Our Mission and Goals

The Ledonia Wright Cultural Center (LWCC) at East Carolina University provides specialized diversity and social justice experiences so all students can become confident, culturally aware, global citizens. Additionally, LWCC provides programming and services to support student success.

The goals of the LWCC are to:

  1. Offer authentic cultural programming to increase students’ understanding of various heritages, cultures, and identities.
  2. Promote academic success of traditionally under-represented students through individual and small group interaction.
  3. Create safe environments where power, privilege, and stereotypical assumptions are examined using meaningful dialogue, mutual sharing, and reflection.
  4. Work collaboratively with other campus and community partners to provide students with social justice, leadership, service-learning, and volunteer experiences.
  5. Build a sense of community and social confidence for students through planned interactions with alumni, campus, and other prominent leaders.
  6. Sustain student-led cultural organizations through training, mentoring, and resource sharing.
  7. Maintain a welcoming environment and hub of activity in support of the holistic development of all ECU students.

Come visit us! The center is located in the heart of east campus, across the brickyard from Mendenhall Student Center (MSC) and sided by White & Greene residence halls. We are building #50 Bloxton House on the university map.

Upcoming Events