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Family Weekend Ticket Pre-Sale Ends Friday, September 11, 2015

The Only Thing Missing Is YOUJoin us for Family Weekend 2015! Tickets on sale now!  For more information visit: ECU Family Weekend '15 September 25-27  

We look forward to welcoming our visiting parents and families for Family Weekend 2015!

Limited tickets remain available for the Pre-Game Tailgate Party and Game Day Parking. Tickets may be purchased online here. Please note the deadline to pre-purchase tickets is Friday, September 11, 2015!

Visit the Family Weekend Website for schedules and weekend parking information.  Please contact Parent and Family Programs at or 252-328-6847 with any questions you may have. 

Pirate Alumni Legacy Brunch is September 27 

The second annual Pirate Alumni Legacy Brunch will be held Sunday, September 27 in Mendenhall Student Center, hosted by the East Carolina Alumni Association in partnership with the Office of Parent and Family Programs. Families with two or more generations of Pirates are invited to this event recognizing tradition and loyalty to East Carolina. In addition to a catered brunch, the program will include a pinning ceremony and family photo area. The registration deadline is September 21. Please plan to register well in advance as this is expected to be a popular event and may sell out. For more information or to register, call 252-ECU-GRAD (252-328-4723), e-mail, or visit

Proud Pirate Parent
East Carolina University

 Join the Parents Association Today!

Our Parents Association seeks to help inform, connect, and engage our Proud Pirate Parents.  You may join as a General Member or Pirate Member.  Parents Association members also have the opportunity to serve on the Parents Council, serving as the voice of parents to the university and helping to plan parent events.  


Monthly Pirate Parent e-newsletter 
Parent hotline/e-mail assistance
Access to events, such as Family Weekend, Spring Parents Weekend and Regional Parent Events  


Monthly Pirate Parent e-newsletter 
Parent hotline/e-mail assistance 
Access to events, such as Family Weekend, Spring Parents Weekend and Regional Parent Events 
Opportunity for your student to be entered for one free semester of textbooks from Dowdy Student Stores 
Opportunity for your student to be considered for one of five $2,000 Parents Association Scholars Program Scholarship  
Discount Coupon for Dowdy Student Stores 
Parent Wall Calendar with important dates and quick reference university information 
Proud Pirate Parent Car Decal 
Parent Magnet with important dates and phone numbers 
Early access to register for Spring Parents Weekend 

Pirate Membership is $35.00 per family mailing address, even if the family has more than one student enrolled at East Carolina University. The last day to register for the Parent Association as a Pirate Member is September 26, 2015.   Families may also support a four-year Pirate Membership at the $100.00 level.  Visit our website for instructions on how to join.

Pirate Member membership packets will be available for pick-up during Family Weekend. Remaining packets will be mailed after Family Weekend.

ECU Cares

East Carolina University students – like students at any institution of higher education – face many stressors during their college tenure.  These stressors may build and ultimately take a toll on a student’s ability to cope, impacting their mental and/or physical well-being as well as their academic performance.  Frequently, parents, friends, faculty, and roommates may be in the best position to identify students on campus who, as a result of these stressors, are exhibiting signs of difficult coping. 

ECU Cares was developed to offer assistance to distressed students, to connect them to appropriate campus and community resources, and to provide a mechanism by which others can report concerning behavior observed on campus to the appropriate professionals.  This can be a critical first step in helping the student improve and ensuring a safe and health learning environment for the entire campus community. 

To seek assistance from ECU Cares, call (252) 737-5555 or make an online report at

Student Health Services

Student Health Services News

Schedule Cancellations for Incomplete Immunizations 

Students who are not in compliance with North Carolina State Immunization Law will be academically withdrawn from classes Monday, September 28, 2015 at 5:00pm. It is imperative that students who need to receive missing immunizations do so immediately to avoid schedule cancellation. Multiple notifications have been sent to students’ ECU e-mail accounts alerting them of their non-compliant status. 

As a courtesy, ECU Student Health Service is offering walk in immunization hours every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00am-10:00am through Monday, September 28.  No advance appointments are made for these special immunization hours and students should be advised there may be a wait depending on volume; students can also seek missing immunizations at local physician offices, urgent care centers, retail pharmacies, or the Pitt County Public Health Center. Missing class time to get delinquent immunizations is not an excused absence so students need to plan accordingly to avoid missing academic work. 

To check immunization status, students can log on to their Online Student Health account with their PirateID and passphrase.  For enrollment requirements, visit

Don't Get Shipwrecked

Important New Academic Rules for Students

Effective Fall 2015, there are several academic rules that will impact undergraduate students. These rules were developed to support student academic success and to comply with several UNC-General Administration mandates. 

These rules include: 

 • Warning/Probation/Suspension 

 • Course and Term Withdrawals 

 • Readmission Under Forgiveness 

Please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s website ( and the Undergraduate catalog for detail concerning these rules.  Your student is encouraged to discuss any questions regarding the new rules with his/her academic advisor.

RDU Shuttle

ECU Transit Offers RDU Airport Shuttle Service

ECU Transit continues to operate the RDU Shuttle serving the Raleigh-Durham International Airport during scheduled academic break. Trips in the 2015 Fall semester include Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break. Tickets can be purchased at or at the Central Ticket Office in Mendenhall. The cost is $30 one-way, $60 round trip. A complete schedule and more information is available at

Speech Communication Center- Your key to effective communication.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

The Speech Communication Center at ECU helps students from all majors across campus with any aspect of verbal communication skills. If your student struggles with speaking anxiety, not knowing how to effectively organize and deliver presentations, or a lack of professional verbal communication skills (too much texting, tweeting, and time on Face Book), we can help!

The Speech Communication Center is open Monday through Friday, and our services are FREE! 

Appointments can be made by calling 252-328-2790 or by going to  We can help your student become a more confident communicator!

The Importance of the First Year

From the Office of Student Transitions  


Developing a Sense of Belonging 

Welcome to ECU! 

You have successfully gotten your student moved into his or her new residence hall room. He or she has made it through the first weeks of school. What can you expect from your student now? 

Typically colleges plan a lot of events the first few weeks of school to help students get involved, make new friends, and ease the transition.  East Carolina University is no exception!  Between residence hall meetings, Plunge Into Purple (PIP) events, the start of classes, and making new friends, your student is pretty busy! The newness makes everything exciting. So during the first few weeks of school, you may not hear a lot from your student, and what you do hear is likely to be excitement! 

One of the common complaints in the first few weeks is about roommates. For most students, this is their first experience sharing a room with someone. You can encourage your student to make the first step in creating a positive relationship with his or her roommate by opening the lines of communication. Roommates should establish boundaries about borrowing clothes, eating food, and when to have friends in the room. Resident Advisors (RAs) and professional residence hall staff are available to assist if needed. 

During this time, students are busy testing their newfound freedom. There is no longer anyone enforcing a curfew or getting them up in the morning for class. This increased responsibility can be exhilarating but also overwhelming. As the weeks wear on, students may experience homesickness and loneliness. In September, students may experience anxiety with classes and professors and finally, first exams and papers being due. This may be the first dose of reality that college is different than high school. 

This is an adjustment period for parents as well as siblings. Just remember that even if your son or daughter doesn’t tell you in the first few weeks, he or she does miss you! 

Some Questions to Ask Your New Student 
• How are your classes?  When is your first test/paper due? 
• Have you noticed a difference in college from high school? 
• What are you doing in your free time? 
• What two or three resources do you think will be most helpful to you?  Why? 
• Who has impressed you as being approachable, personable, or helpful? 
• How many hours do you plan to work?  Where do you plan to work?  How will this impact your academics? 
• How many new friendships have you formed? 
• Have you become involved in intramurals, clubs/organizations, residence hall programming, campus activities, or cultural events? 
• Have you identified a key resource person on campus to turn to if you have questions? 

Making the Transition 

First impressions are lasting impressions. Our experience with first-year students teaches us that students need to get involved early, build habits for success, and learn to make wise decisions about their time. The following suggestions address typical early transition issues for first-year students during the first few weeks of college. 
Utilize Campus Resources 
Encourage your student to become involved by using the many resources that ECU has at his or her disposal.  Studies show that students who use campus resources report higher levels of satisfaction with, and get more out of, the college experience. This involvement is not only valuable, but also FREE (because it is covered as part of the activity fee). The Student Recreation Center, Mendenhall Student Center, Ledonia Wright Cultural Center, Student Organizations, Career Services, Counseling Center, Student Health, and residential based programming are great sources for active involvement and support. 

Make Connections 

Experience with successful college students reveals that their college success is influenced by the quality and quantity of their interactions outside of class. The “big three” connections that help students succeed at ECU are with supportive faculty, staff, and peers. Here are some suggestions for encouraging social interactions for your student. Student-to-Faculty:  Encourage interaction outside of class, immediately after class, or during office hours. Student-to-Staff:   Encourage your student to maintain regular contact with his or her advisor – not just during registration periods. Also encourage them to get to know their residence hall coordinator and other support staff they may encounter. Student-to-Student:  Encourage your student to seek peer relationships with others who are success-seeking and success-achieving students. 

Work While in College 
During your student’s first semester of college, he or she will be amazed at the amount of time that is available outside of class. Although there is plenty of time to do out-of-class activities, advise your student not to overdo it. According to leading researchers on college students (and our campus observations), part-time work should not exceed more than 15 hours per week.  Interestingly enough, students involved in co-curricular experiences (e.g., volunteer, part-time work) actually earn higher grades than students not involved, and 15 hours or less of involvement tends to be a high success formula. To help your student seek employment on-campus, encourage him or her to go to the Student Employment Office located in G337 Old Cafeteria Complex or visit 

Focus on Academics: Developing Competence 

By now your student has begun to develop his or her sense of belonging at ECU. He or she has met a few friends, gotten involved in a few organizations, and hopefully feels like a part of the Pirate Nation!  He or she may now be struggling with developing academic competence and confidence in college level work. The differences between high school and college level course work can be significant. To be successful, first-year students will have to study more, use critical (or higher level) thinking skills, perform well on fewer exams, and rise to the level of their academic challenge. Ultimately they must develop new skills for thriving in a collegiate environment. There are a variety of resources available to students to support their academic success and help them develop academic competence. 

For Academic Support: 
Tutoring:  Students that desire tutoring in first-year courses should (1) consult their course professor, (2) visit the Pirate Tutoring Center (, or (3) visit the departmental office of the subject that they are taking (e.g., for difficulties in Math, go to the Mathematics Department). Academic Advisor:  Students can consult with their advisor on developing a plan for academic success. 

Common Adjustments for First-Year Students 

As students transition to life in college and away from home, many will experience difficulty in similar adjustments. Each month, we’ll focus on adjustment issues that students commonly experience during that month. 

September Adjustments 

Homesickness - They may not tell you, but chances are your student misses you and being at home. It’s not just about having someone to cook and do laundry for them though. Students miss the comfort that comes from a familiar environment with established routines. Roommate conflicts - Students are often sharing a room with someone else for the first time. This can create conflict, especially if they are not comfortable confronting someone they do not know. 
New study habits - What do professors expect? What are the tests like? Students may experience anxiety because of new academic challenges. 
Dissatisfaction with school - College is no longer new, and students realize that college is not perfect and takes work. 
Time Management - Students are trying to balance academic and social activities without assistance from parents. 
Dating anxiety - Students may be struggling to maintain a relationship with someone back home or at another school. Anxiety may also occur for students who haven’t been asked out or can’t find dates. 
Student organizations - Students may have tried for leadership positions and been unsuccessful. They may try to join organizations such as fraternities or sororities, and been unable to join their preferred group. 
Familiarization with campus - Students may still be finding their way around campus, especially at a school as large as ECU. If they get involved in new activities and organizations, they may have to find new areas and buildings. 
Values - When attending college, students may be confronted by challenges to their values. Exposure to alcohol and sex are among the challenges to values they face. They are now on their own to make decisions about values and safe choices.

Parents of our First Generation College Students

Parents of First Generation College Students – how are you doing?  It’s been about two weeks now that your son or daughter have moved onto our ECU campus in Greenville.  How are you filling your days?  Are you calling and texting and emailing them?  Or are they contacting you?  Or both?  A definite shift has occurred in the family dynamic with your child now in college.  In the Division of Student Affairs we are busy getting them CONNECTED to the university.  You know, feeling like it is home or at least much more familiar. 

We operate under 4 Pillars of Student Success in Student Affairs:  Connect, Invest, Motivate, and Finish Strong.  Each pillar is emphasized through our programming and classes depending on where we are in the first academic year.  For example, Connect is the first pillar and the critical time for your sons and daughters to make those connections is at the beginning of the Fall Semester.  Why?  So, they become a part of the Pirate Nation.  They know they are an ECU student and that this is their academic home.  Make no mistake, they miss you and many of them are homesick, but they are trying to connect, they are attending their classes, making new friends and figuring things out! 

Stay in touch with them, and remember that while they are navigating this new environment, they may not be able to text or call right away.  Oh, and let me ask you again, how are you doing with the move and the transition? 

Linda L. Mellish, Ph.D.
Office of Student Transitions and Campus Living

Sophomore Soundings

From the Office of Student Transitions

The Sophomore Year Experience 

Each month, this article will help you and your student successfully navigate the sophomore year at East Carolina University. During the fall semester we will provide information on various milestones that are important to the sophomore experience. This month’s article focuses on Academic Success. Upcoming articles will focus on Community Involvement, Career Preparation, Personal Growth, and Preparation for the next phase, the Junior Year Experience. 

The Office of Student Transitions, in partnership with parents and families, will make every effort to help students successfully achieve their personal and academic goals by encouraging students to connect, invest, stay motivated, and finish strong at ECU. 

Choosing an Academic Path 

Choosing an academic direction is one of the most important decisions sophomore students will make in college. A student’s choice of major will lead him or her down a path that incorporates contacts with faculty and peers, exposure to academic content, and the type and depth of academic experiences that might affect later decisions involving the identification of career alternatives or post-undergraduate education. Encourage students to: 

• Stay connected by participating in Sophomore Year Experience programs and events. 
• Identify a major and/or strengthen their commitment to finishing their sophomore year strong. 
• Find out what is required to officially declare a major. Declaring a major will help students develop a more focused path to graduation and minimize the frustration of selecting the right classes to graduate on time. 
• Meet with academic advisors regularly to discuss core curriculum and develop an academic plan. 
• Seek and secure a faculty or Student Affairs mentor that will help them through the difficult times. 
• Utilize available resources such as the Pirate Academic Success Center, writing centers and workshops, mentoring, and programming designed specifically for sophomore students, such as Sophomore September events. Involvement in these activities will help students stay connected, diminish feelings of isolation, and better cope with the increased level of expectations associated with the sophomore year. 
 • Gain a more global academic experience by studying abroad or taking a Global Understanding Course. For more information on the Study Abroad Program students should view the Study Abroad website at or call (252) 328-6232. For information on the Global Understanding Course visit
• Begin thinking about graduate and professional school requirements. 
• Visit Career Services to discover Internship and Co-op options available to them. These programs will be very important to your student as he or she begins looking at the job market after graduation.

Scott Avett

Convocation, Palooza Prepare Students for New Semester

East Carolina University alumnus Scott Avett encouraged approximately 4,200 incoming students to make the most of every moment during a keynote presentation at the annual Student Welcome and Convocation at Minges Coliseum Aug. 23. 

A member of the popular musical group, the Avett Brothers, Avett shared his personal experiences as a student who faltered at first, then got his life back on track. His grade point average dropped to a dismal 0.9 GPA, then rose to a 4.0 GPA in the process. 

“This is the place where you can make your dreams happen," Avett said. “Everything I have, my career, my family, my success, all started here at East Carolina University.” 

Avett encouraged the new Pirates to step out of their comfort zones while on campus to become the best that they can be – whether that’s educating others, performing or whatever career path they choose. 

A pep rally with coaches, cheerleaders and ECU mascot Pee Dee the Pirate focused on ECU sports traditions, while further cranking up audience enthusiasm as the convocation closed. 

Following convocation, more than 5,000 students poured into Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium for the 15th Annual Pirate Palooza, which includes live band karaoke, large inflatables, interactive athletic games, free food and giveaways. Students who posted tweets and photographs to social media using the #ECUPalooza hashtag saw their posts display on the stadium scoreboard.

Hurricane Map

Pirate Safety News: Hurricanes and ECU

Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th for the Atlantic Ocean.  For North Carolina, the majority of tropical storms make landfall between August and October.  In the last 25 years, Greenville has been impacted by 23 tropical storms. 
Hazards associated with land-falling hurricanes include: winds exceeding 155 mph, tornadoes and waterspouts, ocean storm surge, heavy rain, inland flooding, and landslides.  Here in the Greenville area, we typically experience high winds, tornadoes, heavy rainfall, and areal flooding.  These hazards often have repercussions: 

  •  Utility Outage 
  •  Water Issues
  •  Debris / Downed Trees
  •  Traffic Issues
  •  Flooding 
  •  Structural Damage 

ECU is designated by the National Weather Service as a StormReady University.  Despite our access to the best technology available, forecasts are based on computer models that inherently contain potential for error and weather systems can change.  ECU faculty, staff, and students need to become familiar with the Greenville climate and check weather forecasts frequently throughout hurricane season.  The forecast and conditions can change often. 

Tropical storm forecasting can be fickle; the timeline, intensity, and track of the storm determine the impact but models are no match for Mother Nature.  Even slight changes in hurricane track can make a big difference regarding the impact to the Greenville area.  ECU continuously monitors the weather and alerts the campus community to severe weather that may impact their safety. 

ECU Alert:  How the University notifies faculty, staff, and students 

ECU Alert is a collection of communication systems that the University uses to distribute emergency notification and information.  ECU Alert is comprised of: 

  • ECU Alert Webpage (
  • Email
  • PC Pop-Up Screen
  • Outdoor / Indoor Speakers
  • VOIP Phone Interface
  • Digital LCD / Plasma Screens
  • Social Media
  • SMS Text Messages 

Once the University has decided to close, cancel or delay classes, the notification is sent through ECU Alert.  This information can be found on the University home page, emergency hotline, campus email, and SMS text messages (users will only receive text if subscribed). 

Hurricane Preparedness & Safety 

Faculty, staff, and students should know the hazards associated with tropical storms, in order to make a plan of action.  Below are some tips to prepare for hurricane season.  Please visit the Hazardous Weather Tips website at for additional safety information. 

  • Build an emergency kit and make a communications plan
    • Visit Ready.Gov for additional information on what to include in your emergency kit and how to plan for communications during an emergency
  • Know your surroundings 
    • Learn the flood-prone areas and learn community hurricane procedures / evacuation routes
    • Flood-prone parking lots have signs at their entrances (lower Minges and lower College Hill)
  • During the storm: 
    • Listen to radio / TV for information
    • Secure your property
    • Follow instructions from local emergency management and officials 

Are you hurricane ready?  Please visit for more information.

Chancellor Ballard

Ballard to Step Down as ECU Chancellor 2016

On July 1, 2015 Chancellor Steve Ballard announced he will step down as East Carolina University's top leader next year, serving in his current role until July 1, 2016. Ballard has served as chancellor since 2004.

The timeline will allow a search for the next leader to take place with minimal disruption for the institution, 

Ballard said. "There is much to accomplish in the next year as we continue to build academic excellence across colleges, stand out in the American Athletic Conference and lead regional transformation in eastern North Carolina," Ballard said. "I look forward to working with everyone, including our partners, over the next 12 months." 

UNC President Tom Ross said Ballard's tenure has been a time of growth, excellence and leadership for East Carolina. "Under his leadership, ECU has raised the bar with respect to academic excellence and integrity, service and community engagement, and intercollegiate athletics," said Ross. "During his tenure, ECU has grown beyond its natural eastern North Carolina footprint and has developed a truly statewide impact. By any measure, Steve Ballard will leave ECU stronger and better than he found it." 

During the past decade ECU has received prestigious national recognition, including the Freedom Award for support of the military from the Department of Defense and the C. Peter Magrath Community Award from the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities. Ballard lauded the commitment and passion of East Carolina for those strides. "I am grateful to faculty, staff, students and leadership at ECU for your spirit, for your collegiality and for the difference you make to higher education," he said. "In very difficult times, you continue to excel."

Complete article may be found on ECU News Services

Siblings Weekend 2016- Save The Date!

RHA Siblings weekend will be held April 8th-10th, 2016.  The age range for siblings allowed to participate is school age (9-14 years).  If during this academic year (August 2015-May 2016), your child was 14, we will allow them to participate in Siblings Weekend.

For additional information, email RHASIBLINGSWEEKEND@ECU.EDU

Win a Life-Sized Pee Dee from Dowdy Student Stores!

Dowdy Student Stores September 15

Shop with us Family Weekend for Specials throughout the store!

Visit Dowdy on Home Football Game Days for a chance to win a life-sized PeeDee and other Great Prizes!  Extended hours, sales, and free game day buttons too!  Relaxed customer parking adjacent to store on weekends.

Dowdy Student Stores, Wright Building, Brody Building, Athletic Venues,, 252-328-6731, 1-877-499-TEXT

 ECU Homecoming October 14-17 2015

ECU Homecoming 2015 October 14-17  Pirates Rewind
East Carolina University

Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Science

College Appoints New Department Chairs

This summer, Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences appointed five new department chairs within the college. After serving as interim chair since 2012, Dr. Randy Daniel is now chair of the Department of Anthropology. Dr. Haiyong Liu is the new chair of the Department of Economics. Dr. Andrew Morehead was appointed chair of the Department of Chemistry. Dr. Chris Oakley is the new chair of the Department of History, and Dr. Bob Edwards is the newly appointed chair of the Department of Sociology. To more read about each of the new departments chairs, and other current news from the college, visit us online at


Alumni Association Offers Forever Pirates Student Membership

Forever Pirates are ECU students who pledge to become life members of the East Carolina Alumni Association. As Forever Pirates, students begin a long-lasting relationship with ECU and other alumni. Forever Pirates have unique opportunities to network with alumni, volunteer with fellow students, and prepare for life after college. Plus, Forever Pirates enjoy all the benefits of membership in the alumni association before graduation. Join Forever Pirates and be a Pirate for life!

Please visit the Forever Pirates webpage for more information on joining and upcoming events.

Help Your Student Plan for Career Success

Career Services Banner


OUR MISSION: ECU Career Services supports and empowers students in their career development to succeed as professionals in a global community. 


•  Career Counseling/Career Education 
•  Graduate School Preparation 
•  Interview Preparation and Practice 
•  Job and Internship Search 
•  Job Offer Evaluation/Negotiation 
•  MBTI or CFNC assessment debriefing 
•  Personal Statements and Graduate School Essays 
•  15 Minute walk-in meetings with career    center staff, Mon-Thurs. from 11am-3pm. 

CO-Operative Education 
The staff collaborates with faculty, employers, and students to help develop and facilitate internships and cooperative education opportunities. 

Employer Relations and Recruitment 
An employer relations team helps connect ECU students and alumni with employers. 

Presentations and Workshops 
Staff present career-related topics to academic classes and campus groups throughout the year. 

Internship & Employment Posting 
Career Services hosts a database called ECU CareerNET, a multi-functional Career Management System that lists thousands of employment opportunities exclusive to ECU students and alumni. 

Online Services and Technology 
• ECU CareerNET - Hundreds of jobs and internships 
• CFNC - College Foundation of North Carolina 
• Interview Stream - Practice interviewing technology 
• Career Shift - National job postings and contacts 
• Resume Samples 

Student Business Cards 
Students can print personalized business cards for networking events and career fairs. 


Career Fairs 
Throughout the year Career Services hosts numerous employment, graduate and pre-professional fairs to connect students with hiring recruiters from local, national, and global companies. 

POP - Pirates on the Porch 
On select weekdays, POP events host a variety of employers to meet and greet with ECU students in an informal networking setting. 

Career Leadership Conference 
This one-day conference educates students on career readiness and leadership topics. 

Professional Etiquette Dinner 
This annual event helps students learn what to expect and how to perform at formal networking events. This five courses interactive dinner will be hosted by a national professional Etiquette Consultant. Business attire, is required! 

Information Sessions 
Each semester, employers from various industries visit ECU to recruit students and conduct information sessions about their organizations. 

On Campus Interviews 
Employers visit campus to meet students and conduct interviews for internships and full-time jobs. 

Career Services offers a variety of presentations on topics that include: Resume and Cover Letter Writing, Internships and CO-Ops, Interviewing, Job Searching, and Social Media. 

Special Programs and Events 
Career Services offers special programs on a request basis for students groups, faculty, and employers.

As parents of students at ECU, it is imperative that you encourage them to take advantage of ECU Career Services and begin planning for their future after college.  The following is a map for student to follow in order to achieve career success.
Career Map

4 Year Plan: Your Map for Career Success

1st Year: Discover Career Resources

  • Visit to learn about ECU Career Services resources
  • Establish your ECU CareerNET account and unlock over 800 internship, CO-OP, and job opportunities
  • Explore majors and career possiblities
  • 100% of students who visited ECU Career Services reported that their visit helped them with their problem

2nd Year: Engage and Connect Career Interests

  • Connect with ECU Career Services and obtain a Career Resource Guide
  • Join career related organizations
  • Secure career related internship, volunteer activities. part-time jobs and CO-OPs
  • Attend career fairs and employer information sessions on campus

3rd Year: Plan for Graduation and After

  • Develop at LinkedIn profile and resume to communicate career related skills
  • Obtain an internship or CO-OP for academic credit
  • Research graduate schools and required entrance exams
  • Attend all career fairs and on campus interviews with employers of interest
  • Over 64% of employers made full-time offers to CO-OP students

4th Year: Implement Graduation Plans

  • Refine resume and social media to reflect career goals
  • Engage in campus recruitment through career fairs and on campus interviews
  • Discuss your graduation plans with a Career Counselor
  • Log in to ECU CareerNET daily to discover new job postings and employer contacts
  • Graduate from ECU with career success!
    • The average time it takes to find a job after graduation is six months

For more information on upcoming events and services please visit:

Beach Fest 2015

 Campus Recreation and Wellness News

Fall semester has snuck up on us and in full swing! We know you miss having your Pirates home, but they are here keeping plenty busy! This month we are offering some great opportunities to take a break from classes and stay active and outdoors, enjoying the beautiful fall weather here in Greenville! On September 9th, we will have our 5th Annual BeachFest at our North Recreational Complex from 4:30-7:30pm.  Our Pirates will be able to enjoy inflatables, kayaking, kan jam, zip lining, music, and free food from local companies!  This year Beach Fest will also feature acts and clinics from ProTeam BMX! Students can get in for free with their 1Card and we are providing bus service to shuttle students to the North Recreational Complex.  This will be an awesome time for students to come enjoy games and activities, learn what Campus Recreation & Wellness is all about and to kick off the fall semester! 

Another great way to kick off this semester is playing intramural sports! Registration for flag football, softball, sand volleyball, volleyball, soccer, 3-on-3 basketball, wiffleball, foot golf, racquetball, table tennis, billiards and foosball all close in September.  These sports offer a great way for your Pirates to take a break from studying and participate in some friendly competition with their friends! They can sign up either as a team with their friends or a solo player whom we will gladly match to a team.  Students can participate in as many intramurals as they would like, and the champion of each league wins the title of Intramural Champion and a T-Shirt! To take the competition a step further, we have an Ironman Competition for those who compete in the most intramural games throughout the semester.  These students will receive the Ironman title and T-Shirt as well! After all, college is all about free T-Shirts! To find out more about intramural registration, you can visit our registration website here

Your students have yet another chance to compete and win free prizes with Campus Recreation with Pirate Fit: Workout.  Students collect points when they log in their Campus Recreation workouts each day.  Once they have collected 20 points, they become a Level One champion, and receive our exclusive Pirate Fit/Dasani Tee! We only have a limited number of these Tees, so the sooner you rack up your points, the better chance you have at receiving a shirt! But the competition does not stop there, once they have reached 30 points, they are entered in the chance to receive a $250 Dowdy Student Stores gift card! One female and one male will win this grand prize!  Encourage your Pirates to work out and make healthy choices this fall to win these awesome prizes! Read more about the prizes you can win with Pirate Fit on our website. 

Our Adventure Center will also be hosting a kayaking this month! On September 12th, they will be heading out to Bear Island for a sea kayaking trip. This trip requires attending a pre-trip meeting, so make sure your Pirates sign up early if they would like to come! We encourage those with all levels of experience to sign up and join us for this relaxing paddle in the Atlantic Ocean! Pirates can sign up for this trip here.


Learn technology, creative and business skills 

Students have access to video courses on Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoCAD, Photography and more. Taught by accomplished instructors and recognized industry experts, is a high-quality resource. The library contains more than 3,790 courses students can access from their computer, tablet, or mobile device. tutorials can be embedded in Blackboard courses AND students are also encouraged to use as a training tool to become more proficient with Office 365, Adobe products, basic computer skills, time management, leadership fundamentals and more. ECU’s login page.

Counselor's Corner

Lauren Thorn, MSW, LCSW
Staff Counselor/Outreach Coordinator 
Center for Counseling and Student Development

The Freshman Honeymoon (and Beyond!) 

For many students, the first few weeks of their freshman year are exciting, as they explore the campus, figure out their new routines and dive into classes, organizations and their social lives. However, there comes a time where the honeymoon is over—and many students struggle to reconnect as the novelty wears off and reality sets in. 

There are key events that may create this inner conflict, and as parents, it’s sometimes hard to know how to respond or support your student through this period without interfering with their own growth and developing independence. Here are a few tips to try as your student experiences these common issues… 

  • “My roommate and I are having a fight!”—It’s easy to want to take sides or call up everyone associated with Campus Living until an appropriate resolution has been met, but this is one of those times where it’s helpful to listen as your student vents, then ask, “So what is the best way to deal with this?” Scheduling a meeting with the resident advisor to talk through a compromise would be the natural first step, which your student should do on their own. 
  • “I have no clue what’s going on in class.”—So many students assume they can float by in class those first few weeks, and then the tests and assignments catch up to them! Encourage your student to seek out their professors during office hours, get connected with the Pirate Academic Support Center, or coordinate study groups with their classmates. If they haven’t found an organizational or planning system that works for them yet, this is a key time to do it. 
  • “It’s hard to make new friends and I’m spending a lot of time alone.”—Many of our students share that the idea of making new friends at 18 or 19 years old is a lot more challenging than when they were younger. They may be feel like everyone is judging them or being critical, or be concerned that no one has the same type of interests they do. Getting connected with a student organization or club can help them to find their niche, while hanging out in common areas in the residence halls will allow them to join in on programs or group dinners sponsored by the RAs. 
  • “I just want to come home.”--This is when we frequently see students experiencing homesickness and seeking out the comfort of being at home with their families. Occasional trips are fine, but going home every weekend causes students to really miss out on big chunks of their social life. Pirate football games are a great reason to stay in town, as well as checking out the movies at Mendenhall Student Center. The Adventure Center at CRW hosts sea kayak or climbing trips, and the Pirate 411 comes out weekly to share information about all ongoing student events. 

As always, please feel free to contact the Center for Counseling and Student Development with any questions regarding mental health concerns and our services on campus at 252-328-6661 or at  

Book a Librarian

Does your student need research help?  

Book A Librarian at Joyner Library 

If your student is struggling with research projects, encourage them "Book A Librarian" to schedule a one-on-one meeting with a librarian at Joyner Library.  These 30 minute appointments provide personalized help to find articles and books for a specific assignment or project or provide an overview of library tools and search tips for their field of study.

The East Carolinian

Wondering what to do for Family Weekend? 

Be sure to pick up a copy of The East Carolinian on September 24th for a special Spirit Poster with offers from local businesses!

New Resource for Families of Nursing Students 

Parents and family members of ECU nursing students have a new resource to help them stay updated on the latest College of Nursing happenings. A new website created specifically for you provides information about nursing events that parents can plan to attend, such as the Pirate Nurse 5K and Lamp of Learning ceremony that initiates new students into the profession. The site also details a number of ways you can get College of Nursing news as it happens, including a form you can complete to sign up for emails from the college. For more information, visit

Campus Dish App

Campus Dining News 

The Dining Services Office is now located at Todd Dining Hall on College Hill Drive

Website and New App

You may have noticed a different look to our website. Our new Campus Dish 2.0 website is now live. New features include a Google Map to all of our locations, live feed from our Twitter and Facebook social media pages and up to the minute menus with nutritional information and a nutritional calculator. 

If you haven't already, download our Campus Dish 2.0 App. This app allows you to take dining anywhere your phone goes. Check out the menus, hours of operation or monthly promotions. Can't find a location, no problem with the help of Google Maps it is all right there on the app for you. 

 Campus Dining Banner


 Check your bucks balance online! NEW NEW NEW 

 You can now check your Purple and Gold Bucks balance online. 

1. Download the "Get Funds" App from the App Store. 

2. Select "East Carolina University" 
3. Use your ECU Username and password 
4. Add your phone number 
5. Select "My Account 

The Gold Rush Package 

The Gold Rush Plan offers you access to enjoy concessions at the ECU Pirate Athletic venues. This is a $100 investment that allows you to spend those food bucks at select athletic concessions that have food offerings. In addition, this package is also good at any ECU dining location. 

For more information or to sign up for the Gold Rush Spirit Package, call 252.ECU.FOOD or visit 


September Events: 
9/3 Nugget Night at Todd and West End Dining Halls: 4:30-8p 
9/8 Dining Hall 101 at Todd: 11a-2p 
9/10 Dining Hall 101 at West End: 
9/10 TV Star - FOOD DUDE @ Todd: 2:30p-3:30p 
9/17 Gateway Street Party & King and Queen of the Halls - More to come 
9/21 Super Foods Super Hero Lunch at Todd: 11a-2p 
9/24 Mexican Fiesta Premium Night at Todd and West End Dining Halls 4:30p-8p 
9/26 & 9/27 Family Weekend 

October Events: 
10/1 Flexitarian Fun Lunch at Todd: 11a-2p 
10/5 Flexitarian Fun Lunch at West End: 11a-2p 
10/6 Flexitarian Fun Lunch at D360: 11a-2p 
10/7 Peace, Love, Pirates Cure 10a-2p SRC 
10/10 - 10/13 Fall Break 
10/20 Oktoberfest Premium Night at Todd and West End Dining Hall: 4:30-8p 
10/22 Food Day Celebration Lunch at West End: 11a-2p 
10/30 Halloween Lunch at Todd and West End: 11a-2p 

November Events: 
11/3 Fad Diets Lunch at West End: 11a-2p 
11/4 Native American Celebration LWCC 
11/5 Fad Diets Lunch at Todd: 11a-2p 
11/13 Decorate your own Crepe with The French Club at West End: 5p-7p 
11/16-11/20 International Education Week 
11/16 Chowder Lunch at Todd and West End Dining Hall: 11a-2p 
11/23 Thanksgiving Premium Dinner at Todd and West End: 4:30p-8p 
11/25 - 11/29 Thanksgiving Break December Events: 
12/1 Make your own ornament and cookie at Todd with SAB:5p-7p 
12/3 Simple Selections at Todd Dining Hall: 4:30-8 
12/7 Holiday Dinner at Todd and West End Dining Hall: 4:30p-8p 

12/8 Reading Day: Breakfast for Dinner at Todd and West End and Relaxation Station 4:30p-8p