The Interfraternity Council (IFC)


When you associate with a fraternity you're not just meeting new friends or acquiring a place to live and party. It's much more than that. You're becoming a part of a brotherhood. Brotherhood is a unique and private bond based on intangible, invisible principles. Because of this bond, you'll be making friends which last not a semester, or four years, but for a lifetime.

Being part of a fraternity is incomparable to anything else; it's brotherhood, pure and simple. However, to know of its existence is one thing, to experience the brotherhood of fraternity membership is another. It is a oneness, which transcends all cultural, economic, and ideological differences and overlooks petty  disagreements and selfishness.  Brotherhood is the essence of Greek Life…come and be a part of that life.

Social Life

A big part of college life is having fun. Parties, sports, games, and "hanging around" help make each day, week, month, semester, and year not only endurable but enjoyable. Greek life offers opportunity for this essential part of college life. Parties offer an inexpensive but exciting means of meeting fellow students without the worry of transportation. 

Intramural sports gives Greek students a chance to compete outside of the classroom as well as give you the chance to get to know your brothers in a different light. Going to lunch with your brothers, watching a movie at the house, or even just sitting around playing a game of cards helps break the monotony of the classroom grind and strengthens you friendships.  Besides offering an opportunity to meet new people and do new things, fraternities also help you to develop the skills to be comfortable with doing such new things. Fraternities sponsor workshops and lectures, which range in subject matter from etiquette, to alcohol awareness, to the development of interpersonal skills. Fraternities want members who are mature, responsible men but also men who know
how to enjoy themselves. You too could be one of these men.

Executive Board:

President: Sean McLawhon

Executive Vice President: Cooper Kinsey

VP Programming: Blake Gordon

VP Standards: Dan Clark

VP Administration and Communications: Chase Proctor

VP Finance: Jonathan Rivas

VP Recruitment and Retention: To be filled soon

VP Membership Development: James Becherer