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ECU Transit Offers RDU Airport Shuttle Service 

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The Importance of the First Year 

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ECU Opens Emergency Dental Clinic 

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New Pharmaceutical Industry Skills Course Offered 

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Family Weekend

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Family Weekend 2015 Tickets on Sale Now!

The Only Thing Missing Is YOUJoin us for Family Weekend 2015! Tickets on sale now!  For more information visit: ECU Family Weekend '15 September 25-27  

Join the Office of Parent and Family Programs and our campus partners for Family Weekend 2015.

September 25th - 27th, 2015.  Weekend events include football vs. Virginia Tech, the Family Weekend Tailgate Picnic, free family entertainment and lots of Pirate spirit!  A complete schedule of FREE and ticketed events may be found online at

Tickets may be purchased online here.  Please note the deadline to pre-purchase tickets is Friday, September 11, 2015!

We look forward to seeing you at Family Weekend 2015!
Proud Pirate Parent
East Carolina University

 Join the Parents Association Today!

Our Parents Association seeks to help inform, connect, and engage our Proud Pirate Parents.  You may join as a General Member or Pirate Member.  Parents Association members also have the opportunity to serve on the Parents Council, serving as the voice of parents to the university and helping to plan parent events.  


Monthly Pirate Parent e-newsletter 
Parent hotline/e-mail assistance
Access to events, such as Family Weekend, Spring Parents Weekend and Regional Parent Events  


Monthly Pirate Parent e-newsletter 
Parent hotline/e-mail assistance 
Access to events, such as Family Weekend, Spring Parents Weekend and Regional Parent Events 
Opportunity for your student to be entered for one free semester of textbooks from Dowdy Student Stores 
Opportunity for your student to be considered for one of five $2,000 Parents Association Scholars Program Scholarship  
Discount Coupon for Dowdy Student Stores 
Parent Wall Calendar with important dates and quick reference university information 
Proud Pirate Parent Car Decal 
Parent Magnet with important dates and phone numbers 
Early access to register for Spring Parents Weekend 

Pirate Membership is $35.00 per family mailing address, even if the family has more than one student enrolled at East Carolina University. The last day to register for the Parent Association as a Pirate Member is September 26, 2015.   Families may also support a four-year Pirate Membership at the $100.00 level.  Visit our website for instructions on how to join.

Pirate Member membership packets will be available for pick-up during Family Weekend. Remaining packets will be mailed after Family Weekend.

Dean Roeder

Welcome from the Dean of Students

Dear ECU Parents, 

It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Dean of Students.  I have the great honor as the Dean of Students at East Carolina University of providing leadership and direction for several centers and services while serving as a senior advocate for students. In my role as an advocate I work closely with faculty, staff and student leaders to enhance the quality of university life for students. 

College is full of new experiences and responsibilities that can be exciting but overwhelming at the same time for new students.  Attempting to balance classes, studying, extracurricular activities, working and socializing with new friends, students are going to have hectic schedules and many arrive unprepared to manage their time effectively that adversely affect their academic endeavors and health. 

The Dean of Students Office seeks to facilitate the integration of the academic student experience with all aspects of the university and student life. The Office encourages interactions among students, faculty and staff to promote a campus climate that supports students' academic success as well as their personal and professional development. 

The Dean of Students Office is the primary advocate for individuals who need assistance identifying the appropriate resources available to meet students’ needs. In an effort to meet these needs the Center for Counseling and Student Development, the Department for Disability Support Services, the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Student Legal Services and Student Health Services collaborate with the Dean of Students to make available comprehensive student services and thematic programming that emphasizes personal, emotional and academic development. These departments work with the Dean of Students by responding pro-actively to crises, safety and wellness as well as assisting in navigating university services, policies and procedures. Collectively we are committed to enhancing the overall student experience and look forward to serving our newest Pirates. 

 Best Regards, 

 Dean Roeder 
 Lynn M. Roeder, PhD 
 Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students

Important Information from the Cashiers Office

Student Account eRefunds

Beginning Summer 2015, student refunds issued from the Cashier's Office will be handled electronically through TouchNet. Students currently access TouchNet through the ECU OneStop ( web portal to view bills, make payments, view, download, and print 1098-T tax statements, and set up tuition payment plans. 

All students are being asked to set up a new direct deposit (ACH) refund profile in the TouchNet eRefunds system. 

With the eRefunds process through TouchNet, students have the option for refunds to be deposited directly into a designated bank account of their choice. If direct deposit information is not provided to the University, refund checks will be mailed to the student.

Authorized users cannot access or view eRefunds information. Students are required to set up their eRefunds preference by logging in through OneStop. Parents will need to coordinate with the student if they would like refunds to be sent to their bank account. 

Please visit the Cashier’s Office website at and select “TouchNet eRefunds” for more information.  

Tuition Payment Plans 

ECU offers interest free installment plans each Fall and Spring semester. Plans run from June through October each Fall semester and November through March each Spring semester. Please visit the Cashier’s Office website at and select “Tuition Payment Plans” for more information.

RDU Shuttle

ECU Transit Offers RDU Airport Shuttle Service

ECU Transit continues to operate the RDU Shuttle serving the Raleigh-Durham International Airport during scheduled academic break. Trips in the 2015 Fall semester include Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break. Tickets can be purchased at or at the Central Ticket Office in Mendenhall. The cost is $30 one-way, $60 round trip. A complete schedule and more information is available at

Speech Communication Center- Your key to effective communication.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

The Speech Communication Center at ECU helps students from all majors across campus with any aspect of verbal communication skills. If your student struggles with speaking anxiety, not knowing how to effectively organize and deliver presentations, or a lack of professional verbal communication skills (too much texting, tweeting, and time on Face Book), we can help!

The Speech Communication Center is open Monday through Friday, and our services are FREE! 

Appointments can be made by calling 252-328-2790 or by going to  We can help your student become a more confident communicator!

The Importance of the First Year

From the Office of Student Transitions  

Greetings Parents! We enjoyed meeting so many of you this summer during New Student Orientation, and hope that you found the program beneficial for you and your students. There was a lot to learn, and if you missed some information, we’ve got you covered. You can visit and click on the “Orientation Presentations” link to see information from sessions you may have missed. Remind your student that we’re more than just orientation. Our office is here throughout the year to assist new students as they transition to ECU. If your student has questions or needs assistance, encourage him or her to visit us.  

One way your student can get involved is to attend Plunge Into Purple events. Departments from across campus collaborate to plan this event series that lasts through Fall Break. With concerts, movies, speakers, service opportunities, and much more, there’s something for everybody. Encourage your student to check the schedule at and get involved! 

Make sure your student is reading Enrique’s Journey, this year’s selection for the Pirate Read. Each year, a campus committee selects a book that incoming students are expected to read. It gives students an introduction to the college environment and provides a common academic experience. The book will be discussed in various classes throughout the year and special events, including a visit from the author on March 31, 2016, will take place. Visit for more information. 

Each month, our office includes an article in this newsletter titled “The Importance of the First Year.” In these newsletters, we discuss the transitions your student is going through, and the issues he or she may be facing. We’ll give you tips on how to talk with your student about what he or she is going through, and reminders of important things they should be doing. We hope that this newsletter from the Office of Parent and Family Programs will keep you informed throughout your student’s first year and aware of ways you can help him or her be successful. If we can assist you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck as you make your way to Pirate Nation for the beginning of the first year!

Welcome to Parents of our First Generation College Students

Welcome to East Carolina University Parents of our First Generation College Students!  It was wonderful getting to meet you during our Orientation Sessions.  I wanted to recap a couple of things we talked about as you prepare to bring your son or daughter to college.  Since they are the first in the family to pursue a bachelor’s degree, they will be feeling a bit overwhelmed and nervous – and just as you have comforted them in the past, they will be looking to you for that now.  Keep the Kleenex nearby as you begin packing and move them into their residence halls, just remember, they still need you. 
Students want their parents to know this about the 1st year of college…. 
  • The transition to college was hard on me 
  • College is NOTHING like high school 
  • College is an opportunity for me to realize my full potential and to test my self-discipline in my academic and social life
  • It was a lot of responsibility to learn how to take care of myself and manage money 

Students said their parents could have supported them more in their first semester of college by… 
  • I wish my parents would have put themselves in my shoes just to know how I felt 
  • They could have informed me of how expensive my education is so that I would not take the opportunity for granted 
  • They could have called me more; the phone works both ways, life gets hectic for a college student and we will forget 
  • The biggest help/support for me is just understanding 

Move-in day is just around the corner.  We are excited to work with you as your son or daughter jump into the Pirate life!

Linda L. Mellish, Ph.D.
Office of Student Transitions and Campus Living

Sophomore Soundings

From the Office of Student Transitions

The second year of college is often considered a crucial transition period for many students. It is during this time students realize the controlled and well-guided first-year has vanished and they can start to abandoned (Noel-Levitz, 2011). The reality of responsibility for deciding a major, determining career interests, developing workable financial solution for their education and living expenses can leave students feeling disconnected and overwhelmed. The excitement of being in college has worn off, and the realities of needing to craft one’s academic path sets in. These students harbor feelings of isolation and confusion as they search for meaning and purpose (Noel-Levitz, 2011). The combination of any of these factors may cause students to lose their focus and fall into what has been commonly known as the Sophomore Slump. 

The Office of Student Transitions (OST) recognizes the importance of helping students make a successful transition from first-year to second-year. At the onset of the second year of college OST offers a variety of programming that are designed to help students cope with their new academic challenges; give students the tools needed to make informed decisions about their academic path; and encourage students to stay engaged. A few programs being offered include Consider This Dinner with faculty. This program allows students to become better acquainted with faculty members outside the classroom. It also gives students the opportunity to understand that although your path may take a few detours, don’t get discourage stay focused and you will reach your ultimate goals. Supermarket 101 is another program offered to sophomore students. This program is intended to help students understand how to best utilize their finances when shopping for the needed household items and grocery. We have partnered with a local food market and students are given a budget and a list of items that must be purchased with their limited funds. Students have found this to be an eye-opening experience. Rationing my Refund is another program that is aimed at helping students make the best financial choices. 

While the Office of Student Transitions provides programming for students there are things that parents and families can do to help their students avoid the Sophomore Slump. A few things to look for in your student that may lead to sophomore slump: anxiety about getting accepted to their desired program; feelings of isolation or loneliness, particularly for students living off campus for the first time; or concerns about the future from students who are searching for a new major. 

A few helpful hints to support your student during this time: encourage students to reconnect with their academic advisors to review their progress toward graduation; suggest that your student talk with junior students about what it takes to be accepted in their major of choice; help students locate potential internship experiences they can apply for between their sophomore and junior years; and guide students toward leadership opportunities, and involvement in clubs and organizations that are related to their desired major and career paths. With a little purposeful planning, the sophomore year can go by quickly and smoothly. Working together we can provide sophomore students the tools and support needed to finish their sophomore year strong and feeling prepared for the next step in their academic journey - junior year.

National Student Exchange

National Student Exchange (NSE)

Has your son or daughter expressed an interest in studying somewhere other than our university for a semester or year? Perhaps they would like to continue their studies while living in a different geographic region as they broaden their personal, educational and cultural perspectives. 

Many students describe NSE as a life-changing experience which has made them more independent, self-confident and resourceful; expanded their risk-taking capabilities; and helped them better define their academic and career objectives. The changes seen in student attitudes, understanding of other people in other settings, maturity, and decision-making are similar to the experiences of students who study internationally. 

Among other criteria, students qualify for the program by being in good standing, having a cumulative 3.0 GPA, being a full-time student, presenting academic and personal goal statements, securing recommendations, and participating in an interview process. Prior to exchange, the student must have secured a written advising agreement. 
For more information on NSE, check out the Students and also the Family and Friends sections of We have information sessions scheduled as indicated below. Please encourage your student to join us for the information session on September 20th, 2015 8:00 PM, Gateway Room C or contact me directly if you have additional questions. 
NSE Coordinator 
Janet R. Johnson 
Suite 100 Jones Hall
Phone:  328-4915 

If your student is interested in studying away for a year or semester, ECU is now offering students an opportunity to do this without traveling overseas. By using NSE’s Plan B, ECU students can pay their tuition and fees at our institution and attend their host NSE university without paying tuition and fees to their host campus. Room, meals, and course-related fees (i.e., studio art, laboratory, etc) are paid directly to the host exchange campus. 

The National Student Exchange is a study away opportunity in the United States, Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. NSE gives our eligible students access to the resources of nearly 200 member colleges and universities that range in size from some of the largest senior research universities to some of the best, small liberal arts colleges. NSE includes Hispanic serving institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and a number of ethnically mixed campuses. Since its beginning in 1968, NSE has placed more than 110,000 students for exchange. 

Our students can participate for a single term or an academic year. For some students, it will be their first time away from our area. Our students use NSE to: 

• broaden their personal and educational experiences 
• explore and appreciate new cultures 
• take courses not offered at our campus 
• learn from different professors 
• explore new areas of study 
• break out of their comfort zones 
• expand their academic program options 
• experience personal growth 
• investigate graduate schools or employment opportunities 


Support for Writing on Campus 

Writing effectively is vital to student success here at ECU and beyond. While writing is an important mode for communicating with others, it is also a primary tool for learning and thinking. Writing helps us discover new ideas, think more clearly about concepts and problems, and make meaning for ourselves in a complex world. 

Here at ECU, we are committed to helping students develop effective writing skills right from the start. As part of the Foundations Curriculum, students typically take two composition courses, English 1100 and 1200/2201, to learn about college-level writing and research. As they move toward graduation, students are required to take a minimum of two additional writing-intensive courses, one of which must be in their chosen major, that will foster more advanced writing skills. These writing-intensive courses help prepare students to actively and knowledgeably participate in their chosen majors and disciplines, while providing opportunities to practice the kinds of writing they will be expected to do in graduate school or in their future careers. 

While students and graduates are expected to write well, we know that writing well means developing flexible strategies to meet the needs of different audiences at different times and for different purposes. This development can be challenging, which is why ECU offers support for all its student writers on campus through the University Writing Center. 
The University Writing Center (UWC) is located in Joyner Library with a staff of undergraduate and graduate peer consultants who work with students in any course on campus. The consultants are familiar with writing in a variety of disciplines and can assist writers at any stage of the writing process. The consultants can also help them learn a language for talking about their writing while developing flexible writing strategies that are useful beyond the end of a single session. Peer consultants work with student writers one-on-one to support learning in composition courses and later applying and building upon that learning in upper-level courses. 

The UWC utilizes an online scheduling system that all students can access. All they need to do to make an appointment is visit, register for a free account, and select a time that works for them. For more information about the UWC, visit us on the web or contact us by phone. We look forward to supporting student writers and helping them recognize the power and importance of writing in the university and beyond. 

University Writing Center 

Pirate Alumni Legacy Brunch is September 27 

The second annual Pirate Alumni Legacy Brunch will be held Sunday, September 27 in Mendenhall Student Center, hosted by the East Carolina Alumni Association in partnership with the Office of Parent and Family Programs. Families with two or more generations of Pirates are invited to this event recognizing tradition and loyalty to East Carolina. In addition to a catered brunch, the program will include a pinning ceremony and family photo area. The registration deadline is September 21. Please plan to register well in advance as this is expected to be a popular event and may sell out. For more information or to register, call 252-ECU-GRAD (252-328-4723), e-mail, or visit
Pirate Safety

Back-to-School Safety 

As our coaches prepare athletes for another successful Pirate season, they emphasize three keys to success – preparation, focus and teamwork.  We emphasize these same keys in maintaining a safe campus.  Our staff have been working together diligently over the summer to prepare for the fall return of students by improving policies, procedures and educational programs.  In the first few weeks of the semester, we will provide a lot of helpful tips on ways to succeed in the classroom and stay safe on and off campus.  We need students to focus on learning and implementing these techniques.  We also want students to start their preparations before arriving at ECU.  ECU Police and Student Affairs are here to guide and support students, but we can only maintain safety through teamwork.  Maintaining a safe campus takes everyone working together. 

Whether your student is going to college for the first time or returning for their final semester, individual preparedness should always be a top priority.  Being on their own for the first time can be challenging.  While students will soon settle in and enjoy their college routine, their transition may be a little easier if they know they can handle themselves in an emergency.  Being prepared can help your college student remain safe and deal calmly with the situation while helping other classmates to do the same. 

ECU utilizes an Emergency Notification System called ECU Alert.  In the event of an emergency, this system is used to notify the Pirate Nation of the situation and how to appropriately respond.  For more information on ECU Alert visit

We live near the coast and are subject to hurricanes.  Even strong thunderstorms can cause power outages.  We have plans in place to protect campus, but having a disaster readiness kit on hand can go a long way toward keeping your student safe and feeling secure in a challenging situation.  A kit can be as simple as a backpack containing items like a flashlight, a small radio, extra batteries, a solar-powered or hand-cranked cell phone charger, energy bars, water and first aid supplies.  Advise your student to keep their emergency kit under the bed or on the top shelf of a closet where it will be easily accessible in an emergency.  Visit for more information. 

Work out a family communications plan with your college-bound student so that she or he will know how to get in touch with you at any time, or where to leave a message if communications between home and school are disrupted.  Encourage them to let you know if they are leaving campus. 

Make sure that your son or daughter updates their cell phone contacts and adds an “In Case of Emergency” number in their contact list.  Remind them that cell phone service may be unreliable in the aftermath of severe weather or other emergency.  Texting or communicating via social media may be possible when phone calls are not.  Student should save a few phone numbers in their cell phone for easy access, and parents should have these numbers as well, in case of an emergency: 

  • ECU Police 
    • Emergency:  (252) 328-6150 or 911 
    • Non-Emergency:  (252) 328-6787 
  • Roommate / Friend 
  • Student Health Services 
    •  (252) 328-6841
  • ECU Cares 
    •  (252) 737-5555

Be Aware, Reduce Risks, and Educate Others 

Parents can, and should, encourage students to increase their awareness of ways to increase their safety on a daily basis.  Crime can occur at anytime and anywhere even if you follow all the tips.  The only one to blame for a crime is the criminal, but we can reduce our risk of crime by staying aware of our surroundings, following safety tips and reporting suspicious behavior and unsafe conditions to police.  Listen to your intuition.  If a situation feels unsafe, leave the area and / or contact police.  If you become a victim of crime, report it so we can provide resources and support.  We don’t blame or judge victims.  We support them with numerous resources they choose for their situation. Below are some tips that can be shared with your students to help keep them safe on and around campus: 

  • Be aware of lighting on the campus at night; take a well-lit path – even if it is a longer route.
  • Be aware of the location of emergency blue light phones on campus.
  • Don’t walk alone at night; most crimes happen after midnight when the victim is alone. 
  • Don’t have a false sense of security; always be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. 
  • Recognize that alcohol and drugs can impact awareness and judgment.  Look out for one another. 
  • Always lock your door and secure your valuables to protect yourself and your personal property, even if you are only leaving them unattended for a few minutes. 
  • Take advantage of the campus shuttle during the day or SafeRide at night.  (252) ECU-RIDE (328-7433) 
    •  SafeRide typically operates Mon – Fri from 6pm – 12am and Sat – Sun from 8pm – 12am. 
    • ECU Police also offer safety escorts from 7pm – 12am.  (252) 328-6787  
  • Students should use the buddy system; watch out for your friends and help them get home if needed.
  • If you see something suspicious happening on campus, call ECU Police.  #SeeSomethingSaySomething 
  • Avoid texting while walking, especially at night, as this distraction can make you an easy target or can lead to accidents and injuries. Do not text and drive; distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to have a car crash. #ItCanWait 

Additional information (including lockdown steps) can be found on the Pirate Safety Guide:
Club Sports

Get Involved In Club Sports!

Looking for a way for your student to get involved? The Club Sports program at ECU Campus Recreation & Wellness is designed to promote and develop the interests and skills of individuals in various sport or recreational activities. Club Sports offers opportunities for current ECU students, faculty, and staff to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational activities that emphasize leadership development, sportsmanship, and integrity. We currently have 39 clubs ranging from Ballroom Dance to Bass Fishing and Rugby to Rock Climbing. Find out what 1100 other ECU Students know- email us at or visit us at for more information

Care Package Welcome

Welcome to Campus Care Package Program

The ECU Ambassadors are sponsoring and distributing Welcome to Campus Care Packages for our incoming students. Students will receive their packages approximately 10 days after arriving on campus, just when the “newness” of campus living has worn off a bit, and perhaps some homesickness has set in. Order one of these delicious and sustaining packages at

Deadline to order is August 22nd, but order today as the more popular packages may run out! On our store you can also order one of our multi-package plans like our Grand Slam and set them up with great care packages for the entire school year.  Our Grand Slam plan includes packages for Welcome, Halloween, Fall Finals and Spring Finals. 

*If a package is visible on the website at the time of ordering, the package is still available to be ordered.* 
*This is a fundraiser for the ECU Ambassadors, a Student Run Organization which provides programming and activities for on campus residents, we thank you for your support.*

Siblings Weekend 2016- Save The Date!

RHA Siblings weekend will be held April 8th-10th, 2016.  The age range for siblings allowed to participate is school age (9-14 years).  If during this academic year (August 2015-May 2016), your child was 14, we will allow them to participate in Siblings Weekend.

For additional information, email RHASIBLINGSWEEKEND@ECU.EDU

Student Health Services

 Student Health Services News

New Pirates need to ensure the following health related items are complete prior to arriving for the semester: 

  • Submit all required immunization information. Students cannot attend classes without meeting the state law requirements.  
  • Tell us about health history, medications, allergies, etc. by filling out the Report of Medical History Form. 
  • Enroll in, or waive out of, the Student Health Insurance Plan by September 10
  • Is your student under 18?  If so, we need a special signed consent to be able to provide care for your student.
  • Follow us on Twitter to stay updated (@ECU_SHS) or "like" us on Facebook (ECU Student Health Services)! 
For more information on the items above and direct links to help your student complete them, visit 

We want all Pirates to have a healthy, successful start at ECU!


Student Health Pharmacy Reminders

In order to make your visit to our pharmacy quick and convenient, we ask that you bring the following information: 

1. One Card! You can not pick up your prescription or over the counter meds without it. 

2. Current prescription insurance card. Please take a picture (front & back) and save on your phone. 

3. Valid driver’s license/passport/military id. You can’t get certain medications without it. It’s the law!

Commencement Silly String

Students Chart Their Path to Graduation with Degree Works 

Degree Works, the web-based academic planning tool implemented by the Registrar’s Office, provides students the capability to monitor their progress toward degree completion. 

Degree Works is an easy-to-use web-based degree audit and academic advising tool.  The software combines degree requirements along with students’ completed coursework to give students a complete view of where they stand in their progress toward graduation. 

Degree Works also has a “What If” feature that allows students to see how their completed courses would be used if they change their major, add a minor, or a variety of other options. In addition, the system links to the ECU course schedule so students can view when the courses they still need for their degree plan are offered in the upcoming term. 

This new system is designed to enhance the academic advising process, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.  It is a great tool for advisors and students to use together as they plan for a student’s time at ECU. 

The Registrar’s Office is excited to offer this tool for students to view their degree progress anytime via the web.  Students can access Degree Works from their ECU One Stop account. For more information on how to access and use Degree Works, visit the ECU Registrar’s website: 

Degree Works is used for all undergraduate programs offered at ECU and is currently being rolled out for use with graduate programs.  Students should visit their advisor if they have any questions about their Degree Works audit.

 ECU Homecoming October 14-17 2015

ECU Homecoming 2015 October 14-17  Pirates Rewind
East Carolina University

Peter Bergen Voyages Lecture Series

Voyages Lecture Series

The Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences would like to welcome and invite all parents and students to attend its 2015-16 Voyages of Discovery Lecture Series, the premier lecture series in eastern North Carolina. This year’s Premier Lecture features CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen, discussing “Making Sense in a World of Trouble.” Bergen’s lecture is a Wellness Passport Event, and is free and open to the public. For more information, and a complete list of all 2015-16 guest lecturers, visit

Alumni Association Offers Forever Pirates Student Membership

Forever Pirates are ECU students who pledge to become life members of the East Carolina Alumni Association. As Forever Pirates, students begin a long-lasting relationship with ECU and other alumni. Forever Pirates have unique opportunities to network with alumni, volunteer with fellow students, and prepare for life after college. Plus, Forever Pirates enjoy all the benefits of membership in the alumni association before graduation. Join Forever Pirates and be a Pirate for life!

Please visit the Forever Pirates webpage for more information on joining and upcoming events.

A New Locale for ECU Career Fairs 

This fall semester ECU Career Services will host the Fall Career Fair on October 7, 2015 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Greenville Convention Center. This event serves all current ECU students and alumni for the purpose of connecting to employers for internships, CO-OPs and full time career opportunities.  New this year, the fall and spring career fairs will be held at the recently renovated Greenville Convention Center, which means more space and an increase of opportunities for ECU Pirates. 

For the past three years, ECU career fairs have been held on the floor of Minges Coliseum and have given employers as well as students the opportunity to experience a hiring event on campus with the additional opportunity to incorporate the Pirate athletic facilities.  However, due to the high demand and each year reaching full capacity with employer registrations, ECU Career Services has decided to change venues to accommodate more employers and attendees. 

Utilizing the Greenville Convention Center will offer an opportunity for an additional 44 organizations to recruit ECU students and alumni. The new location will also offer added parking convenience for attendees and will be walking distance from several hotels for regional as well as national employer representatives. 

In addition to our large Fall Career Fair, ECU Career Services will be hosting several other fairs this fall and spring. Please mark your calendars for the following events and encourage your student to attend: 

 2015 Fall Career Fairs 

Fall Career Fair 
Date: October 7, 2015 
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
Location: Greenville Convention Center 

Graduate School Fair 
Date: October 22, 2015 
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Location: Mendenhall Student Center Health 

Careers Fair 
Date: November 5, 2015 
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Location: East Carolina Heart Institute 

2016 Spring Career Fairs 

Summer, Part-Time and Volunteer Career Fair 
Date: January 21, 2016 
Time: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM 
Location: Mendenhall Student Center 

Education Career Fair 
Date: March 2, 2016 
Time: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Location: Greenville Convention Center 

Spring Career Fair 
Date: March 2, 2016 
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM 
Location: Greenville Convention Center 

Business Networking Day 
Date: April 11, 2016 
Time: 1:30 PM - 4:00 PM 
Location: Mendenhall Student Center 

If you are interested in participating in any of these events or for more information please visit:
CRW Paddle Trip

 Campus Recreation and Wellness News

As another Fall semester begins, students move back to Greenville, jump back into their busy schedules filled with studying, classes, and work.  However, Fall semester also means the beginning of football season! What a better way to celebrate this wonderful Pirate tradition than with your student at Family Weekend! Mark your calendars for this campus-wide event from September 25-27, 2015.  This year, Campus Recreation and Wellness is offering many events for your student and family to bond and stay fit together! The Adventure program will be leading three paddling trips down the beautiful local Tar River throughout the weekend.  Families can choose between tandem canoes, tandem kayaks or six person floats and will be taught basic paddling techniques for this enjoyable bonding experience.  The Tar River is a sound body of water, meaning you and your family will be able to relax and take in the beautiful nature that surrounds ECU’s campus.  Each trip has only 18 spots available and have filled quickly in past years so early sign-up is encouraged.  Sign up for these trips by clicking  here. Throughout this special weekend, students will also be able to bring in three free guests each day to the Student Recreation Center where you can use our facility all together.  Come and rock climb together on our 27 foot high climbing wall, shoot hoops on one of our six basketball courts, or cool off in our indoor or outdoor pools, all for free! We will also be providing a family workout for all of your family members to enjoy before the football game against Virginia Tech on Saturday, September 26th! Join us to get in your workout before you tailgate! More details to come on our website. 
As the 2015-2016 school year starts, we hope that you remind your student of all we have to offer here at Campus Recreation & Wellness.  The Student Recreation Center is a 150,000 square foot building featuring 6 multi-purpose sports courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, locker rooms, a 27 foot climbing wall, Adventure Center, 6 racquetball courts, a Wellness Center, over 10,000 square feet of weight and fitness space, 3 multi-purpose exercise studios, an indoor running track, and administrative offices.  The North Recreational Complex includes eight lighted multi-purpose sports fields, a field house, a 6 acre lake for boating and fishing, a boathouse with equipment check-out, fitness trails, outdoor exercise equipment, two sand volleyball courts, an 18 hole disc golf course, and an Odyssey Challenge course with a 300 foot zipline. 

The Adventure program offers various sea kayak, backpacking, whitewater, rafting, and climbing trips across our beautiful state of North Carolina including the Outer Banks and Pilot Mountain.  They will also be holding on-campus events as well including many Zip Thursdays at the North Recreational Complex’s zip line, Friday Float kayaking trips around Greenville, and Ladies Nights at the free climbing wall. 

Our Personal Training packages for the semester will include fitness assessments, half or full hour sessions, and partner or small group sessions.  Your students can also buy our Gold Rush pass for our group fitness classes for only $40 if they sign up between August 17th and September 4th.  This is a 20% discount from the normal price.  This pass allows them to attend an unlimited number of classes for the entire semester! 

Intramurals and Club Sports will also be starting back up this fall as well! Intramurals will include a variety of activities including flag football, volleyball, softball, wiffleball, soccer, foot golf, and basketball.  We will also be hosting our 5th annual BeachFest on September 9th at the North Recreational Complex.  Make sure your student comes to this fun filled night to enjoy inflatables, boating, kan jam, zip lining, music, food, and much more! 

We are very excited to welcome back your student this fall! We expect this semester to be full of fun adventures and exciting events! Please do not hesitate to call our Main Office with any questions about departmental programs, services, or facilities at 252-328-6387 or visit us online at
Emergency Dental Clinic

New ECU Dental Clinic Open to Patients with Urgent Needs 

An East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine clinic is now treating local patients experiencing oral emergencies. 

The Emergency Care Clinic, located in Ross Hall at 1851 MacGregor Downs Road, is open five days each week, Monday through Friday. Patients are encouraged to call for an appointment (252-737-7832) but walk-ins are accepted. 

Service to the local community is crucial to the training process for ECU’s dental students, who staff the clinic alongside faculty dentists. 

“It’s important for our learners to experience an unplanned visit,” said Dr. Kimberley Gise, clinic director. Through emergency treatment, fourth-year dental students learn practice management techniques, how to treat an emergent situation and further hone their people skills, she explained. 

They also get to put an important ECU dental tenet into practice: “Never treat a stranger.” Gise said students must be sure to learn about the medications a patient might be taking, their medical history, allergies and other important details before delivering care. They aren’t able to prepare in advance as they would for a regular patient visit. 
Regardless of the educational benefits, Gise reminds patients that while an emergency visit may be a necessity, it should not be the only time an individual receives dental care. 
“If you wait until you’re in pain, (then) it’s not just a cleaning or filling, it’s a root canal or an extraction,” Gise said. 

She hopes that patients coming to receive emergency services will transition to comprehensive care at the School of Dental Medicine. 

Gise came to ECU in 2014 with more than 15 years experience in public health dentistry in the U.S. and abroad, working in both urban and rural health systems. Before moving to North Carolina, she was a dentist for the Maricopa County Department of Oral Health in Arizona. Gise has also served as a dentist to Native Americans at Phoenix Indian Medical Center, inner city youth and Spanish immigrant populations as clinic director for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metropolitan Phoenix’s Dental Clinic. 

Please call 252-737-7832 for appointments during and after normal business hours.

Dowdy Student Stores Fall

Dowdy Bookstore Geared up for Fall Book Buying & Other Student Needs! 

Most people associate the summertime with rest and relaxation.  At Dowdy Student Stores, ECU staff work diligently all summer hosting orientation sessions, and preparing the shelves for the fall bookrush. 

Online book ordering began July 27th with promotional offers of free ground shipping or packaging of books for on-campus pickup. Those picking up boxed books on campus will also receive a free academic year planner while supplies last. 

Online ordering is available for rental books as well as purchasing used, new, and digital books.  

Dowdy is the only bookstore owned and operated by East Carolina University. We carry rental, digital, new and used textbooks, course packets, along with most of your course materials and supplies.  The Tech Deck, is a large technology shop that is also an Authorized Apple® Campus Store. Located inside Dowdy’s Wright Building store, it boasts a tremendous variety of Macintosh computers, iPads, and even iPods and BeatsTM headphones. 

The Tech Deck also sells Dell and Lenovo brands in addition to Apple.  Besides the educational discounts offered, there are several Back to School promotions students will want to check out including such things as a free TV or free BeatsTM headphones with eligible purchase. Offers expire soon, so students will want to look into these promotions quickly. 

Those shopping in the store, rather than online, can take advantage of a coupon good toward a variety of products including PirateTM apparel and gifts.  It’s found on our web site at 

As part of the University, Dowdy staff is happy to assist you with any of your questions. Feel free to reach out to us by phone or email, or stop by whenever you are on campus. 

Visit Dowdy Online: 
Wright Building: 252-328-6731 or toll-free at 1-877-499-TEXT 
Brody Building 1S-04: 252-744-3450

Dowdy Student Stores 
Back-to-School Hours 
Monday, Aug. 17 – Friday, Aug. 21:  7:30 am – 5 pm 
Saturday, Aug. 22:  9 am – 5 pm 
Sunday, Aug. 23: 12 noon – 5 pm 
Monday, Aug 24-Thursday, Aug. 27:  7:30 am – 7 pm 
Friday, Aug. 28:  7:30 am – 5 pm 
Saturday, Aug., 29:  10 am – 3 pm 
Monday, Aug. 31:  7:30 am – 6 pm (regular fall hours resume) 

Bed Bath & Beyond 
Bed Bath & Beyond
Pop-Up Campus Shop 
Wright Plaza by Dowdy Student Stores 
Thurs., Aug. 20 – Sat., Aug. 22 
8 am – 4 pm 

hours subject to change

Buying Officially Licensed ECU Products Supports Your Pirates! 

One of the strongest traditions at East Carolina University is showing your ECU pride by wearing and displaying your favorite purple and gold products. From apparel, tailgate tents and flags, to blankets, bags, picture frames, and jewelry: you name it and you can find it branded for Pirate Nation. 

Whether you are attending ECU sporting events or other university activities, at work or spending time with friends; students, alumni, parents and families can proudly gear up with officially licensed East Carolina products. Loyal Pirate fans should look for the “official licensed products” label when shopping at your favorite retail outlet. The officially licensed product label confirms that the university has approved the product and royalties derived from the sale support your ECU Pirates. 

When looking for officially licensed purple and gold products, try ECU’s Retail Champions’ stores and online outlets that are committed to carrying official merchandise. For a complete list of ECU’s Retail Champions or more information about licensing please visit: .

East Carolina University was a national leader when it established its trademark licensing program in 1983 to protect the use of its name and symbols by ensuring that products and other avenues of representation bearing the University's name and marks are properly controlled. The University has established formal licensing procedures that also enable the institution to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of both its name and symbols. 

By protecting the reputation and goodwill of East Carolina University through the management of its name and indicia, and by keeping its name and indicia in the public eye on a regional and national level, East Carolina continues to expand brand awareness and value benefiting the university, its alumni and supporters. 

 Remember, every Friday is a ‘Paint It Purple’ Friday for all  Pirate Nation to show their pride by wearing purple and gold wherever you go. 

And as football season approaches, plan now for the designated ‘Paint It’ games during the 2015 football season: 

Paint It Purple: vs Towson, September 5th 

Paint It Gold: vs. Virginia Tech, September 26th 

Paint It Black: vs. Temple, October 22nd 


For additional information please contact the ECU Trademark Licensing Office at 737-1508.

Chemistry Department to Offer Pharmaceutical Industry Skills Courses

The Department of Chemistry is offering an elective course this year (both fall and spring semesters) titled Pharmaceutical Industry Skills Laboratory: Good Manufacturing Practices (CHEM 4522).  Funded in part by a recent Golden LEAF Foundation grant to establish a Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing Center of Excellence at ECU, this course covers regulations, laws, and skills involved in good laboratory and manufacturing practices (GLP) and good manufacturing practices (cGMP).  All of these principles impact the medical and pharmacy professions, in which many ECU students are interested.  Also, in this class, students will be taught by scientists who have worked or are working at regional pharmaceutical companies, so it is a great way to connect with internship and job opportunities!  Interested students should have successfully completed at least two years of college level chemistry courses, and may contact Prof. Danell at for more information.

ECU Physicians

ECU Physicians

ECU Physicians, the medical professionals of the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, is the most comprehensive medical practice in eastern North Carolina. We treat the whole person with compassionate primary care from birth through the golden years. 
We have physicians on staff who are specially trained to treat adolescents and young adults. We offer nutrition and weight management education and behavioral health counseling services. 
Our sports medicine clinic and physical therapy professionals are ready to help your student get the most out of their workout, recreation, team sport or individual training goals. 

We also have unmatched specialty services for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, digestive disorders, arthritis and other conditions. We specialize in advanced treatments and pioneering surgery approaches, many of which were developed here. 
Call 252-744-1111 or 800-722-3281 for more information about ECU Physicians or to make an appointment with any of our providers.

The East Carolinian

The East Carolinian Subscriptions Available to Parents

The East Carolinian is celebrating 90 years of being the campus news source! 

Students, faculty, alumni and parents rely on the official campus newspaper for news, information. 

Don’t miss your chance to stay informed! The East Carolinian has subscriptions available for only $135 per year. During the semester, The East Carolinian comes out every Tuesday and Thursday. During the summer sessions, the paper comes out every Wednesday. 

Your Pirate relies on the paper for the most up to date news and entertainment around Greenville, and now you can too. For more information, or to subscribe contact The East Carolinian at 252-737-1553 or email

Campus Dining News 

Don't Miss the Gold Rush

We’ve got spirit, yes we do, we’ve got spirit, how about you? 
Dining on campus isn’t only about the food—it’s also about convenience, new experiences, friends, and fun. The Gold Rush Package opens the door to convenient access to food and drink while cheering on your favorite Pirate team. 

The Gold Rush Package 
The Gold Rush Plan offers you access to enjoy concessions at the ECU Pirate Athletic venues. This is a $100 investment that allows you to spend those food bucks at select athletic concessions that have food offerings. In addition, this package is also good at any ECU dining location. 

On your mark, get set... GO! 
For more information or to sign up for the Gold Rush Spirit Package, call 252.ECU.FOOD or visit

I'm Just Cheeseburger In Paradise
Live off campus? Meal plans much easier.  Purchase one today by calling 252-ECU-FOOD or visit
East Carolina University Dining Services

Do you want to save money on food? Spending a ridiculous amount of money on groceries, fast food, and snacks can really put a dent in your wallet, especially as parent of a college student. 

Cooking a healthy meal can be expensive and time consuming for your student. 

To make life a little easier ECU Campus Dining Services has three Gold Commuter Meal Plans designed uniquely for students that live off campus. 

Where else could you eat 120 meals per semester for only $6.63 a meal? 

Whether you visit Todd or West End for an all access, unlimited freshly cooked meal, grabbing a quick bite at any of our retail locations such as Chick-fil-A or Subway, or you just want a coffee for those late nights at the library, you can choose any of these Commuter Meal Plans below and still have spending money in your pocket.  

Use your meals or Gold Bucks at any campus dining location anytime! Gold Bucks roll over and can be used at athletic events. Are you ready to sign up? 

Visit, email, visit the Dining Services Office at Todd Dining Hall, or call 252.ECU.FOOD between the hours of 8am-5pm, Monday – Friday.

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