Volunteer Application


224 Some Street



Do you plan on Adapted Recreation and Wellness Day being the only event that you volunteer for?

What is the class (type and code)? Who is the instructor? How may hours of service must you complete? When is your assignment due?

Example: Parents' Night Out, September 1, 6-10pm

Please indicate any special skills you may have such as graphic arts, webpages, lifeguarding, CPR, typing, etc.

In order to determine my suitability for volunteer work, a personal background investigation will be conducted. I do hereby authorize any educational institutions, former and present employers, and individuals to furnish Campus Recreation and Wellness with any or all information regarding me, whether or not it is in my records. I hereby release them from civil or criminal liability whatsoever for issuing same and waive Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Rights. Continued volunteer status is contingent upon departmental satisfaction with the results/finalization of my background investigation.