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Club Sports Manual/Interactive PDF Forms

Listed below you will find the manual for CRW Club Sports. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these files (PDF).

In addition to the manual, common club sport forms are found below (all interactive).  Please click on the title of each form to open the PDF version.  Once you have filled in the form completely, you can click the "Submit" button and it will emailed automatically to OR you can save a copy of the PDF to your desktop, attach it to an email and email it to If you have any questions concerning these forms, please contact the Club Sports office at 252-328-2995.

Liability Packet - To be completed by all members on Club Roste

Liability Packet: Insurance - To be completed by Faculty/Staff and Graduate Students on Club Roster, DOES NOT need to be completed by undergraduate students 

Request For Funds & Deposit Form 

Hotel Request Form

Travel Authorization Form

**ATTENTION** After completing the three forms above (Request for Funds, Hotel Request and Travel Authorization), you MUST complete the following in order to be done with your travel paperwork:

1.  Acquire a quote from the hotel where you plan to stay.
2.  Acquire an invoice from the tournament/event host showing payment of your entry fee.
3.  Acquire tournament information that proves that the tournament/event is actually taking place on the stated dates.

Once you have finished these three tasks, please send all of that information to

If you need a template to create an invoice you can download this blank one for your records- Bill to ECU Invoice
*For entry fee's and services-we will always need an invoice to utilize allocated funding.