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Requesting Club Sports

Ballroom Dance

The purpose of Ballroom Dance is to be recreational and competitive while making new friends and competing against rival schools such as NC State and UNC-Chapel Hill. Ballroom Dance Club requires no prior experience and is a fun way to learn something new while being physically active. We attend three competitions a year and our practices are held in the Student Rec Center, which are lead and instructed by our experienced members. 

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Olympic Weightlifting 

Olympic Weightlifting offers a constructive environment for students who want to learn Olympic style weightlifting i.e. snatch & clean and jerk. They offer recreational and competitive opportunities to any student who wants to learn. Coached by Dave Kemble, a professor in the College of Health and Human Performance, the club has the experience to help anyone reach their personal weightlifting objectives while also experiencing the team atmosphere of friendly competition and accountability that in return, helps everyone achieve their goals. 

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Rock Climbing Club

ECU's Climbing Club welcomes both seasoned climbers as well as those just opening their eyes to the sport.  We offer you opportunities to become part of the unique rock climbing community through practices and competitions; levels range from beginner to advanced and practice times vary based on the semester.  Every climber has their own style, and at our structured practices, you'll learn drills and techniques to help improve your technical skills so you can climb more difficult routes. The club participates in the Eastern Edge Series, a chain of competitions along the east coast with events hosted at Duke, ODU, Chapel Hill, VCU, and even one here at our home climbing wall. The club is always accepting new members at practices as well as competitions.  If you're looking for a way to relieve stress, gain flexibility and strength, and meet new people come check the club out at the Adventure Center, located at the back of the Student Rec Center, where the staff can help answer any further questions! Also, check us out on Facebook! 

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Running Club 

The purpose of the club shall be to promote the sport of running through recreational, instructional, and competitive activities. The club shall be open to all students, faculty, and staff who wish to participate in the sport of running. 

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Yoga Club 

For students who are looking to increase flexibility, relax, and improve their quality of health.  Yoga club provides an opportunity for students, regardless of experience level, to improve themselves every week. Joining ECU Yoga club will also provide students with ways to give back to the surrounding communities throughout the year with volunteer service projects.  Club trips will include yoga sessions at The Purple Blossom yoga studio, and the possibility of a yoga/kayak adventure. All Club Yoga practices are held at the Student Rec Center on the ECU main campus and are led by experienced members.

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Become a Club
For instructions on how to become a Requesting Club Sport, please contact the Assistant Director of Club Sports Justin Waters


Inactive Club Sports

Below are a list of inactive Club Sports. These clubs were once an vital part of the program but have unfortunately gone inactive due to lack of leadership, resources and/or graduation. 

Do you have what it takes to revitalize one of these clubs? 

If you are interested please contact the Assistant Director of Club Sports. 



Formed in 2007, billiards focused mostly on the "pool" subdivision of cue sports; with the traditional six-pocket table of 7-,8- or 9-foot length, in which eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball and straight pool was played. The billiards club was last active in 2008.


Formed in 2000, bowling was a co-gender sport that competed primarily in 10 pin events. Home matches were held at AMF Lanes in Greenville, NC and the Mendenhall Student Center Bowling Alley. The club was last active in the Spring 2014. 


Formed in 1993, crew was initially recreational based with the focus on learning the technique of rowing but did evolve into competitive crew, where different clubs competed against each other. It is unknown when the club went inactive.

Disc Golf:

Formed in 1990, disc golf is an sport where players try and throw a disc at a stationary target in the least amount of throws possible. With Campus Recreation & Wellness owning and operating a 18 hole disc golf course at the NRC, the club had gained in popularity but disbanded in 2012 with graduation of several officers. 

Goju-Shorin Karate:

Formed in 1990, goju-shorin is one of the main traditional forms of Okinawan style karate. It focuses on hard and soft closed and open hand techniques. eventually, goju-shorin members incorporated their techniques to align more closely with Isshinryu. Goju-Shorin was last active in 2000. 


Formed in 2009, judo is a modern martial art/combat discipline that focuses on throws and take downs and has recently evolved into more self defense based theology. The club was last active in 2013 with the remaining members deciding to transition into the Isshinryu discipline. 


Formed in 1979, racquetball is a fast active racquet sport played indoors (at ECU) but unlike other racquet sports there isn't a net for the opponents to utilize therefore they must utilize the 4 walls during game play to score. Club racquetball was last active in 2013.  

Table Tennis: 

Formed in 2012, table tennis provides an opportunity for students and staff who wish to learn the game of table tennis through a safe and education environment. Club Table Tennis was last active in 2014. 

Tae Kwon Do:

Formed in 1989, TKD focuses on combining combat and self-defense techniques with sport and exercise. TD was last active on campus in 2012. 

Ultimate Frisbee- Women's (The Black Pearl): 

Formed in 1995, The Black Pearl had several years of success during their tenure at ECU, even winning conference and regional championships. However, after graduation in spring 2010 the club disbanded.  


Formed in 2012, triathlon is a multiple stage competition that focuses on swimming, cycling and running. The nature of the sport is scored on periodic training in each of the three disciplines, as well as combination workouts and general strength conditioning. Club triathlon was last active on campus in Spring 2014. 

Underwater Hockey: 

Formed in 1986, underwater hockey is a limited contact sport in which two teams compete to maneuver a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool into goals. Club Underwater Hockey was last active on campus in 2011

Water Polo: 

Formed in 1980, water polo evolved into two separate clubs in 1994, forming a male and female club, respectively. It is undetermined when the club actually went inactive. 

Water Ski & Wakeboard:

Formed in 1988, the waterski and wakeboard season traditionally was between August-November and then again in April-May. The club went inactive after the 2014 season after several officers graduated.