ECU Leads



1.     How long will it take to complete the program?

Students are expected to complete the program in three years.

2.     Is there required coursework for participants?

Yes, all ECU Leads participants are required to enroll in the Leadership Studies Minor (LDSP). This minor consists of 18 credit hours.

3.     What is the cost for students to participate?

There is no cost incurred by students, all costs are covered by ECU

4.     How will I be recognized for participating in the program?

All students will receive an official notation on their transcript showing that they have completed all stages of ECU Leads. Additionally, students will receive a transcript notation for completing the Leadership Studies Minor. Students will also be recognized at the official ECU Leads Honor Night at the end of each spring semester, where they will receive a certificate for each stage completed and a medal once the full program has been completed.

5.     Who is eligible to participate in ECU Leads?

Full time students with at least 30 completed undergraduate credit hours may apply to participate. Participants should have three years remaining at ECU in order to fully participate in the program.