daugherty

Softball: Dylan Hughes, Cody Cyrus, Barrett Sloan, Landry Vaught

2014-2015 All-Rookie

Flag Football:  Arrick Hincher, Tori Reynolds, Trey Boujai, Alex Cole, Christian Sawyer

Soccer:  Covey Clunan, Walter Snead, James Ferraro, Brandon Avery

Volleyball:  Brittany Bowen, Blake Poe, Laundry Vaught

Basketball: Chase Norman, Landry Vaught, Matthew Corbishley, Garrett Pittman

Softball: Jacob Woodrow, Michael Guzman, Hunter Williams, Phillip Morell, Adam Gitlin


The Officials' "Did You Know . . . ?"
  • Alumni of ECU's intramural sports officials program includes college basketball, softball, and football officials Raymie Styons, Zelton Steed, Rufus Walston, Carl Blair, Don Troutman, Terry Nobles, Junior Creech, Todd Boyd, Alex Langley, Robbie Hopewell, Jon Wall, Todd Boyd, Dana Moore, Josh VanNamee, Danielle Rader, Chris Riddle, Jordan Arnold, Todd Riddick, Jared Pennington, Nick Lewis, Jared Taunton, Brent Wynne, Trent Wynne, Jordan Richardson, Cameron Donaldson, Allen Sutton and Alex Brunelle.
  • Many other ECU student officials also officiate in high school sports such as volleyball, soccer, football, basketball and softball.
  • ECU has had 28 All-American selections at the National College Flag Football Championships and 12 All-American selections at the National College Basketball Championships.
ECU All-American Flag Football Officials

Craig Nestor (1990)
Max Carter (1991)
Brian Weingartz (1992)
Isaac Moore (1993)
Lisa Corprew (1993)
Russell Duvall (1995 and 1997)
George Hollen (1995)
Steve Roberson (1996)
Bobby Woodard (1998)
Todd Riddick (2000)
Jason Spivey (2000)
Marc Goldberg (2001)

Todd Brewer (2003)
Richard Chadwell (2003)
Craig Faircloth (2003)
Summer Talley (2004)
JD Downs (2005)
Matt Hill (2005)
Charlie Kessel (2006 and 2007)
Chris Riddle (2007)
Josh VanNamee (2008)
Cameron Donaldson (2012, 2013)
Jordan Richardson (2012, 2013)
Steven Schulz (2014)

ECU All-American Basketball Officials
Alex Langley (2004)
Chris Riddle (2008, 2009)
Brent Wynne (2010)
Danielle Rader (2011)
Trent Patteson (2012)

Jordan Hedrick (2012)
Nick Lewis (2013, 2014)
Jared Pennington (2015)
Alex Brunelle (2016)
Chase Norman (2018)