Alpha Delta Pi

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Organization name: Alpha Delta Pi

Organization nickname: ADPi

Philanthropy/Service: Alpha Delta Pi is proud to serve the Ronald McDonald House of Eastern NC that’s located right here in Greenville. The chapter’s efforts to support this cause include an annual 5k run, an Amazing Race themed cookout/race, the annual Pie-A-Pi event, wish list drives for the house, cooking dinners for families staying at RMH and much more.

Motto: “We Live For Each Other”

Colors: Azure Blue and White

Famous Alumni (national/local):

  • Michelle Pfeiffer
  • Judy Woodruff
  • Kathy Bates
  • Emily Proctor
  • Lu Parker
  • Deana Carter
  • Bobbie Eakes
  • Holly Mills
  • Kate Capshaw
  • Danica McKellar
  • Nancy Grace
  • Ashely Eicher
  • Danielle Moinet

Nationally Founded: May 15,1851, Wesleyan Female College (Macon, GA)

Locally Founded: February 5, 1960, East Carolina University, Delta Omicron Chapter

Address (if housed): 1407 East 5th Street

Mailing Address: 1407 East 5th Street

President: Allie Kattan
Advisor: Sharon Kinsley

National Website:

Local Website: