Campus Recreation and Wellness


Meet The Trainers

Zach Caudle

Zach Caudle is a Senior majoring in Health Fitness and has been a part of the CRW team since spring of 2017. Zach loves personal training, interacting with new people and helping everyone who walks in the door to walk out feeling accomplished. Zach's specializes in High Intensity Interval Training and Athletic Training, but enjoys working with all fitness levels and tailoring workouts to complement a clients’ abilities.  A fun fact about Zach is that he enjoys all forms of exercise and doesn't favor the weight room, cardio, or cross training over any other form of exercise. He finds it all enjoyable and says that is one of the reasons why he loves his job.

Bakari Cook 

Bakari Cook is an Exercise Physiology major. He enjoys working on strength and improving physical performance. He also enjoys setting and achieving goals that have to do with both lifting and running! He is proud of his work ethic, determination, and perseverance. Bakari’s specialties are in explosive exercises geared towards athletes and designing performance-oriented programs. Outside of fitness, Bakari enjoys taking pictures and going outdoors.

Katie Davis, BS in Kinesiology, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Katie Davis is enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at ECU and has a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from Anderson University. She joined the CRW staff during the summer of 2017 and has acquired NSCA's Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification. Katie began training in the hopes of educating and sharing her love of exercise with clients while increasing their overall quality of life through fitness. Some of her favorite ways to exercise include HIIT training, Zumba, and weight lifting. Katie's future career goal is to become a licensed physical therapist working in the field of neurological rehabilitation. Katie also played collegiate basketball and would also like to work with athletes who are interested in increasing their overall fitness level while improving athletic performance.  **Note** Katie is available to train primarily at the Health Sciences Student Center.

Joann Flaherty, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Zumba Certified,Les Mills BodyPump Certified, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Joann Flaherty is in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She has been teaching group fitness for four years, but she began personal training for CRW in the Fall of 2018. Joann loves how exercise and physical activity make her feel invincible! She hopes to help others feel that way as well and reach their fullest potential through training!  Joann completed her undergraduate degree at UNC- Chapel Hill with a major in Psychology and Exercise Sport Science with a Fitness Professional concentration. She has experience programming aquatic, Tabata, dance, HIIT, and strength training workouts, and is always looking for new things to try!   A fun fact about Joann is that she can cluck like a chicken! 

Cydney Franks, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Cydney Franks is a Health Fitness Specialist major. She began personal training for CRW in the Summer of 2018. She enjoys helping individuals push themselves far beyond they believed they could accomplish. Cydney is proud that she competed as a D1 track & field athlete in 2016-2017. Cydney specializes in both Olympic style lifts and body weight training. Cydney was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and enjoys being around anyone or anything that can make her laugh!

Daniel Gorham ACE Certified Personal Trainer (pending) 

Daniel (Danny) Gorham is a Psychology Major. He began personal training for CRW in the Fall of 2017. He enjoys helping people become stronger physically and mentally. He likes helping people reach their goals that they didn’t even know they had! He is proud of his work experience at Duke University and having two medical papers in review for publishing.  Due to his athletic background, Danny has experience with Olympic weightlifting, and explosive training and drives. He likes the idea of the mental connection to working out.  Aside from fitness, Danny enjoys music and acting. He spent all 4 years of high school acting in various theater productions. He also is proud of the album he has on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

Jessica Hall, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Jessica Hall is a Health Fitness Specialist major. She began personal training for the CRW in the Fall of 2018. She enjoys physical activity because it gives her a chance to accomplish goals and gain confidence. She loves working in fitness so she can share that feeling with others. Jessica has experience designing many workouts, from mind-body and dance-based, to HIIT and XT training.  Her favorite things to do are travel and explore new places. She especially loves when she can find a new place to hike! 

Sarah Kautz, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Sarah Kautz is a Public Health major with a Pre-Health Profession Concentration. She began personal training for CRW in the Fall of 2018. She enjoys physical activity as a form of stress relief. She likes seeing how physical activity can be utilized as a preventative medicine for many chronic diseases. Outside of her work as a personal trainer, Sarah is a resident advisor for ECU. She enjoys this because she gets to serve as a mentor and friend to new freshman as they make ECU their new home!  Sarah specializes in strength training, especially for beginners. She likes to help people who are new to exercise become comfortable and knowledgeable in the gym. Sarah enjoys anything outside or that involves traveling. She spent her Spring 2018 semester studying abroad in Italy! 


Sarah Keever, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (pending)

Sarah Keever is a Nutrition Science major. She began personal training for CRW in the Spring of 2018. She enjoys helping people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves. Sarah is proud to have been accepted to the Didactic Program here at ECU to become a Registered Dietitian after graduation. Sarah enjoys hiking and climbing with friends and volunteering at animal shelters. 

Luke Kujawski,  ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist 

Luke Kujawski is a Senior Business Management major and he officially started training for CRW in the fall of 2015. He has been enlisted in the North Carolina Army National Guard for over 4 years now and he's proud to serve this great nation. Luke is familiar with most military style training exercises and has a fair amount of personal experience with them. Luke's training expertise consist of Calisthenics and weightlifting.  Luke's favorite aspect of personal training is helping others build the greatest physical version of themselves. Seeing individuals progress physically is what keeps him motivated to do the best job he can. Luke enjoys most outdoor activities, especially firearm training!


Brian Maloney, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Brian Maloney is a Health Fitness Specialist major. He began personal training for CRW in the fall of 2018. He enjoys watching people progress and do things that they once thought they couldn’t do. He finds the personal growth aspect of training amazing! Brian is training towards running a half marathon and has a goal of one day running a marathon. Running long distances used to be something Brian never thought he could do, but he took it head on and now he loves running! It is important for Brian to have a good balance between lifting and cardio. 


Allison McCormick, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Willpower and Grace Certified, Barre Above Certified 

Allison McCormick is a Nursing major. She began personal training for CRW in the fall of 2018. Sge loves the idea of living a holistic lifestyle and using exercise as preventative medicine. She thinks empowering others to be healthy holds herself accountable as well.  Allison was able to immerse herself in the world of group fitness and obtain three certifications, all in one semester. She looks to use that same motivation as she works to become a personal trainer. She is really looking forward to working with a wide range of clients. She feels that she will excel in working towards lengthening and toning muscles.  Allison is from Pennsylvania, loves the outdoors, and was a competitive Irish dancer for 11 years. 


Emily Moore, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer  

Emily Moore is a Exercise Physiology and Dance Performance double major. She began personal training for CRW in the Fall of 2018. She enjoys a wide variety of physical activity, from taking a hike to high intensity strength training. She likes stepping out of the box and getting creative with her physical activity! Emily loves being able to share her knowledge of physical activity and fitness with others.  Emily’s background in dance has provided her with extensive knowledge of human movement. This allows her to help others find their physical limits and achieve their goals. Dance is her number one interest, but she also loves being social and active outdoors. 


Alex Paddison, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Alex Paddison is a Health Fitness Specialist major. He began personal training for CRW in the Spring of 2018. He enjoys training because it leads to a better quality of life where you are able do outdoor activities. Physical activity reduces stress and overall leads to a happier life.  Alex is proud of his abilities to communicate with people, his leadership skill, and the effectiveness of his training. He loves working with clients who need to build a strong mobility and stability base, so he can then pass them on to trainers to further help with strength or other goals.  Some fun facts about Alex is that he enjoys talking to people, he has won a half marathon before (and placed top 3 in 3 more!), and serves at a restaurant called Cheddar’s. 

Dylan Sampson, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (pending)

Dylan Sampson is an Exercise Physiology major and a proud member of ECU’s honors college. He began personal training for CRW in the Summer of 2018. He enjoys making working out fun, so it doesn’t feel like a chore! Dylan’s background is in the weight room, but also loves to mix it up and go outside from time to time. Besides weight lifting, his main interest is rock climbing! He feels that being outside and enjoying great views is something that can’t be beat! 

Seth Smith, ACE Certified Personal Trainer 

Seth Smith is a Nutritional Dietetics major. He began personal training for CRW in the Fall of 2018. Seth loves personal training because it makes him feel good, look good, and most importantly it keeps him healthy. He is thrilled to be in a position where he can help others live their healthiest life. Seth is most experienced in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Aside from physical activity, Seth loves nature, animals, and eating healthy foods. 


Hayley Williams, NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

Hayley Williams is a Health Fitness Specialist major. She just began personal training at CRW, as she is the Fitness Intern at CRW for the Fall 2018 semester. For physical activity, Hayley enjoys lifting weights, specifically powerlifting.  Hayley has a goal of empowering other women to get in the gym and start lifting! Hayley has a background in gymnastics, which helped shape her personal training style. Hayley’s favorite part of training is seeing the smiles on her clients’ faces when they do things they never knew they could!