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Wages & Job Descriptions

Adventure Center Staff $7.25
Ropes Course Leaders $45/$90

Tower Technician

Trip Leaders varies



Certified Pool Operator $8.40 
First Aid, CPR Instructors
Lifeguard Instructors
Lifeguards $7.90
Private Swim Instructors $9.90
Swim Instructors (child/adult) $9.90

 Club Sports

Sports Care Attendant $8.40

Graduate Assistants Contact Us
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Customer Service Staff $7.90
Facilities Managers $8.90
Main Office Assistant $8.40
Utilities $7.25

Fitness Trainer(Weightroom) $7.90
Group Fitness Instructors $9.50

Scorekeepers $7.25
Site Managers $8.90
Sports Official 1 $7.90
Sports Official 2 $8.65

Graphic Artists $7.90
Marketing Assistants $7.90





Please Note:

All staff members who have worked at least two successive academic sessions in a satisfactory manner will become eligible for a graduated increase in their hourly rate for ensuing semesters. Staff members must have worked a minimum of 9 weeks during a semester to be eligible for a graduated increase in their hourly rate for ensuing semesters.


  • Adventure Center Staff (Starting Pay: $7.25)
    These students are responsible for registration and check-in of climbers, setup/take down of climbing wall, setting of routes for wall, monitoring climbers, enforcing climbing rules and assisting with belaying, check-in and out of equipment, collection of funds, registration for trips and workshops and delivering information regarding programs and services of the Adventure Program.
  • Ropes Course Leaders (Starting Pay: $45/$90)
    Planning, implementation and evaluation of individual day programs that include games, initiatives, low ropes, and high ropes.
  • Tower Technician (Starting Pay: $8.40)                           
    Tower technicians must be trained and successfully complete a skills check list.  This includes inspecting the tower prior to use, inspecting tower equipment for safe operation, set-up belay stations, handle all gear safely and within normal guidelines, belay participants, and take down equipment for storage.  CPR and First Aid are required.
  • Trip Leaders (Starting Pay: varies)
    These individuals are responsible for planning, preparation, implementation, and evaluation of various trips and workshops.


  • Certified Pool Operator (Starting Pay: $8.40)
    This individual(s) will test pool water, add pool chemicals, clean and run pool pumps, troubleshoot pool problems and treat fecal spills.
  • First Aid, CPR , Lifeguard Instructors (Starting Pay: $9.90)
    We offer classes for Lifeguards, including CPR-PR and Workplace CPR/AED/First Aid programs.  Individuals holding a current American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Certificate or Workplace/Community CPR/AED/First Aid Certificates may apply to teach ARC classes with our department.
  • Lifeguards (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    Under general supervision, ensures the safety of patrons of an aquatic facility by preventing and responding to emergencies.  Employee will also participate in refresher training.
  • Swim Instructor (Starting Pay: $9.90)
    Teach swim lessons, in group format, to children 4 and older (but not limited to college students and other adults) from non-swimming to competitive stroke coaching.
  • Private Swim Instructor (Starting Pay: $9.90)
    Private swim instructor will teach swim lessons to children 3 to 14 years of age from non-swimming to competitive stroke coaching on a one on one basis.

Club Sports
  • Sports Care Attendant (Starting Pay: $8.40)
    Club staff provide immediate First Aid and CPR for program participants within the club sports program and for selected special events and activities. Enforcement of departmental policy and completion of required forms and reports are necessary. Experience in athletic training and/or emergency medical technician certification is preferred. (CPR/FA certifications and Blood Born Pathogens training required)


  • Graduate Assistants
    • We offer graduate assistant positions in the following areas: Clubs Sports, Marketing, Fitness and Intramural Sports.  Please contact us for more information regarding these positions.
  • Internships
  • Program Assistants
    • We offer program assistant positions in the following areas: Intramural Sports and Fitness. Please contact us for more information regarding these positions.


  • Customer Service  (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    The duties of the customer service assistant include facility access, equipment check - out, towel service, racquetball reservations, policy enforcement, and customer concerns/complaints.
  • Facilities Managers (Starting Pay: $8.90)
    Facility managers are responsible for ensuring safe and enjoyable operation of all drop-in recreation. These individuals are responsible for monitoring the performance of other drop-in recreation employees and reporting their progress to the full time staff, as well as serving as an immediate contact person for employees during unusual situations or emergencies. Facility managers represent CRW professional staff in their absence and in doing so, operate with full authority of a professional staff member. (CPR/FA certification and Blood Born Pathogens training required.)
  • Main Office Asst (Starting Pay: $8.40)
    Office staff duties include typing, filing, copying, answering phones, membership/guest pass sales, mail distribution, and aerobic/fitness registration.
  • Utilities (Starting Pay: $7.25)
    Utility assistants assist in the upkeep and operation of all indoor and outdoor CRW facilities and equipment. (repair of equipment, intramural field upkeep, etc.)


  • Fitness Trainer (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    The responsibilities of fitness trainers include, but are not limited to monitoring the fitness area for the arrival/departure of participants. Fitness trainers assist participants on the correct technique and use of equipment. They are also responsible for keeping the weight equipment clean and regulating the fitness area music.
  • Group Fitness Instructors (Starting Pay: $9.50)
    Plan and teach various fitness classes.  Experience preferred.
  • Personal Trainers (Starting Pay: $10.50)
    Personal trainers work individually with clients of various ages to develop a safe, effective exercise program. This includes goal setting, one-on-one exercise sessions and exercise prescription. Personal trainers must have a thorough knowledge of anatomy, exercise physiology, principles of fitness, basic nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning, and strength training. Personal trainers must also be able to carry out responsibilities of the fitness trainers and shift supervisors.
Intramural Sports

  • Scorekeepers (Starting Pay: $7.25)
    Keep an accurate running score and clock for selected intramural/extramural sports contests or events.  Maintain control of all equipment check out for each shift.  Assist in the administration of intramural sports activities as assigned.  Work effectively with officials to maintain a safe environment for participants.
  • Site Managers (Starting Pay: $8.90)
    Coordinate and control intramural sports activities, supervise assigned employees, evaluate and assist in training of sports officials, administer immediate first aid and CPR, complete daily reports and forms, mediate disputes, check out and control equipment and supplies, communicate with intramural sports staff, and work with contest employees to insure safe environment for participants.
  • Sports Official I & II (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    Utilize appropriate mechanics for officiating.  Enforce appropriate rules and regulations for each specific sport or event.  Conduct contest in a professional manner in relations with players, coaches and spectators and work positively with other assigned Intramural Sports personnel.  Maintain a safe environment for all participants.

  • Graphic Artists (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    The responsibilities of the graphic artist include, but are not limited to designing and layout of all publications, t-shirts and softgoods which support the program marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Assistants (Starting Pay: $7.90)
    Marketing assistants are responsible for marketing CRW programs to the ECU campus. They work with marketing channels such as flyer, newspaper and student presentations. They also assist with all special events.