What are Mind, Body, Dance Classes? 
Mind, Body, Dance classes are non-credit instructional programs that are taught by the same instructor on a weekly schedule at the same time each week.  There is generally a fee associated with the class.  Classes taught may include, yoga, pilates, martial arts based classes, fitness workshops, and various dance classes. 

How do I register for Mind, Body, Dance Classes? 
To register you will need to stop by the SRC Main Office – if the class is free you still need to register. 

Who teaches the Mind, Body, Dance Classes? 
Classes are taught by professionals in the ECU community who are either registered or certified in their discipline or they have extensive experience teaching their program. 

Can I get a refund for the Mind, Body, Dance Class that I am registered? 
Refunds are only given up to 3 business days prior to the start of the class.  So if a class is scheduled to begin at 6:30 am on a Monday, then the latest you can request a refund would be prior to 6:30 am the Wednesday before the program is set to begin.  The only exception to this policy is in the event of a medical emergency and documentation from your physician is required indicating the reasons you can no longer participate in physical activity. 

Why aren’t refunds given for Mind, Body, Dance Classes? 
Refunds are not granted because we work with contracted instructors and the decision to hold a class is based on the number of participants registered for the class. 

How will I know if a class is cancelled due to low enrollment or other situations? 
CRW will make every effort to contact you in the event that a class is cancelled.  An email will be sent to your ECU email account.  We will also attempt to call you, however in order for that to happen you will want to verify that our office has your correct phone number.  In addition, a sign will be posted on the studio door in the event that you did not receive our email and in most circumstances we will arrange to have a CRW employee meet you at the studio to also relay the message. 

Do I need to bring my own mat to yoga/Pilates classes?
Yes, it is recommended that you bring your own yoga mat to any yoga or Pilates classes in which you are registered.  There may be some mats in the studio, however they are not the “sticky” yoga mats. 

What if I want to teach a Mind, Body, Dance Class?
If you have a physical activity/fitness related skill or talent that you would like to share with the ECU community and would like to be considered as an instructor please contact Suzanne McDonald at 252-328-6387 or at