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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramural Sports?

Club Sports are more similar to interscholastic and intercollegiate athletics in that many clubs have coaches, some travel and play off-campus against club teams from other schools, and conduct regularly scheduled practices.  Club Sports also typically involved a greater time commitment both in number of days per week and a longer period of time for the season. Club Sports focus on competition, team building, leadership, instruction and recreation whereas Intramural Sports are primarily recreational.

How many club sports does ECU currently offer and how are they managed?

ECU currently has more than 40 active club sports.  Recent additions to our program include wrestling, mixed martial arts and bowling.  The Club Sports Staff offers guidance to all clubs.  This guidance includes but is not limited to; financial management, preparation of budgets, scheduling, organization of events/tournaments, leadership development and many other areas outside the realm of competition.

Each club consists of three or more officers.  Typically, clubs will have a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary but this is not always the case.  These officers essentially run the club like any other organization with this structure.  They make all the major decisions regarding finances, practice schedules, budgets, game schedules, etc., all with approval from the Club Sports Staff.

Does ECU provide any financial assistance for uniforms and/or travel?

Each of our clubs submit and present a budget prior to the beginning of each semester justifying the amount of financial assistance that they have requested.  We look at the proposed budget, compliance points, and adjust accordingly.  The amount of financial assistance allocated to each club is dependent upon a variety of factors including need, quality of their budget preparation and presentation, stability, adherence to compliance requirements, and activity level in competition and in leadership activities (trainings, community service, etc.).

How do I join?

See the contact list for the club of interest and get in touch with that individual.  They will be able to provide specific details related to the club.  You may also contact Hannah Roberts (Coordinator for Club Sports) if you are unable to reach a club contact.

Are there try-outs?

Yes, some club sports organizations do conduct tryouts and will have a limit on the number of people listed on the active playing roster.  The Club Sports program encourages anyone with an interest to contact that respective sports team leaders and discuss the opportunity of helping the team. Whether that includes but not limited to: practicing, playing, traveling, coaching, or financial support. However, with our more competitive clubs that must adhere to league and conference guidelines, actual participation during competition may not be feasible for all who are interested.

Where do the clubs practice?

Many different facilities both university and community affiliated are used for club sports practice.  Those facilities include but are not limited to; North Recreational Complex, Student Recreation Center, Blount Fields, Christenbury Gym, J.H. Rose High School, Bladez on Ice, Sara Law Complex, Real McKoy Paintball Field, etc.

What kind of commitment must I give to practice?

Practice times and schedules are determined on a club to club basis.  Less competitive clubs may only practice sparingly while more competitive clubs will require a more significant time commitment as they likely practice two to three times a week.  If you have questions about a particular club's practice habits, you can find the club's contact information on their home page.

Have any clubs won regional or national championships?

Yes.  ECU Club Sports has a very rich history of success in competition.  In the past ECU has produced national champions in several activities and annually sends a number of clubs to national championship competition.

What are the benefits of playing?

There are many benefits to being involved in Club Sports including improved fitness, enhanced teamwork, the opportunity to travel, meeting new people, and to be involved with an enjoyable activity that will enhance leadership skills.

Who is eligible to join a sport club?

Students, faculty, and staff of East Carolina University.

How are Club Sports classified?

The ECU Club Sports program have both recreational and competitive clubs. Competitive clubs compete and travel against outside competition where as the recreational clubs focus more on instructional aspects and recreational play of the sport/nature of the club they are associated with. 

Where do the clubs travel?  What schools does ECU compete against?

The clubs are allowed to travel to compete 450 miles one way from ECU.  There are exceptions to the rule and many of those occur because of regional and national championship travel considerations.  Most all clubs compete against our sister universities; UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington.  Teams outside the state include Clemson, Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Washington, JMU, South Carolina, Florida State, etc.

Are any tournaments held at ECU?

Yes.  We hold several tournaments each year.  With the addition of NRC, our opportunities to host tournaments has increased.  In the past we have hosted tournaments in the sports of ultimate, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, fencing, etc.

Is experience needed?

The Club Sports program is open to individuals of all levels of skill and experience.

How do I start a new sport club?

Contact Justin Waters, Assistant Director for Club Sports, regarding your club of interest and schedule a meeting with him to discuss logistics and requirements necessary to start the club.

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