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Governor McCrory signs bill to fund student centers and parking garage

When North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed a bill this summer, East Carolina University was awarded over $156 million for capital projects, the most by any institution in the state.  The funds will go directly to the construction of a new student center on the health sciences campus as well as a new student center and parking deck on ECU’s main campus.

“These building projects will improve learning and living conditions for our students,” said McCrory.  “Additionally, they will help create new jobs for North Carolina construction and architectural firms.”

This is the largest construction project for campus in ECU’s 107-year history.  While the Mendenhall Student Center is still a functioning facility, it was not built for today’s college student and the ways in which they want to use a student center.  A student center should be the living room of our campus.  Students can hang out, collaborate, socialize and build connections.

The student center on the health sciences campus, which is scheduled to break ground early in 2015, will be a hybrid. There will be recreation space with a fitness center and gymnasium, satellite offices for student health services and the career center, marketplace dining and a coffee shop. There will also be multipurpose meeting and event space, and student organization space. 

The health sciences student center should take about 18-20 months to complete. This building will provide much needed services, programs and space to the 3,500 students in the four colleges/schools on the health sciences campus.

The student center and parking deck for main campus will be located between 10th street and Joyner Library and span across part of the current parking lot at Mendenhall.  

The student center will have meeting spaces for students as well as large ballrooms for dances and major events.  In addition, the new facility will include dining options, the Dowdy Bookstore and the Ledonia Wright Cultural Center.  The theater and bowling alley will remain operational in Mendenhall, but many programs and services like Greek Life, student organizations and SGA will move to the new student center. 

The final plans for the main campus student center and parking deck will be complete this summer and the 20-24 month construction project should begin in late spring 2015.


Student Involvement and Leadership Changes 

Dr. Bobby Woodard, associate vice chancellor for Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) has accepted a new position as the Associate Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs at Auburn University.  Bobby did a wonderful job in his leadership role with SIL (within Mendenhall Student Center) over the past three years.  The search process to fill the Associate Vice Chancellor position is underway under the leadership of Nancy Mize.   

Dean Smith and Dennis McCunney will jointly serve as interim leaders for SIL.  Dean will oversee the operational aspects of SIL including the MSC facilities, Central Reservations Office, Finance, and Human Resources.  Dean will also continue to represent SIL at Student Center construction meetings.  Dennis will oversee all programming aspects of SIL (Greek Life, Center for Student Leadership and Engagement, Ledonia Wright Cultural Center, Student Activities, SIL Social Media, and Volunteer Service Learning Center).  

Dennis can be reached at 328-2802 / Dean can be reached at 328-4703 /  

In order to ensure that the two new student center projects continue to move forward, ECU has hired Dr. Dan Adams to provide oversight and guidance to ECU during the construction process.  He will work closely with ECU Campus Operations, the architects, other construction personnel, and ECU stakeholders.  Dr. Adams is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor for the Division of Campus Enterprises at NC State.

Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan Policy Launched

Effective May 28, 2014, ECU has approved a new, permanent regulation called the Good Samaritan Regulation.  The Good Samaritan Regulation (GSR) was developed to remove a potential barrier and facilitate access to emergency medical care in cases of alcohol related medical emergencies. 

The goal is to increase the likelihood that a person needing medical assistance will receive this assistance by reducing the reluctance of students to seek out appropriate help due to fear of potential University consequences assigned by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (OSRR) to themselves or another person in need of assistance.  

The GSR is part of East Carolina University’s comprehensive approach to reduce the harmful consequences caused by the misuse of alcohol. It is designed to promote responsible decision making when students are faced with a potentially harmful, or deadly, alcohol related medical situation. 

This regulation finds support in the ECU Creed which states: “I will be thoughtful and responsible in my words and actions” and “I will engage in purposeful citizenship by serving as a positive role model,” and aligns well with the University’s mission to help prepare future leaders by encouraging healthy, pro-active, civically responsible actions by our students in a time of a crisis.

This new regulation can be found by clicking here (  

Questions related to this regulation can be directed to:

  • Bernie Schulz, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 328-2092
  • Tamika Wordlow, Director, Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, 328-6824
  • Bob Morphet Assistant Director, Center for Counseling and Student Development, 328-6661.

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Waz Miller wins Parthenon Award

Congratulations to Campus Living’s Waz Miller.  Waz, the director of residence life, was honored to be a recipient of the prestigious Parthenon Award, which is bestowed each year by the Association of College and University Housing Officers – International (ACUHO-I) Foundation Board.  

The award recognizes supreme achievement, outstanding service, leadership, and contributions to the field of student housing. To receive this award, recipients must first be nominated via a letter campaign and then The Foundation Board and the Association’s Executive Board approve the nomination. Nominators then work to raise money for the foundation in the nominee’s name. Colleagues in the housing field “approve” the nomination via their donations. The award is a highly coveted award and one of the largest honors a Housing Professional can receive during their professional career.

Those who know Waz recognize her ability to make anyone feel comfortable, important, and valued.  Whether a college student or university president Waz treats everyone with the same respect and kindness.  Her positive attitude is infectious and her warm smile will brighten any room.  

Her Campus Living colleagues say Waz is a treasured mentor and role model to many professionals in the field.  Under her guidance, numerous people have found the support and encouragement that they need to succeed in their profession and life.  She has made a huge impact in the lives of students and professionals at East Carolina University, but her work with ACUHO-I includes work on the association’s Program Committee, publishing chapters regarding staff recruitment and staff development, and as one of the key founding members of the association’s STARS College, established to mentor and support dozens of future professionals. 

She truly embodies the spirit of the Parthenon Award and sets a tone of excellence for our work with students.  ECU congratulates Waz Miller for this wonderful accomplishment.  Please click here to watch the ACUHO-I presentation ceremony and Waz receiving her award.


Move In Weekend Approaching - All Hands on Deck

ECU's residence halls open for move-in from Thursday, August 21 to Sunday, August 24. Traditionally, many student and community groups volunteer to assist our students and their families with this process. It is a great way to support ECU's mission "To Serve," not to mention getting an incredible shot of energy from all the excitement that accompanies this time of year at our university.

Pirate Boarding Crews do light to medium lifting, hold doors, and generally help students settle into their residence hall rooms.   

All those who serve during move-in will be provided with a t-shirts (that you can keep) so students, their families, and other ECU staff can readily identify our Pirate Boarding Crews. Crew members may hand out business cards or small flyers to interested students, and generally be a visible part of the move-in process.  We'll have water, volunteer name badges, and loaner handcarts for the teams.

If you, or your department/office is interested in helping, please contact Lynn Caverly at or 252-737-1063. Please provide a contact name, e-mail address, and phone number of someone who can attend a summer planning meeting (dates TBD).

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PIP 2014

Plunge Into Purple - Dive In

More than 4,000 new first year students and another 1,500+ transfer students are getting ready to take the plunge into being a new ECU Pirate.  Plunge Into Purple 2014 will start on August 22 and conclude on October 9 and includes more than 60 different events and programs during this six-week indoctrination into East Carolina University.  

Some of the events and programs assist with the socialization and cultural aspect of going to college such as Get-A-Clue, Pirate Palooza, ECU Stars, Greek Recruitment, Convocation, Multicultural Welcome Back Cookout and King and Queen of the Halls.  

Others aim to help with the academic transition like Connect at the Cupola, Find Your Classes, and Leadership Odyssey.  

The Plunge Into Purple (PIP) website is live and updated.  The site has a welcome video to students as well as a list of all the events and programs taking place during the six weeks of Plunge.  

New Employees

New SA Staff since July 1st

  • Leslie Veach – Counseling Center
  • Maya Mitchell – Counseling Center
  • Judy Campbell – Central Reservation Office
  • Jillian Cross – Campus Living Coordinator 
  • Dana Flick – Campus Living Coordinator
  • Christopher Howell – Campus Living Coordinator
  • Janelle Keller – Campus Living Coordinator
  • Jordan Isley – Campus Recreation and Wellness
  • Patrick Skipper – Campus Living 
  • Jessica King – Student Leadership and Engagement 
  • Elizabeth Semple – Student Media Adviser
  • Jennifer Tanner – Student Involvement and Leadership

No longer with Student Affairs since July 1st

  • Mark Baker – Counseling Center – Retirement
  • Adam Nelson – Campus Living
  • Steven Foley – Campus Living
  • Trapper McLean – Campus Living
  • Bobby Woodard – Student Involvement and Leadership
  • Jason Sininger – Student Rights and Responsibilities
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SA Position Search Updates

  • Student Affairs Assessment, Research and Retention – Associate Director – Candidate forum on August 12 from 3:00-3:50pm in MSC 221 – Topic is “Engaging Student Affairs Educators in the Assessment Process”
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness - Assistant Director for Wellness Promotions – Search process underway
  • Dean of Students - Case Manager – Search process underway 
  • Dean of Students - Title IX investigator – Search process underway

Using #Themes to Enhance @ECUCareer Student Engagement
Submitted by:  Patrick Roberts - ECU Career Center

According to a recent study by BtoB Magazine, 93% of professional marketers utilize social media to promote their services.  Additionally, with 90% of adults (ages 18-29) using one or more forms of social media, Student Affairs educators cannot ignore the necessity of using this technology to engage traditional aged college students online. 

The ECU Career Center currently manages five social media platforms that include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest (Click here to visit all ECU Student Affairs social media sites). 

We have recently implemented several strategies to help manage the day-to-day operation for our department’s social media platforms simply because social media management can often seem overwhelming.  For instance, constantly searching for new and relevant content, creating engaging posts, and providing a source of education all can combine to create social media fatigue. 

One strategy that the Career Center has recently applied is the use of Themed Weekly Social Media Posts Using Hashtags. Some examples include: #MotivationMonday, #TipTuesday, or #FunFactFriday. 

A major benefit of these themed posts is that it helps narrow down the topics for content during the week and assists the social media managers in focusing on specific content for that day. There can be days when you have fun posts like inspirational quotes or the approximate number of squirrels in the United States and other days when you share helpful resources or articles to educate students and alum. Our goal is to create a variety of themes throughout the week to keep users interest.

With the emergence of the use of hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, another reason to create the themed hashtag posts is the opportunity to reach a larger audience of people who search for these terms on the internet. 

A more common example would be utilizing the hashtag #ECUPirates when posting. This allows people who are searching that term on social media platforms to see your post in their search results. Our hope is that once users see these posts, they will share and comment so the posting will reach related audiences online. 

Although the services and programs within Student Affairs departments at ECU vary greatly, we all share one common goal; to support student success. To make sure students are aware of these valuable campus resources, social media as a tool for marketing cannot be ignored and should be a welcomed technology when utilized effectively by Student Affairs educators.

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Student Legal Services welcomes Jeffrey Blick

ECU is pleased to welcome Jeffrey J. Blick as the new attorney who will serve as a resource for our students. This part-time contractual position will work under the Dean of Students Office. Jeff will be accessible for students via face-face, phone, and electronic communications.  Jeff will also be responsible for educational programming with students and student organizations.  

Jeff grew up in Greenville, NC and graduated from J.H. Rose High School in 2001.  He attended Campbell University on a baseball scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Criminal Justice in 2005.  He was a four-time Atlantic Sun All-Academic team member and an ESPN the magazine district 3 NCAA Academic All-American.  He attended the University of Dayton School of Law in Dayton, Ohio, where he graduated Cum Laude in 2008. While in law school, Jeff was a staff writer and editor on the Law School's Law Review, which is typically reserved for those students in the top 10% of the class.  He joined the law firm of Owens, Nelson, Owens & Dupree in 2008 and is licensed to practice law in the State of North Carolina and the Federal Courts of the Eastern District of North Carolina.

For more information, visit the Student Legal Services website at  


Passcode now required for accessing ECU email on mobile devices

Effective August 1st, accessing your ECU email through a mobile device (tablet, phone) now requires a passcode for that device.  This means the device will lock when it is not in use.  After August 1st, users will be unable to sync their email to their phone or tablet until the passcode is set.  

The reason for this new step is for added personal and ECU information protection and Pirate Mail management.  Many people already have that passcode option setup. And if so, you have no action to take.  

However, if you need to add a passcode, here is how to set it up:

  • Android devices:  Open the Settings screen, tap Security, take Screen Lock, tap PIN or Password and setup a new PIN or Password.
  • iOS devices:  Open Settings, tap Passcode, tap the digits you want to use.

For questions, please contact the IT Help Desk at 252-328-9866.

Social Media Accounts

Get Connected to SA Social Media

Getting connected and engaged with Student Affairs units on social media has never been easier.  The division launched a website this summer that lists each department and the social media accounts in each unit. The social media icons listed next to the department have hyperlinks to the account. 

Additionally on the left side of the webpage, you can click on the specific social media icon (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and sort the list to see which areas have a certain social media account.  

Please visit the site and get connected across the division and help get our messages out to our students.