Faculty and Staff - Academic Integrity Process

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Academic Integrity Process

All members of the East Carolina University community have a responsibility to protect the integrity of the university.  To fulfill this responsibility community members need to be familiar with the  Academic Integrity Policy and report suspected academic integrity violations to the appropriate authority. Faculty members who suspect a student has violated the academic integrity policy are expected to follow the "Procedures for Responding to a Suspected Academic Integrity Violation" in the Academic Integrity Policy which is located in the faculty manual.  A brief summary of the procedures are provided below.

Faculty members addressing a potential academic integrity violation should review the full policy for specific procedures.

  1. Faculty member must notify the student in writing of a suspected violation and request a meeting within seven (7) calendars days of becoming aware of the suspected violation.
  2. The student has seven (7) calendar days to contact the faculty member and schedule a meeting.  If the student fails to schedule the meeting, he or she forfeits the opportunity to present their understanding of the situation to the faculty member.
  3. The initial meeting should occur within eighteen (18) calendar days of the faculty member becoming aware of the suspected violation.  The student and the faculty member may have a nonparticipating observer at the meeting.
  4. Within ten (10) calendars of the initial meeting the faculty member must:
    1. Notify the student in writing that no violation was found,
    2. Complete the  and submit to Office of Student Rights Academic Integrity Violation Form (AIV) and Responsibilities (OSRR), or
    3. In severe cases in which the faculty member believes a failing grade in the course alone is inadequate disciplinary action, recommend to OSRR that the case be forwarded to the University Committee on Academic Integrity (UCAI) for additional sanctions.  In this case, the faculty member must still issue an academic penalty in the course.

Violations that involve multiple students should be reported to OSRR.  OSRR reserves the right to refer the case to the UCAI for an Academic Integrity Board (AIB) hearing.

Students with repeated academic integrity violations will be referred to the UCAI for an AIB hearing to consider more severe penalties.

Students may appeal the decision reached by a faculty member or the AIB if one of the following "Conditions for Appeal" applies: 

  • The student believes that the faculty member has not sufficiently supported his or her decision based on the materials discussed during the initial meeting. 
  • The student believes that the penalty is not appropriate for the violation and/or is in conflict with course policies as stated in the syllabus. Note that if specific penalties are indicated in the course syllabus, it is expected that students who have violated the academic integrity policy will be held to those penalties.  

Students must complete the Academic Integrity Violation Appeal Form.  This form is reviewed by a three-member panel to determine if it should be forwarded to the Academic Integrity Appeal Board (AIAB).