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What is Rush?

What is Recruitment?

Structured recruitment for men is a time for interested men and initiated members to get to know each other through a series of carefully planned events. After rush has been completed and bids have been extended, you will begin pledging/associating with the fraternity of your choice. 

It is important to come to recruitment with an open mind and to give each chapter equal consideration.  Be yourself! Recruitment is a mutual process, so remember as you evaluate each chapter, they will evaluate you. Do not let other’s opinions make the decisions for you, but go with your feelings, for the decision will affect the rest of your life. 

You may wonder what qualities Greek organizations look for in an individual. Personality and interest are important, but so are academics. They are the main reason you are attending college.  Always be sure to ask questions. If you have any questions pertaining to recruitment, financial matters, or social activities, ask someone or call us. We would be glad to clear up any confusion you may have. Another important point to consider is finances. Careful consideration should be given to your financial situation before making any obligations. Even though going to recruitment events does not mean that you are obligated to pledge/associate at the end of rush, we ask you to look carefully at Greek life at ECU. It is a way for you to meet current fraternity men and to find out about the opportunities we have to offer. Like it…we
love it! GO GREEK!!!

--ECU Interfraternity Council

Recruitment Tips 

  • Come into the recruitment with an open mind to all chapters
  • Look for quality in a chapter and values that align with your own ideals
  • Come into recruitment having done research on each chapter

Mission of the Vice President of Membership 

"It is my personal mission to ensure that each Potential New Member (PNM) has the best experience possible while going through the InterFraternity Council recruitment process. I want to personally ensure that each PNM is able to adequately meet each chapter and its members to make the most sound decision on a new home away from home in their chapter. I want each PNM to be able to find a brotherhood that will support, enhance and challenge them to be better students, leaders and men." -Joe Rossabi (IFC VP of Recruitment)

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