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Scheduling Priorities
I.  Definitions:
Students-Any person currently enrolled in an academic class.

Faculty-Employees designated as exempt from the State Personnel Act who usually engage in teaching and/or principle research work. In some instances they may hold a key administrative position, but only when approved in advance by the Office of State Personnel.

Staff-Employees designated as subject to the State Personnel Act who generally perform a support role in relationship to the instructional and/or research function of the university. This category does not extend to student and/or graduate student employees or contracted employees that are not considered state employees.

Spouse-The husband or wife of a student, faculty or staff member.
Dependent-Children of students, faculty or staff who are under the age of 18 years.

Retired-Faculty or staff of the university who meet the retirement criteria established by the Office of State Personnel.

Guests-Any person invited to utilize the Student Recreation Center by a student, faculty or staff member or any person who does not currently hold a Student Recreation Center membership that is allowed to utilize the Student Recreation Center.

Visitor-Individuals invited to ECU for official reasons other than to specifically use the Student Recreation Center.

Student Organizations-A group of students officially recognized by the Office Of Student Leadership Development.  

University Affiliates-Groups and individuals related to the mission of ECU such as athletic or academic camps and state, regional or national events.

Sponsored Programs-A private group/organization for profit or non-profit not recognized by the university, but authorized to use the student recreation facility because of sponsorship by an approved/recognized entity (student organization, academic department etc.)

Non-Affiliate-Any off campus, private or public profit or not for profit group.

II.  Facilities
Facilities located within the Student Recreation Center include indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, squash court, track, multi-use gymnasium sports courts, a weight training and cardiovascular fitness area, classroom, multi-purpose exercise studios, and a climbing wall. These facilities represent activity areas with potential for reserved use in accordance with the priorities that follow. The operational expenses for the facility, program expenses and student and full time staff salaries are entirely supported by the revenue generated through student activity fees and special membership/guest fees. These facts form the rationale for membership fees, priorities for use and rental fees.

 III.  Priority Of User Groups
 1.  Programs and services provided by and/or sponsored by CRW will receive first priority. These programs and services include intramural sports, adaptive recreation, drop-in recreation, club sports, fitness activities, lifestyle enhancement and summer camp operations. The primary source of revenue for debit service, program and operational expenses are membership fees. Members, including students, faculty and staff along with their invited guests, will receive priority appropriate to this category. CRW may elect to co-sponsor activities with other departments, groups or organizations without assessing charges.

  2. Academic classes (Health and Human Performance) approved for scheduling by CRW will receive second priority. These classes will be allowed on a semester/session basis with the understanding that adequate student activity space will not be compromised at any time. Representatives of CRW will be the judges of adequate student activity space. Academic programs will provide payment to offset debit service and facility operation. Academic programs will be financially responsible for special set-ups/strike downs and any repairs and/or maintenance or housekeeping needs that arise as a direct result of their programs or the increase in use as a consequence of academic programs.

 3.  Student organizations will have third priority. Use will be allowed only for members or active participants of organizations.  Guests of these organizations/groups are excluded. No charges will be assessed student organizations for reserved use of the facility unless the reservation creates the need for special set-up and/or strike down or the reservation requires special operating hours or staff supervision, housekeeping needs, supplies, etc.

 4.  University Affiliates-Groups and individuals related to the mission of ECU such as athletic or academic camps and state, regional or national events will receive fourth priority. University affiliates will be assessed fees on a cost recovery basis making sure that rental charges are passed on for basic costs including debit service and facility operations as well as costs associated with special set-ups/strike-downs and special staffing needs.

 5.  Sponsored Programs-sponsored by student organizations and/or academic departments for the community outside of East Carolina University will have fifth priority. Sponsored programs will be dealt with on a cost recovery basis making sure that rental charges are passed on for basic costs including debit service, program and facility operations, as well as costs associated with special set-ups/strike-downs and special staffing needs.

 6.  Non Affiliate-Profit making or not for profit organizations and/or activities with no affiliation to East Carolina University will have sixth priority. Charges for reserved facilities for non-affiliate groups will be set in such a fashion as to reduce debit service, program and facility operations costs as well as generate revenue. These rental charges will include all staffing and personnel charges, housekeeping and housekeeping supplies, utilities, and pro-rated maintenance/repair charges.

IV.  Facility Utilization Charges (Rental Fees)

Student Organizations  University Affiliate  Sponsored Programs **  Non-Affiliate
Basketball Court  * 35 70  140
Classroom 20 40 80
8 Lane Pool (per lane charges available) * 80 160 320
Four Lane Pool * 50 100 200
Outdoor Pool/Deck * 75 150 300
Exercise Studio * 30 80 160
Entire Facility NA 350 700 1,140

*No charges except for special set-ups/strike-downs, supervision etc.
Student Supervisors @   12.00 per hour
Housekeeping @            21.00 per hour
Trades @                       25.00 per hour
Professional Staff          35.00 per hour

**Sponsored Programs desiring to open facilities to the community for profit making will fall under the non-affiliate category to establish rental rates.

V.  Recreational Facility Use Passes
Guests  5.00 per person per day
Dependents  3.00 per person per day
Conference Guests  3.00 per person per day*
Summer Camps  1.00 per person per day*

*Directors for conference programs and summer camps will be provided the option of recreational facility use at the time conference/camp arrangements are made. The conference/camp director will be billed for recreational facility use passes at the respective rates of $3.00 and $1.00 per person for each day the conference/camp chooses to utilizes the Student Recreation Center. This will allow for approximately one hour of recreational activity per day. Each director must decide, prior to confirming their conference/camp arrangements whether or not to provide use of recreational facilities for their conference/camp. Recreational facility use will be allowed during standard Student Recreation Center hours of operation. As a general rule, CRW will not allow more than a combined total of 150 camp/conference general facility use attendees in the Student Recreation Center at one time.