Iota Nu Delta

Iota Nu Delta Fraternity, Incorporated was established on February 7, 1994 at Binghamton University by eight young men. IND was formed as an organization that would serve as an arena for growth for young college men and to educate the community of their heritage and culture. Today it has grown to a brotherhood of more than 600 young men from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Guyana and the Dominican Republic. Although many may label Iota Nu Delta as a "cultural fraternity", it does not encompass the goals of the brotherhood. Iota Nu Delta functions extends to cultural, professional and social concerns. It was established on certain fundamental principles which were needed to attain it’s goals.

I. IND provides a network and source of help and guidance for today’s upcoming college men. As a network, it will function both during college life and even afterwards to a brother’s professional career as a source of aid and assistance. Brothers who are already working and in the career and professional market often assist upcoming aspiring "professionals" providing career advice and job opportunities for individuals qualified.

II. IND aids in community service utilizing the education and skills of brothers for the benefit of society. IND has always believed in making a difference in our community. We aim to serve those around us, enhancing the quality of life within the community. All it takes to make a difference is a small unselfish contribution, in terms of time and effort, upon the part of the individual.

III. IND also aims to provide an enriching college experience. The college years are a very unique and memorable part of an individuals academic career. However, it doesn't all have to be work and school. We encourage brothers to lead a well balanced life where education is certainly a priority, but not the sole focus of the individual. Throughout the school year, we host parties, mixers, and cultural events serving as an outlet for hardworking students from the challenges and stress of college life. 

East Carolina University has just recently indicted Iota Nu Delta Fraternity Inc. into the Multicultural Greek Council on May 7th, 2010 along with Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority Inc., and Sigma Omicron Epsilon Sorority Inc. Founded in upstate New York (Binghamton), the organization took a strong foothold of rekindling the South with the many schools up North, an effort spearheaded by the colony founding fathers: Sunny Dattani, Kishan Vaidya, Rupen Patel. The strong foundation set by ECU has stood strong crossing 2 Beta class members (Farman Usman and Deven Craft) and 3 recently added Gamma class members (Imthiaz Sayed, Ethan Morrow, and Samuel LaFosse). Standing 7 strong, we hope to spread Our Creed.

President: Sam LaFosse -