Campus Recreation and Wellness


Peer Mentors

As a Peer Mentor your primary role will be to serve as a role model for the students within the WLLC. As the students will be new to East Carolina University, you will help them become acquainted with life at East Carolina University. Peer Mentors will also be recruited to help plan and implement programs for WLLC participants in collaboration with the Graduate Assistants. When trips and activities are planned for the first year WLLC members we encourage Peer Mentors to attend as well. Examples of some activities include: special meetings, sporting events, campus programs, community trips and retreats throughout the year. Peer Mentors will be required to attend all mandatory group meetings. As part of the class, Peer Mentors will keep in contact with their group members. We hope that in doing so you will form lasting friendships.

Benefits of Being a Peer Mentor:

  • Peer Mentors will receive several benefits including: 
  • Learn the skills of mentorship
  • Resume-building opportunities
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Development of friendships in a positive, team-oriented environment
  • Opportunity to participate in fun activities designed for WLLC members
  • Supportive network of like-minded people
  • Notification of campus programs and activities that focus on health and wellness 

2016-2017 Peer Mentors:

Mariah Adams
Sophomore, Exercise Physiology Major

Mady Curtis
Sophomore, Recreational Therapy Major

Taylor Derespinis
Sophomore, Criminal Justice Major

Connor Riley
Sophomore, Pre-Health Professions Major

Patrick Taylor
Sophomore, Criminal Justice Major

Caroline Traflet
Sophomore, Education Major

Andrew Vande Berg
Sophomore, Athletic Training Major

Jake Walker
Sophomore, Public Health Studies Major

Kelsey White
Sophomore, Nursing Major