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Student Treasure Chest - Application

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Student Opportunity Award Application


Students who have a demonstrated need for temporary financial assistance are invited to apply for a student opportunity award. The award may help the student address an emergency situation or take advantage of an upcoming opportunity.  Priority will be given to students whose future at East Carolina University may be in jeopardy.


Students must demonstrate that all other forms of financial assistance have been exhausted. Students must be a current full-time student (undergraduate 12 hours or more; graduate 9 hours or more) at ECU.  Awards are designed for students in need of temporary financial assistance, so students typically only receive an award once during their ECU career.


  1. Complete the Students' Treasure Chest Student Opportunity Award Application, Statement of Need, Budget Proposal, Future Outlook statement, and Student Financial Assistance form.
  2. Completed applications must be returned to the Office of the Dean of Students at 125 Umstead Hall. Make sure the Student Financial Assistance form is signed; typed names will not be accepted.
  3. Completed applications can be hand-delivered to the Office of the Dean of Students or sent electronically to treasurechest@ecu.edu.  Both the signed application to 125 Umstead Hall and the e-mailed application must be received before Friday at noon to be considered the following week.
  4. Students and faculty will read applications, so please write thoroughly and professionally.

Student Opportunity Award Application Form




In 250 words or less, please describe your need for temporary financial assistance and explain how a Student Opportunity Award could help you.

Please list an estimated budget of the amount of money required and a detailed description of how it would be used.

In 250 words or less, please describe how you plan to utilize the money given to you to ensure that you can continue your education at ECU? What impact will access to this money have on your ability to graduate and transition into the workforce?

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