Why Join

Greek Life can impact your life in more ways than you can understand without experiencing it!

How will Greek Life help me succeed?

• Fraternities and sororities stress academics and reward those who excel academically. They have academic expectations for members and resources to assist members during their education and into their job search. Fraternities and sororities are committed to achieving your goals.
• Members develop relationships with chapter alumni who can assist with resumes, job placement, marketing your Greek experience, and settling in a new location after graduation.
• You will improve your communication and interpersonal skills. This will happen though your interactions and leadership experiences. Employers will value these skills you developed through your Greek experience.

How will being Greek help me become a more rounded person?

• Chapters have leadership positions, financial responsibilities, and policies and procedures to follow, much like most organizations and companies. There is an executive board of offices as well as other leadership positions in each chapter.
• Fraternities and sororities offer leadership training and development at a chapter, campus, regional, and national level. There is a specific training for new members, for initiated chapter members, and for those holding positions within the chapter.
• Within the fraternity or sorority you will learn how to plan events, work with people, hold members accountable for their behaviors, confront inappropriate behavior, build relationships, and praise them for a job well done.
• Campus chapters are diverse in of themselves, with members from many different racial, religious, regional, and other backgrounds. But, fraternities and sororities are sensitive to and educated upon diversity issues. Chapters celebrate their diversity and the diversity that is here on campus, in the community, and all around us.
• Fraternities and sororities hold in high regard their responsibility to give back to the community. Whether it is donating their time, working with others, or raising money for a worthy cause.

What is the difference in the friends I will make in college with or without a fraternity or sorority?

• A fraternity or sorority gives you the opportunity to make new friends who will be with you long after graduation. The men and women you meet today will be the ones who stand up in your wedding, provide guidance when you are struggling, and share in your happiness for many years.
• Many fraternities and sororities have alumni who will share their experiences and help prepare you for life after graduation. The common bond of fraternity will carry beyond the members you join with and into the many alumni who have this shared experience. Their knowledge will be beneficial to you as you prepare for a career.
• By seizing the opportunity to join a chapter, you will have the chance to share common experiences, challenge your thoughts and beliefs, learn from others, and thus create the basis for lifelong friendships.

Will Going Greek help me have more fun in college, after college?

• Many fraternities and sororities go to sporting events, participate in campus events and intramural sports that will give you the opportunity to play competitive athletic ranging from football and tennis to almost everything in between. Members also often lift weights, run, and exercise together.
• Many chapters encourage you to get involved in other student organizations, organize study breaks, movie nights, or sports nights so they can spend time with each other.
• Chapters also take trips to other colleges and universities. During these trips, you will get to see new places and meet brothers and sisters from other chapters.