Students - Academic Conduct Process

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Academic Conduct Process

"Academic Integrity is a cornerstone value of the intellectual community at East Carolina University"

Part IV. Academic Integrity, Faculty Manual

The information provided below is for the new Academic Integrity Policy, effective Fall 2011.  Information regarding the previous academic integrity policy is available in the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

As a member of the ECU community, students are expected to uphold this value on a daily basis.  Academic integrity is not only important to your education and learning, but also to the integrity of your degree and that of the entire university community.

As a member of this academic community you are expected to:

  • Review the entire Academic Integrity Policy
  • Consult a faculty member if you are unsure if a behavior is a violation of the Academic Integrity policy
  • If you observe an academic integrity violation, report it to the faculty member immediately

Responding to a Academic Integrity Charge from a Faculty Member

If you are accused of violating the academic integrity policy it is important that you take an active role in addressing the charge.  You are expected to respond to the faculty member's request for a meeting.  The faculty member is allowed to make a decision in your absence if your fail to schedule or attend a meeting.  This meeting is your opportunity to explain your perspective about the incident. 

You may ask another faculty member or student to attend the meeting as a nonparticipating observer. 

You should read the Academic Integrity Policy prior to your meeting.


This is a brief summary of the appeal process.  Students should review the "Appeals of Decision Reached by the Faculty Member" section of the Academic Integrity Policy for specific requirements and procedures.

Students may appeal the decision of the faculty member if one of the "conditions for appeal" as identified in the Academic Integrity Policy applies.  A student wishing to appeal a faculty member's decision is required to submit the Academic Integrity Violation Appeal Form to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities within seven (7) calendar days of receiving the decision made the faculty member. A three-member panel will review the appeal and determine if it is appropriate to forward it to the University Committee on Academic Integrity (UCAI) for a Academic Integrity Appeal Board (AIAB) hearing.

Some academic integrity violations may be directly referred to the UCAI for an Academic Integrity Board (AIB) hearing.  In these cases, the AIB will determine if a policy was violated and, if appropriate, assign sanctions.

Students are strongly encouraged to review the entire Academic Integrity Policy.