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Fall Break - Waterfall Wonders of NC

Sat, Oct 11th - Tues, Oct 14th

100 Waterfalls! North Carolina has over 100 falls. Duck your head into just some of them on fall break. Visit thundering, cascading falls down boulders along with the gracefully, quiet, ribbons, dropping along silky smooth rock. 
Each falls is different, some will take a rugged short hike, while others are along a rolling stream for a couple of easy miles. With a light pack containing your camera, food and water, you'll visit several falls each day. Some falls were featured in the movies Hunger Games and Last of the Mohicans! 
Each night, rest your head in a comfortable campground, discussing the day as the campfire crackles and burns.  
Cost: $200 students/members. $250 non-members/guests.
Includes camping, equipment, food, instruction and transportation.

No experience needed; we'll teach you everything you need to know to hike and camp in comfort.
Mandatory pre-trip meeting. 

Sign up by: Sun, Oct 5th, 9pm, limited to 7 people total   

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Fall Break - Sea Kayak the OBX Exploration....A Service-Learning Trip

Sat, Oct 11th - Tues, Oct 14th


The sea is rising and we have no Moses to hold back the waters. Ghost forests that are in 3 feet of water, 40 yards from shore.  Houses that used to have sand bases now stand sentry on stilts with no means to access them. The science is accurate but why is the topic so controversial in NC when there is so much visible evidence?  Put on your life jacket and get your feet wet as this trip will get you to understand sea level rise. 

From inside a 16ft sea kayak, you’ll paddle into the ghost forests, investigating what caused these once beautiful cypress trees to become stark landmarks on the coast. Experience the force of wave erosion yourself by boogie boarding the waves as the stilt house with no owner stands as a reminder of how powerful water is. 

This is service-learning trip. You'll volunteer time with a couple different groups to build a paddle trail, investigate how waves are affecting beaches and other hands on topics. Your brain to swim with the ideas and impacts of sea level rise. You’ll have a chance to learn about the economic impacts and how coastal erosion through sea level rise is  changing the landscape for all manner of living creatures, including humans 

You'll see the OBX as you've never seen them over just 4 days. Coastal sunrises. Ospreys hunting of food. Dolphins breeching the water. Just a few of the highlights on this favorite service-learning trip. 

Cost: $180 students/members. $230 guests/non-members. 

Trip includes equipment, instruction, food, transportation and tent camping .

No experience needed. Mandatory pre-trip meeting & 1 kayak pool session.

Signup By: Wed, Oct 1st, 9pm

*staff have over 200+ hours of formal training and 1-2 years of apprenticeship before they lead trips.

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(or in person in the Student Recreation Center)

Sunset paddle
Sea kayaking with smiles
Making diner
Twin Falls
Pinnacle Mountain