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Intramural Officiating

Officials' Interest Sessions 2016-2017
Monday 8/22 5:00 PM MSC Great Room 1*
Tuesday 8/23 5:00 PM MSC Great Room 1*
Monday 9/19 5:00 PM SRC 202
Monday 12/5 5:00 PM SRC 202
Monday 2/13 5:00 PM SRC 202
*MSC is Mendenhall Student Center
Anyone interested in officiating Intramural Sports must attend one of these meetings prior to attending sport-specific training.
Flag Football, Indoor Soccer and volleyball officials must attend one of the two meetings in August.
Outdoor Soccer officials may attend any of the three meetings in the fall.
Basketball officials must attend the meeting in December.
Softball and 4on4 flag officials officials may attend either of the two meetings for the spring.
East Carolina University boasts one of the finest sports officials development systems among university intramural sports programs in the nation. Former participants in the program include division I college officials, numerous high school officials, and countless others that work in various recreation leagues. The training clinics, conducted by highly qualified professional and student staff, will provide you with the needed knowledge, philosophy, mechanics, and human relations skills to perform the job effectively. There are very few student positions that involve the challenging mix of responsibility, leadership, decision-making, athleticism, and public relations skills that are necessary in sports officiating. In addition, ECU offers opportunities to become involved with high school officials associations, local community recreational leagues, and a number of exciting off-campus extramural events in various parts of the nation.
Why Officiate?
  • Competitive salary (starting at $7.90/hour) with an opportunity to earn raises
  • Necessary equipment for officiating is supplied by CRW
  • Eligible for extramural tournaments and/or referral to scholastic and recreational leagues
  • Employee benefits for CRW equipment, guest passes and programs
Getting Started!
  • Attend one of the Official's Interest meetings listed above as well as the different training/instructional clinics for each sport. Teaching methods will include videotapes, guest speakers, rules interpretations, mechanics drills, station work, and actual field/court practical application by working practice games or preview tournaments under the supervision of veteran officials.
  • Complete university paperwork including tax forms, availability and employment eligibility.
  • Officials will be assigned games on a weekly basis according to their availability, demonstrated skills and number of referees that may be assigned. The number of hours per week depend upon the games scheduled but are typically 6-10 hours per week.