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What to Bring to Camp

Recommended Clothing

Campers should arrive dressed for activity. Both camps recommend outdoor, activity clothes. Clothing requirements may change somewhat from day to day based on the nature of the activity. A weekly itinerary will be provided in the materials that will be mailed prior to camp, online as well as on Monday. Please label clothing, towels and all personal items with the child's last name.
Water Bottle

Please send your child with a water bottle each day, labeled with your child's last name.
Each child should bring a sack lunch Monday-Thursday with his/her name on it. Lunch will be provided on Fridays. Lunches should be packed in such a manner as to keep them cold. Microwaves & refrigerators are not available!

Snacks are not provided. Participants should bring their own snack if they choose to have one during the camp day. Please inform the camp director by note if there are any foods or drinks your child should not consume.
Sun Block
Many activities will take place outdoors. We recommend applying sun block on your child prior to arrival and sending sunscreen so that your child can reapply as needed.
Swimming Gear
Please pack a swimsuit and towel for your child every day for both Recreation Nation and Rec Junior Summer Camp. Parents will be notified each week on which days their child will be swimming. Please provide a plastic bag in which to store the wet swimsuit and towel. One-piece suits are preferred for girls. A pair of flip flops or shower shoes is recommended for use around the pool.
Gym Bag/Backpack

A gym bag or backpack is recommended for your child's belongings. Please label with your child's last name.
Money/Items of Value
Personal equipment such as cell phones, iPods and hand held electronic games should not be brought to camp. However, both camps do go on a number of trips in the vans in which electronics will be allowed. Both camps also go on trips in which campers may want to purchase souvenirs or snacks.  However, the camp staff can assume no responsibility for the safeguarding of such money and/or equipment. Children should leave all sentimental, monetary or items of personal value at home (i.e., electronics, toys, etc.)

If necessary, the camp staff reserves the right to search a child's belongings (with another staff member present) for the safety of the child as well as the other participants. A parent will be notified if a search is completed.