Volunteer Manual

Please check out the Volunteer Manual for policies/procedures as well as descriptions of different volunteer opportunities available within Campus Recreation and Wellness. Click on the links below to read about the specific topic areas.

Introduction and Mission Statement
Volunteering at CRW
Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
Volunteer Expectations
Volunteer Policies
Volunteer Opportunities at CRW


Welcome to the CRW Volunteer Team!

CAMPUS RECREATION AND WELLNESS welcomes you as part of our great team! As a volunteer member we anticipate that your involvement with us will be an equally satisfying experience. This manual has been dedicated to acquaint you with Campus Recreation & Wellness and to serve as a guide to the operation and procedures of our volunteer program.

Included is information about the various programs and events offered by CRW, as well as a selection of topics related to volunteering for CRW. Please read this manual carefully before beginning your volunteer experience. Continue to use it as a reference as your volunteer experience develops. You are also encouraged to contact your volunteer supervisor or the CRW Volunteer Director (Mark Parker) with any questions or concerns.

Students who volunteer their time and skills are valuable assets to CAMPUS RECREATION & WELLNESS. We encourage constructive participation of groups and individuals in our volunteer program, to perform appropriate tasks under direction, training, and supervision of our volunteer coordinators. Campus Recreation & Wellness believe that volunteers enrich our programs and help to promote a positive, energetic learning atmosphere.

The CRW Mission Statement

To promote and administer educationally oriented leadership development programs and services to enhance positive recreation and wellness lifestyles of the University community. Campus Recreation & Wellness is committed to imparting a sense of responsible citizenship, providing relevant student leadership experiences, enhancing individual potential, and fostering a life long commitment to learn skills associated with physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.