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The ECU Stars 2015 Sign Up is now closed.

Basic Rules/Information


All participants should complete an ECU STARS registration form on the web site.

The form will include participant data and information that will be used in the introduction of those selected to perform.

This form will automatically e-mail to members of the ECU STARS committee.

Please contact Mark Rasdorf and/or Chris Chappell with additional questions.


Bring your own music on a CD or iPod (with a label/note listing your name, the music and track)

Music must be karaoke style - no vocalist in music arrangement (no lip-synching)

Maximum length of song = 5 minutes.

No profanity or hate language in the selected song.

All performances must be solo.


No dangerous stunts on/off stage.

Dance appropriately within designated space.

Performers are not allowed to leave the stage during the performance.

Appropriate dress is required.

The ECU Stars Committee reserves the right to stop any inappropriate performance.


A selection committee will choose up to 12 contestants from among those that audition.

The number of performers selected will be based upon the talent level of the contestants.

Selection of winner:

Judges will select the top three finalists. The audience will have the opportunity to select the "people's choice" for the fourth finalist.

The winner and runners-up will be selected by audience participation.