Campus Recreation and Wellness


Dependent Memberships and Passes

Campus Recreation and Wellness offers Dependent memberships for anyone who is 4 years old to 24 years old during the summer months May 15th - August 15th. Children 3 and under are always free!

All Dependents 15 and Under                 $25 per session or $50 for the full summer.

ECU Faculty/Staff Dependents 16-24:    $32 per session or $64 for the full summer.

Alumni Dependents 16 - 24:                    $52 per session or $104 for the full summer. 

Summer Session 1: May 16th - June 27th

Summer Session 2: June 28th - August 15th

Full Summer: May 16th - August 15th. 

Dependents 15 and under must be accompanied by their sponsoring member at all times. Dependents 16-24 are allowed access without sponsoring member, but are not allowed to bring in guest(s). Must show valid picture ID with CRW Membership Card.