Fraternity Recruitment Spring 2017

January 23 - January 28


Sunday, January 23

Participants (also referred to as Potential New Members) will meet at the Mendenhall Student Center to check-in, receive their t-shirt and attend orientation. Orientation will be facilitated by the Interfraternity Council Executive Board and provide Potential New Members with an understanding of the week, what to wear and what to expect as they move through the fraternity recruitment process. During this time, Potential New Members will be broken into smaller groups that they will spend the first two days of recruitment with.These groups will be led by Greek organization members who have disaffiliated from their organization to help participants get from place to place on Monday and Tuesday. Participants will also have an opportunity to meet all of the chapters participating in a brief meet and greet.

Monday, January 24

Recruitment Day 1. Potential New Members will meet with their group leaders and head to their first location. Chapters will be located throughout campus and up to ¾ mile walking distance. Potential New Members will visit 10 chapters on this day. Each student will spend up to 15 minutes at each location allowing at least 10 minutes to relocate to the next recruitment location.

Tuesday, January 25

Recruitment Day 2. Just like the first day, students will be broken off into their same groups. The first day will consist of meeting 10 chapters, while the second day will cover the last 10.

After finishing the recruitment tours, fraternities will submit their“preference” lists on CampusDirector (the same site where participantsregistered for recruitment – please keep your login and password). This willnotify Potential New Members of where they are invited back to for Wednesdayand Thursday. Details will be provided at this time as well. Potential NewMembers will be able to access their schedule after Wednesday at noon.

Wednesday, January 26  

Preference Day #1 – Potential New Members will be notified by the CampusDirector website what organizations have preferred them. The Potential New Members will then be on their own to seek out these chapters and learn more about them independently.

Thursday, January 27 

Preference Day #2 – Just as Wednesday, Potential New Members will be notified either through the CampusDirector website via someone in the fraternity (either the recruitment chair and/or the President). Once again, the Potential New Members will be seeking out the chapters independently.This will be the last time a Potential New Members has to meet a chapter.

Friday, January 28

Bid Day -  Potential New Member swill pick up their bids (or invitation for membership) in Mendenhall Room 244.  Potential New Members will then make a selection of which invitation they would like to accept. Once the Potential New Member has accepted their bid, the Greek Life office will notify the chapters of their new members.