Rock Climbing @ Pilot Mountain 

Your heart pounds with excitement from doing "the impossible" as the view extends for miles right in front of you. You inched up a seemingly blank wall, hands searching for the nooks to hold, muttering silently, "come on, come on..." Back on the ground, you high-five your new friends, who were yelling encouragement when you thought you couldn't make the move.  
The day will be warm and comfortable while the climbing is splendid. Everything you want to know we can teach, from the basics to more intermediate and advanced techniques. 

We can tailor the trip to suit your needs and desires. Can you climb a steep ladder? You can climb a rock face! Climbing a ladder and rock face are similar, one just is more exciting and makes you feel good. 
Intermediate & Advanced Climbers
If you're already climbing 5.10, we can get you on 5.10+ or 5.11s easily enough. And on enough climbs you might pump out before the rest of the crew, at which point we can show you anchor setups and other knots.

Includes equipment, transportation and instruction. 

No experience is needed. Mandatory pre-trip meeting on Thursday (early evening) before each trip. Limited to 8 people per trip. 

Essential Eligibility Criteria - For All Trips

Regardless of your experience, our Essential Eligibility Criteria contain what you can expect on a trip and what we ask of you. Most people easily meet these requirements. Have questions? Please ask or 252-328-1560

Climber in Little Amphitheater
Reaching the top of the climb - all smiles!
Climbing in the Amphitheater
All Smiles at the Top