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Blount Sports Complex Policies & Procedures
Inclement Weather

1.  Monday through Friday CRW staff will meet at approximately 2:00 p.m. to discuss playing conditions. Facility staff will meet with appropriate program personnel (intramural sports, club sports, special events, etc.) to make this decision.
2.  Assigned field and/or site managers will have the responsibility of determining whether or not to start activities after 5:00 p.m. on weekends and at other times.
3.  Full time staff members for the program areas involved will consult with the assigned supervisor during nights and weekends as requested.
4.  The assigned field and/or site managers have the responsibility to cancel activity due to weather conditions or noticeable field damage after play has started.
5.  In the event of an impending electrical storm, the fields will be cleared. Use of the fields is prohibited when lightning is in the vicinity and if they hear thunder before they get to 30 they suspend play. Play at a minimum will be suspended for a length of 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning/thunder.
6.  In the event of a lighting storm teams/individuals should seek a fully enclosed building. The second choice is a fully enclosed vehicle.


1.  Restrooms will be opened Monday through Friday at approximately 2:00 p.m. by the utility staff as necessary to accommodate departmental programs. The facility manager will close the restrooms at dusk unless intramural sports is utilizing the facility. Intramural sports staff will close the facilities at the conclusion of their activities.
2.  Each program area will be responsible for opening and closing the restrooms on weekends.
3.  Each program area will be responsible for opening and closing of restrooms if their activity does not fall within the designated hours for Monday through Friday or during school breaks such as fall break, Christmas break, etc.
4.  Each program area is responsible for periodically checking restrooms while their activities are in progress.
5.  ECU police will provide routine uniform patrol as standard operating procedure.
6.  Bicycles are not allowed on the fields. Bicycles must use the bike racks adjacent to the field house.
7.  Field and/or site managers are responsible for enforcing field policies: No pets/animals, no alcohol, no glass containers, no smoking, no golf, no bicycles on fields, no vehicles allowed on fields.


1.  Restrooms will be cleaned each morning by the SRC housekeeping staff.
2.  Report any problems with the field house, restrooms or grounds to the appropriate supervisor.
3.  It will be the responsibility of each program area to check/clean restrooms adequately during course of their activity. Hourly checks are expected.