Intramural Pick 'em Contests

NFL Pick 'em (ESPN Pigskin Pick 'em)

Follow the simple easy steps for a chance to become an Intramural Champion. Weekly winners and an overall champion will be crowned and receive an Intramural Championship t-shirt. The overall winner will be the individual with the most correct picks after the 17 week season.

  • Log in or create an account at
  • Under the "Fantasy" tab in the right hand corner of the page, click on "Pigskin Pick 'em.
  • Under "My Groups," either re-join the group (ECU Intramurals) from last year or join for the first time.
  • NOTE: Your entry name MUST be your pirate ID in order to win as you must be a current student, faculty or staff member to play. The default name is your name with the #1 at the end. Please make sure you change it to your Pirate ID.
  • To join for the first time, search "ECU Intramurals" under "All-Groups" and click "Get Started." The password for the group is "pirates."
  • Create an entry for the current week. 
  • You may log-in and at anytime to look at your picks, view overall standings or results from each particular week.
  • Please contact Mark Parker at with questions.
  • Good luck!

NOTE: When filling in an entry form, you do not have to make a pick for each game. This is helpful if there are early games scheduled for a given week (games played on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday). You may make your picks for these games beforehand and complete the rest later.

Games are automatically locked out on the entry form according to their scheduled date and time. Early games are locked at the start of the individual game. All remaining games (including the Monday Night Football game) are locked at the scheduled start time of the first Sunday game.

You may change your pick for any game up until the time that game is locked.

Entries must be completed on time. Once a game is locked, you may not change your pick for it. If you did not make a pick for a particular game, it is counted as a loss. If you submit a partial entry and either forget or are unable to complete it, the games you did not pick will count as losses.

NCAA Tournament Pick 'em

·         Log in or create an account on

·         Under Fantasy & Games, choose Tournament Challenge

·         Under My Groups, either rejoin the group (ECU Intramurals) from last year or join for the first time

·         To join for the first time, search "ECU Intramurals" under "All Groups" and click "Get Started"

     Name your entry and enter the password "pirates." The name of your bracket is your ECU e-mail address before the @. Example: E-mail address is, your bracket entry name will be smithj00


·         Selections can be changed, but must be finalized before March 17, 2016 at noon

·         This group is a closed group, meaning you may not move brackets in or out of the group, so choose carefully!