Campus Recreation and Wellness


CRW - Who We Are

Our Mission: To engage the Pirate Community in diverse recreational and wellness experiences by providing exceptional facilities, programs, and services.

Our Vision: To be an advocate for lifelong wellness and a pioneer for leadership development. 

Our Values: Inclusivity, Learning, Innovation, Fun, Tradition

Our Motto: Play Hard. Live Well

2016-2017 Goals: 

1. CRW will conduct a comprehensive program review aligning with ECU, CAS, NIRSA and ACHA standards. 

2. CRW will fully prepare for the addition of the Recreation and Wellness space at the Health Sciences Campus Student Center.

3. CRW will expand and document the current student leadership development framework to assess emerging leaders.

4. CRW will further expand the engagement and integration of the 8 Dimensions of Wellness within and external to CRW.

5. CRW will establish additional avenues for student employees. students, and the campus community to communicate with the department.