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Camp Policies Table of Contents

Our camps are designed to provide a fun, rewarding and safe experience for all campers. All camp counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid. The camper/counselor ratio will never exceed 6:1 during the core camp hours. All drivers for have been cleared through the university with complete driving history checks. We have a diverse group of camp counselors from the ECU community. All of the camp staff is dedicated to giving each camper a summer to remember. ECU also makes reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. In order to ensure the accessibility of all programs and services, we encourage anyone needing information, assistance and/or accommodation of any kind to contact Mark Parker for Rec Junior or Jon Wall for Recreation Nation at 252-328-6387. Every effort will be made to find ways to assist with any special needs in a confidential manner.

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Camp Staff Code of Ethics

To foster this development in each camper, our staff will:
  • Conduct themselves professionally and in a positive manner while interacting with campers, members of the Student Recreation Center, parents, and other members of the staff.
  • Actively promote inclusion, fairness, fun, and equal treatment of all campers.
  • Maintain the integrity of the program by adhering to East Carolina University and CRW mission, policies, procedures, rules, and safety policies at all times.

Summer Camp Souvenir T-Shirt

Each child will receive one complimentary camp T-shirt as a keepsake for attending camp. T-shirts will be distributed on Wednesday of each session/week to campers (limit one t-shirt, per camper, per summer).

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Emergency Numbers

ECU CRW main office (252) 328-6387

Student Recreation Center Customer Service desk (252) 328-6911

Registration Information

  1. A child's age will be determined by their age on the first day of camp. In order to be eligible for enrollment, the child's age must be within the designated range for the particular camp involved. Full payment is due at the time of registration (see exception below). Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Registration forms will be accepted until camp enrollment is full. Registration and payment may be done online, in person at 128 Student Recreation Center or by mail (128 SRC, Greenville, NC, 27858). Forms will be registered in the order they are received via online, mail, or drop-off.

    EXCEPTION: Exceptions may be made in special circumstances (total of $500+) where a 50% deposit for each session/week will be required to reserve the spot in the particular week(s)/session(s). However, this option only available for those who register in person or by mail. If you are registering online, payment must be made in full. The remaining balance must be paid by Friday, May 26, 2017. If a specific camp enrollment has reached the maximum, additional requests for space in the camp will be placed on a waiting list with priority based on the order in which completed enrollment forms are received. If a vacancy in camp enrollment occurs, the individual at the top of the waiting list will be given until 5:00 p.m. on the following business day in order to accept the vacancy and pay any fees that are due. If this does not occur, the vacancy will be made available to the next subsequent individual on the waiting list.

  2. The registration deadline for each camp session is the Wednesday prior to each session. This deadline is used to determine whether the camp has met the minimum enrollment. Registration forms will be accepted until camp enrollment is full. Registration and payment will be accepted by online registration, mail or in person at 128 Student Recreation Center during normal business hours (Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. and Friday until 5:00 p.m.

  3. Priority registration will begin Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 8:00 am for SRC members, and ECU students/faculty/staff. Registration will be made available to the local community on Monday, March 20, 2017.

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Once a child is registered for the program parents will be mailed or emailed the following forms to complete and return to camp (print Camper Forms here):
  • Assumption of Risk Form
  • Medical Release/Emergency Information Form
  • Camper Conduct Agreement Form
  • Medication Form (optional)
Please ensure that your child's forms are filled out completely and mailed back to: Summer Youth Camps, 128 Student Recreation Center, Greenville, NC 27858-4353 or bring them on the first day of camp.

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No refunds will be given after the registration deadline for each session of camp (Wednesday prior to the camp session/week). Refunds are not available for vacations, special events, short-term illnesses of three days or fewer, or other personal commitments that prevent attendance. Following this deadline refunds will only be given for the following exceptions:
  • ALL refunds will result in a processing fee of $25 per week, per child.
  • Extended illnesses - A refund may be available for an extended illness of two or more consecutive days. A doctor's note and written note from the parent or guardian explaining the situation must be received within three working days from the first day of camp. Upon review, participants may receive a full refund for the unused days with the exception of the $25 processing fee.
  • There are times when the camp must dismiss a child due to a psychological, emotional or physical disability that precludes the child from participating safely or effectively in a group. Dismissal will take effect only after consultation among the parents/guardians, camper and the camp director or administrator. Dismissal for the aforementioned reasons will result in a complete prorated refund for the unused days.

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Refunds are not available for illnesses, special events, vacation periods, and other personal commitments. See extended illnesses under Refunds (see above) for additional information.

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On occasion, dismissal may be necessary for disciplinary reasons parents/guardians will be notified immediately concerning this action and an opportunity will exist to discuss this action with parents/guardians, the camper and the camp director/administrator. This action will take effect only after consultation among the parents, camper and the camp director/administrator. If a camper is dismissed for disciplinary reasons, there will be NO REFUND for the unused days.


Transfers between camp options, sessions or weeks must be done in person at the CRW main office, located in 128 Student Recreation Center, by the registration deadline (Wednesday prior to camp) for the camp session involved.
  • Transfers are based on space availability and are made at the discretion of ECU CRW. If granted, the balance of any payment (if relevant) must be made at the time of the request.
  • Vacated positions on a camp's enrollment may not be transferred. These positions will be filled according to priority based upon the waiting list.
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Rec Junior Drop-off/Pick-up Times (ages 5-8)

Pre-Camp Drop-off: 7:30 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. (no additional cost)
Check-in: 8:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
Check-out: 3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Post-Camp Pick-up: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (no additional cost)

Recreation Nation Drop-off/Pick-up Times (ages 8-13)

Pre-Camp Drop-off: 7:30 a.m. - 8:15 a.m. (no additional cost)
Check-in: 8:15 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.
Check-out: 3:45 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Post-Camp Pick-up: 4:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (no additional cost)

Camper Drop-off/Pick-up Area

All drop-off and pick-ups will be in the front of the Student Recreation Center. Please check the map/directions of campus and information concerning parking near the Student Recreation Center.

Directions (click here)

Late Arrivals/Early Pick-up

Special arrangements for your child to arrive late or leave early can usually be accommodated if advance notice is given. This notice should be given in writing at either check-in or check-out to the director or assistant director specifying the DATE, TIME and WHO will be picking up/dropping off the child. If you must bring your child to camp early or pick them up late on a regular basis then you must register for the extended care program.

Checkout Procedure

Each child will receive two (2) "pick-up tags" before the start of camp. Any person wishing to pick up a child from camp must have one of the two (2) tags in order to be authorized to pick up a child as well as a picture ID. One of the tags should be placed on the front dash of their vehicle so that it is visible to camp staff. If someone other than yourself or spouse is picking up your child, you must submit a signed noted stating who will pick up your child that day and have them use the extra pick-up tag. Children will not be permitted to leave the camp location unaccompanied by an adult. No camper will be permitted to walk unaccompanied to their home or another meeting place.

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If your child is taking medication, a Medication Form must be completed and given to the camp director . This form will outline the type of medication, amounts and times to be taken. Medication will be administered in a discreet fashion and medication needs shall remain confidential between parents and camp staff. In order for ECU CRW staff to dispense prescribed medication, it must be in the original prescription container with prescription dosages. Camp staff will not dispense over-the-counter medicine to your child unless a physician's note is provided which displays the prescribed dosage. The camp director or assistant director will be responsible for retaining this medication and ensuring that it is properly administered according to the directions of the parent and prescription.

Accidents and Emergencies

CRW does carry a limited accident insurance policy for our campers. However, it is recommended that all campers have medical coverage prior to attending camp. In case of an emergency or accident involving your child, you will be contacted following notification of the appropriate emergency personnel. Both camps make provisions to be certain that all campers will be as safe as possible. All group leaders and camp administrators are certified in CPR and First Aid, and will provide initial emergency care when needed. Lifeguards will supervise for all aquatic activities. We provide and require campers to wear the safety equipment for applicable activities.

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If your child should become ill while at camp, you will be notified. CRW does not have a registered nurse on staff. Therefore, we will ask you to make the decision whether to remove your child from the program for the day. We ask for your discretion in bringing your child to camp if he/she is ill.

Contacting your child during camp

If an emergency arises and you need to contact your child during camp, call the main office at 252-328-6387.

Lost and Found

Each specific camp has its own location for lost and found items. Please see the camp staff for any lost items. At the conclusion of camp, unclaimed lost & found items will be forwarded to the Customer Service desk in the Student Recreation Center at 252-328-6911.

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Campers will be transported to their activities off campus via the CRW vans. All van drivers have been approved by the university to operate a state vehicle. Campers will be accompanied by counselors at all times. Trips will vary according to the session. A detailed schedule will be available online at least two weeks prior to the camp session and/or emailed to the individuals who provided one during registration.

Camper Conduct

ECU CRW believes that it is important that our campers act in a respectful manner towards each other and themselves. While we understand that some children have a natural tendency to test the limits of compliance in many situations, we believe that there are certain standards to which our campers must be held. It is our goal to help develop our campers into people who have strong morals, are responsible and treat others with respect. Inappropriate actions of campers will be handled in the following progressive fashion:
  • Staff member will intervene immediately and discuss possible solutions to the problem with the camper.
  • A warning will be issued which consists of a note being sent home to the parents informing them that the child has been consistently disciplined during the day.
  • After the initial warning and continued disruptive behavior, a second note will be sent home. At this time, the child will be suspended for the next camp day.
  • If there is a third incident, parents will be contacted immediately and notified that the child has been dismissed from the current session/week of camp.
If the camper's actions are severe enough, the earlier stages of the behavior consequences list will be disregarded. Each camper and a parent/guardian is asked to read and sign the camper conduct agreement form and include it with the other information that will be sent back to the Student Recreation Center.

If a child is removed for disciplinary reasons from a CRW camp they will not be permitted to enroll in ANY CRW camp for the remainder of the summer involved. A parent conference will be required to determine whether or not to enroll the child if application is made for summer camp participation the following year. It may also be necessary to discharge a child from the camp while the camp is traveling to the destination or at a remote activity site. Should this action be necessary, the parent or guardian is expected to make arrangements to pick the child up within an appropriate time period at the designated location. Parents or guardians may be required to depart work or social engagements immediately and travel some distance with little advance notice.

Campers who have been dismissed from camp the previous year must obtain the permission of the camp director/administrator before being allowed to enroll for the following year.

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What to Bring Every Day

Recommended Clothing

Campers should arrive dressed for activity. Both camps recommend outdoor, activity clothes. Clothing requirements may change somewhat from day to day based on the nature of the activity. A weekly itinerary will be provided in the materials that will be emailed prior to camp, online as well as on Monday. Please label clothing, towels and all personal items with the child's last name.

Water Bottle

Please send your child with a water bottle each day, labeled with your child's last name.


Each child should bring a sack lunch Monday-Thursday with his/her name on it. Lunch will be provided on Fridays. Lunches should be packed in such a manner as to keep them cold. Microwaves & refrigerators are not available!


Snacks are not provided. Participants should bring their own snack if they choose to have one during the camp day. Please inform the camp director by note if there are any foods or drinks your child should not consume.

Sun Block

Many activities will take place outdoors. We recommend applying sun block on your child prior to arrival and sending sunscreen so that your child can reapply as needed.

Swimming Gear

Please pack a swimsuit and towel for your child every day for both camps. Parents will be notified each week on which days their child will be swimming. Please provide a plastic bag in which to store the wet swimsuit and towel. One-piece suits are preferred for girls. A pair of flip flops or shower shoes is recommended for use around the pool.

Gym Bag/Backpack

A gym bag or backpack is recommended for your child's belongings. Please label with your child's last name.

Money/Items of Value

Personal equipment such as cell phones, iPods, and hand held electronic games should not be brought to camp. Exception: Both camps do go on a number of trips in the vans in which electronics will be allowed.Both camps also go on trips in which campers may want to purchase souvenirs or snacks. However, the camp staff can assume no responsibility for the safeguarding of such money and/or equipment. Children should leave all sentimental, monetary or items of personal value at home (i.e., electronics, toys, etc.)

If necessary, the camp staff reserves the right to search a child's belongings (with another staff member present) for the safety of the child as well as the other participants. A parent will be notified if a search is completed.

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Student Recreation Center Policies

  1. At no time are campers permitted to wander into unauthorized areas of the building (i.e. Weight Room), nearby buildings or adjacent areas unless during instructional activity or under the supervision of a counselor during extended hour periods. Campers should not go to the restroom alone. They should ask a staff member for permission. This is a precaution to insure safety.
  2. No camper is allowed to go to the main office unless it is an emergency situation. Messages will not be taken by the office staff for any camper unless it is an emergency situation.

Swimming Guidelines

ECU CRW summer camp programs utilize various aquatic facilities over the course of the summer including our own Student Recreation Center (indoor and outdoor swimming pool). Responsibility for swimmers will be shared by camp staff and lifeguards on duty at the different facilities. Camp staff will serve in a supporting role. They will assist in supervising your child by monitoring the deck area and locker rooms.

Children will be able to change into their swimsuits prior to swimming. If your child wears their swimsuit to camp, please have them bring their underwear to change into after swimming. Wet swimsuits are not advisable for children to stay in all day due to health concerns.

The swimming level of the camper will be determined by the parent's evaluation of their swimming abilities (see camper Contact/Emergency Information Form). A camper's swimming ability and the aquatic facility will be used to determine a camper's specific aquatic restrictions.


Tax Identification Number

Parents wishing to deduct the child care expense of Discovery or Recreation Nation Camps may do so. The camp's tax identification number is: 56-6000403. Call 252-328-6387 for additional information.

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