Campus Recreation and Wellness

Pirate Fit

PIRATE FIT - Play Hard, Live Well

What is happening?

Dansani Water and Campus Recreation and Wellness are happy to announce that Pirate Fit is BACK for Spring 2018.  You can win an exclusive Pirate Fit T-shirt and be entered in a drawing for a chance to win one of two $250 Student Stores Gift Card just by working out and making healthy choices. We will select one male and one female winner.  If it happens within the Student Recreation Center or within a Campus Recreation & Wellness Program – IT COUNTS!

Registration and Tracking

How it Works

Record your daily workouts into our tracker;  Club Sport and Intramural Activities, Wellness program participation, drinking a bottle of Dasani Water, or whatever else you see fit – as long as it is a healthy choice it counts! 

Prize Level and Prizes

  • Log 20 workouts and earn Pirate Fit Tshirt
  • Log 30 workouts and get entered into Gift Card Drawing

Prize Redemption

You will be notified by email with instructions on where to go to pick up your prize.