CRW Monthly Member Profile - Vera Tabakova
vera tabakova
What department do you currently work in?
How long have you been a member of Campus Recreation & Wellness?
Since I started working here in August 2005.
How often do you use the facility?
At least once a week but not nearly as often as I would like to.
What is your favorite machine or area to use in the Student Recreation Center?
The adventure program, of course. Other than that I like the pool, the group fitness classes, and sometimes I run on the track.
What do you enjoy most about the facility or programs?
There is a lot of choice, I always find something to do. I am also pleased with the programs for children; we have probably tried all of them. Our latest discovery is a great private swim teacher who is working with my son on improving his stroke.
What motivates you to continue to use the facility?
I like to exercise and the CRW facility has everything I need (except for a sauna) for an enjoyable workout. In addition, it has convenient hours of operation, it’s close to school and home, it’s child-friendly, and most of my friends use it too. Sometimes I am thinking of becoming a group-fitness instructor myself, but I doubt I’ll ever have the time to do it.
Tell us about your experience in the facility with CRW staff.
Always very positive. I enjoy seeing the same familiar, smiley, and friendly faces over and over again. I am most familiar and very impressed with the staff of the adventure program; they have influenced me a lot in the past few years (and cost me thousands of dollars in equipment, I am glad there are no skiing trips :)). Jokes aside, today I own a roof rack, two kayaks (one for me and one for my son), a lot of camping gear and, more importantly, I use them and I love them! Thank you for giving me the confidence to do that on my own!
Additional Comments:
Thank you for being here and doing what you do!