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What is the Wellness Living Learning Community (WLLC)?
The WLLC is an exciting residential learning opportunity open to ALL incoming freshmen. We have designed this learning community for students who have an interest in health and wellness and in helping to improve the health of others. Students who are selected to live in the WLLC will reside together in Gateway Residence Hall and receive personal wellness coaching and health classes. In addition, students will also have an opportunity to go out into the community and share what they have learned with underserved youth in Eastern North Carolina.
Why should I participate?
One of the many benefits to participating in the WLLC is that you will have a unique opportunity to connect with students, faculty and staff who all have an interest in health and wellness. This community is located in Gateway Residence Hall on College Hill. In addition, you will get academic credit for the classes you will take as part of this community.
Who can participate in the WLLC?
All incoming freshmen are welcome to apply. You do not need to be in a health-related major.
What will I be expected to do as a participant in the WLLC?
Students who are chosen to participate in the WLLC will be expected to:
  • Enroll in the following classes:
    • Fall Semester: HLTH 1000 (2 credit hours); COAD 1000 (1 credit hour)
    • Spring Semester: HLTH 2500 (3 credit hours); EXSS 1000 (1 credit hour)
  • Attend one mandatory group meeting per semester including WLLC participants and mentors.
  • Complete a health risk assessment and behavior change project based on their results.
  • Participate in specialized programs designed just for you.
  • Plan and participate in a service learning project for an underserved population in Eastern NC.
  • Abide by the ECU Student Code of Conduct (
Can I choose who my roommate will be?
Students are allowed to choose who their roommate will be, but they will have to be in the Wellness Living Learning Community as well. This information must be noted on both your and your roommates' application for Campus Living.