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Officiating Successes

The Officials' "Did You Know . . . ?"
  • Alumni of ECU's intramural sports officials program includes college basketball, softball, and football officials Raymie Styons, Zelton Steed, Rufus Walston, Carl Blair, Don Troutman, Terry Nobles, Junior Creech, Todd Boyd, Alex Langley, Robbie Hopewell, Jon Wall, Todd Boyd, Dana Moore, Josh VanNamee, Danielle Rader, Chris Riddle, Jordan Arnold, Todd Riddick, Jared Pennington, Nick Lewis, Jared Taunton, Brent Wynne, Trent Wynne and Alex Brunelle.
  • Many other ECU student officials also officiate in high school sports such as volleyball, soccer, football, basketball and softball.
  • ECU has had 28 All-American selections at the National College Flag Football Championships and 11 All-American selections at the National College Basketball Championships.
ECU All-American Flag Football Officials

Craig Nestor (1990)
Max Carter (1991)
Brian Weingartz (1992)
Isaac Moore (1993)
Lisa Corprew (1993)
Russell Duvall (1995 and 1997)
George Hollen (1995)
Steve Roberson (1996)
Bobby Woodard (1998)
Todd Riddick (2000)
Jason Spivey (2000)
Marc Goldberg (2001)

Todd Brewer (2003)
Richard Chadwell (2003)
Craig Faircloth (2003)
Summer Talley (2004)
JD Downs (2005)
Matt Hill (2005)
Charlie Kessel (2006 and 2007)
Chris Riddle (2007)
Josh VanNamee (2008)
Cameron Donaldson (2012, 2013)
Jordan Richardson (2012, 2013)
Steven Schulz (2014)
ECU All-American Basketball Officials
Alex Langley (2004)
Chris Riddle (2008, 2009)
Brent Wynne (2010)
Danielle Rader (2011)
Trent Patteson (2012)

Jordan Hedrick (2012)
Nick Lewis (2013, 2014)
Jared Pennington (2015)
Alex Brunelle (2016)