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First Mate Nominations and the NEW Mentor/Mentee Applications for CRW Employees
First Mate of the Month Information
Any student employee of Campus Recreation & Wellness, whether undergraduate students graduate students, Program Assistants, paid interns, self-help, and work study employees. (unpaid interns are ineligible) may be considered for 1st Mate.

So that we may contact if we select your nomination.

Requirements for First Mate
  1. Have a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, customers, and serves a role model for others.
  2. Show a willingness to exercise servant-leadership, take initiative, and accept and carry out additional responsibilities beyond regular job assignments for the good of CRW. 
  3. Be productive, exhibit commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities, and is an asset to the staff of CRW. 

  4. Have & maintain a positive employee record (Ex: no shows, dropped shifts without coverage, etc.). 
  5. Be consistently dependable and punctual in reporting for duty, completing assignments on time, and participating in additional responsibilities. 
  6. Maintain a positive image inside and outside of CRW and must have supervisor approval.

Selection Process
  1. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) shall have the responsibility for managing the nomination, selection, and award process for the “1st Mate of the Month”. 
  2. At any time a member of the SLC is nominated, that person will be removed from the selection process.
  3. Each member is to vote for only one person.
  4. One (1) employee per month shall be selected for a single award month however students may be nominated more than once. 
  5. Nominees who do not receive the award for the month in which they have been nominated, may be nominated again, but will not automatically remain in the nomination pool. 
  6. Selection for the 1st Mate will be announced the first week of every month.