Saturday Digital Guest Passes

All Saturday guest passes are digital.

Click here to register up to 2 FREE guests.

You may register your guest only once per week by 5:00 pm on the previous Friday.
If your guest changes, please call 252-328-6911 and CRW Customer Service can help you.

The digital guest passes helps ensure a safe and comfortable atmosphere!

Guest Pass Registration

Types of Guest Passes

Per Visit
  • Guest passes are $5/per visit, per person when sponsored by a CRW member. 
  • Two guests per member are permitted*.
  • Individuals who purchase day passes are not allowed to bring in guests.  Only members receive this member benefit.
Weekend & Free Guests on Saturdays
  • Students and members may purchase a weekend pass for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend for $10/per guest.

  • Two free guests per member are allowed on Saturdays with an advanced online registration*. Members and students without the advance pass will be able to pay $5.00 for each guest when they enter with a maximum of 2 guests.

10 Visit Pass
  • Students and members may purchase a 10-visit pass for their guests for $40.00. This is a punch card and does not expire. Punches may be used for multiple guests. Members are the only persons that can use a 10-visit pass. Only the member whose name is on the card can bring in guest with the card. Sharing of guest passes is prohibited.

Pass Policies 

  • *Guest passes reserved in advance through the Campus Recreation & Wellness online registration form.
  • Only CRW members (students and paying members) can use guest passes, as a benefit of being a member.

  • Guests are defined as any non-member (children or adults) accompanying a member for participation purposes.
  • Ages 16 & over must present a valid picture ID. Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parent or sponsor at all times.
  • Dependents 3 years of age and under are FREE. 

  • Non-members are not permitted to enter the facility to solicit guest pass sponsors. Sponsors and guests must arrive and check-in together at the customer services desk.
  • Sponsors are responsible for the conduct of their guests and must remain in the facility with their guests at all times.
  • Failure to follow all guest pass polices could result in termination of membership privileges.
  • Members requesting to bring in more than 2 guests must have prior approval from the Customer Services Coordinator who can be reached at 328-4949 during normal office hours.


*Prior arrangements for larger families or special guest needs may be made in the main office during normal office hours.