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Go Outside for Cheap - Purchase an Equipment Season Pass!

Go outside more without breaking the bank. Our equipment season pass works just like a season's pass at a ski resort.

Only 1 fee to rent as often as you need. But if you are not sure how often you will go, you can pay as you go.
Students: $50/semester
Faculty, staff, alums: $100/semester

Rules and how to sign up.
Adventure Rental Center Rental Rates


 Day/24hrs (M-Sa)  Weekend (F-M)  Additional Day(s)

Beach Cruiser
(includes helmet, lock, lights)
$5 $10 $2


Day/24hrs (M-Sa)  Weekend (F-M) Additional Day(s)


1 Person Sit-on-Top Kayak
(includes 1 paddle & 1 PFD)
$10 $16 $3

2 Person Sit-on-Top Kayak
(includes 2 paddles & 2 PFD's)
$12 $20 $4

Boogie Board $5 $9 $2

Canoe (includes 2 paddles & 2 PFD's) $12 $20 $4

Decked Sea Kayak** $15 $25 $5

Surf Board 7.5' or 9'
$10 $16 $3

  Standup Paddle Board
(includes 1 paddle, 1 PFD, & leash)
$10 $16 $3    

Wetsuits (full & farmer styles)
$6 $12 $3

Water Shoes (sizes 4-12)
$3 $7 $2

Life Jacket
$3 $7 $2

Canoe or Kayak Paddle
$3 $7 $2

** requires permission from Assistant Director




Day/24hrs (M-Sa) Weekend (F-M) Additional Day(s)

Women's Backpack - Internal Frame
$6 $10 $2

Men's Backpack - Internal Frame $6 $10 $2

Women's 15 degree Sleeping Bag $6 $10 $2

Men's 15 degree Sleeping Bag $6 $10 $2

Sleeping Pad $1 $2 $1

Tent 2 person

Tent 4 person $9 $15 $3




Day/24hrs (M-Sa) Weekend (F-M) Additional Day(s)

Coleman Stove - 2 Burner Propane $5 $9 $2

Cook Set - 2 person $2 $6 $2




Wall Use (M-F)
Weekend (Saturday)  

Climbing Shoes FREE FREE  

Harness FREE FREE  

Pickup/Drop Off Times & Cost
Pickup Friday & Return Monday = Weekend Rate

Pickup Saturday & Return Monday = Day + Additional Day

Pickup & Return Within 24 hours* = Day rate
*includes pickup Saturday morning & return Saturday afternoon
Rental Center Policies
Renter may only rent two of any one item.

All items must be returned clean. A $5 fee per item is charged for any item returned dirty.

For ECU students, faculty and staff only. Faculty & staff must be members of CRW to rent . All full time students may rent equipment.

Renter assumes full responsibility of equipment while the equipment is in their care.

No refunds are given for equipment not picked up.

Rental of Decked Sea Kayaks must have prior approval.
Equipment may be reserved in advance but must be paid in full at the time of reservation. ECU Adventure Rental Center is located off the basketball courts adjacent to the climbing wall inside the Student Recreation Center.

Reservation cancellations must be made at least 1 day in advance of the check-out date to receive a full refund. If reservations are canceled less than 1 day in advance of check-out no refund will be given.
Late Fees
Equipment returned late will be charged at twice the daily rate for every day the equipment is late.

Renter will be held financially responsible for theft, loss, abnormal wear and tear damage, cleaning and any late fees assessed.

For any fees not paid within 14 business days of the scheduled return date, a hold will be placed on the renter's university account