Frequently Asked Membership Questions

As a faculty or staff member, can I  try out the facilities before I purchase a membership?

Absolutely! If you are a faculty or staff member and have never had a membership with CRW, you may get a free month pass in the main office.

Who is eligible to purchase a membership?

ECU Faculty, Staff, Alumni*, Medical Residents, Retirees, and spouses of people in these categories are eligible to purchase memberships. Spouses of currently enrolled students are eligible to purchase semester memberships any semester their spouse is enrolled in school.

*In order for the spouse of an alumnus to be eligible to purchase a membership, the alumnus must also have a membership.

Do Faculty, Staff, and Medical Residents have to be members before their spouse can be a member?

No. Spouses of ECU Faculty, staff, and Medical Residents can buy a membership even if the other person is not a member.

Although Alumni have to be members before their spouse can be a member.

Do you sell family memberships?

No. We sell memberships to ECU affiliates and their spouses. Prices are based on what enrolled students pay each semester in activity fees. During the Summer Sessions we sell dependent membership based on the sponsoring member's membership type and the age of the dependent. Sponsoring members may purchase guest passes for dependents at a cost of $5 per guest per visit. Children age 3 and under are free. 

Can I bring guests with me?

Members may bring a maximum of 2 guests with them at a time. Guests are defined as anyone coming into the facility with a member including children. Guest passes are $5 per guest per visit. Guests 16 years old or older must present a valid picture ID and sign in at the Customer Service Desk to be admitted. 

Guest must be accompanied by their sponsoring member at all times. On Saturdays members can bring up to 2 guests for free with prior registration online through our website. Guest pass registration is open weekly from Sunday at 12pm through Friday at 12pm. Guest must be registered by this time in order to be allowed in on Saturdays. Members can also purchase a 10-visit punch card for guests for $40. 

What can kids do in the recreation center?

Kids can run on the track, swim, climb the 32’ rock climbing wall, and play basketball or racquetball. Children 12 years of age and older may use the weight room with adult supervision. Children must always be accompanied by their sponsoring member while in the center.

We also offer family and youth programs throughout the semester. The dates, times, and prices are listed in the Program Guide.

What is included in my membership?

Your membership includes use of SRC facilities including an indoor 1/7th mile track, 10,800 sq ft weight room, 6 basketball courts, 5 racquetball courts, 27’ climbing wall, indoor pool and outdoor pool. We provide free towel service and equipment check out at the Customer Service Desk. Lockers are available for free on a daily use in the locker rooms. Locks must be taken off at the end of each day or they will be cut. Members can reserve lockers on a semester or annual basis in the Main Office. Members are encouraged to bring their own lock to secure their belongings.

In addition, members can participate in a number of free classes and seminars which are listed in the Program Guide. Aqua fitness classes are free to all members. The times for those classes are listed on the aerobics schedule. Additional fees are assessed for group fitness classes, lifestyle enhancement programs, personal training, swimming lessons and adventure equipment rental and trips. See the Program Guide for more information about classes and program schedules.

Can I purchase a membership by the month?

We do not have monthly memberships available. Memberships are sold on an annual or semester basis. ECU faculty and staff who purchase an annual membership may choose to pay for it monthly through payroll deduction. If you choose a payroll deduction membership and cancel before a year, you will be charged a cancellation fee. Please see the Program Guide for membership dates and prices or contact the Customer Experience Coordinator at 328-6387.

Where do I purchase my membership? What do I need to bring with me?

Memberships may be purchased in the main office which is located on the right when you walk in the Student Recreation Center. ECU affiliates need to bring their ECU OneCard or a valid picture ID when purchasing a membership. 

Spouse of ECU affiliates can provide proof of eligibility for purchasing a memberships one of three ways: 

1) Show a "Dependent" ECU OneCard,
2) Bring their spouse with them and a valid picture ID,
3) Bring a valid picture ID and their spouse’s ECU OneCard.

What are the main office hours?

During the fall and spring semester the hours are: 

Monday – Thursday 8am-6:00pm

Fridays 8:00am - 5:30pm

During the summer, the main office is open

Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm

If for any reason, you cannot get to the main office during open hours to purchase your membership, please call 328-6387. We’ll be happy to make other arrangements!

What if I only want to use the Student Recreation Center occasionally?

ECU faculty, staff, Medical Residents, and trustees can purchase a day pass for $5 at the Customer Services Desk. You must show a valid ECU OneCard to purchase a day pass. Alumni may purchase day passes for $7 at the Customer Service Desk. Guests are not allowed with day passes.