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Rebel 58 Magazine
Rebel Magazine is the Student Media Literary Arts Publication of East Carolina University. The 58th edition of Rebel is currently being produced, and will be released at Barefoot on the Mall in April 2016.This year's staff is comprised of editor Matt Maddox and designers Celia Donovan and Monika Glowaka.

For more information or direct questions, contact the Rebel 58 staff at Find us on Facebook for more updates and event reminders!

HAVE AN ART ENTRY?: Bring the actual piece of work to submissions (NO PHOTOGRAPHS). All 2D work must be mounted (preferably on black mat board). Paintings, etc., that are on canvas are acceptable as is. Animation entries can be brought and submitted via a flash drive.

HAVE A LITERARY ENTRY?: Either bring a digital copy of your work, or BOTH a digital copy AND physical copy of your work.

HAVE A MUSIC ENTRY?: Bring a digital copy of your work on a flash drive, etc.

HAVE A DANCE ENTRY?: Come prompt to the dance entry filming wearing appropriate attire. Filming will be used as final entries and, if chosen, will be submitted as is for the magazine. Aka, wear clothes necessary for a final performance.

All accepted categories for Rebel 58 submissions:

Animation | Book Arts | Ceramics | Dance | Digital Photography | Documentary Film | Drawing | Fiction | Film Art | Graphic Design | Illustration | Metal Design | Mixed Media | Music | Non-fiction | Painting | Poetry | Printmaking | Sculpture | Textile Design | Traditional Photography | Wood Design

**Remember your entry form, liability release form and $3 entry form. No exceptions.

Call For Entries Entry Form | Liability Release

Drop-off Dates for Entries:
September 24-25, 11am-8pm at Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge (404 S. Evans Street).
Saturday, September 26, 10am-4pm at Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge (404 S. Evans Street). Participants will be notified afterwards on this day.
Installation into Gallery:
September 27 - October 30
Pickup of Unaccepted Work:
Sunday, September 27, 10am-4pm
Opening Reception:
Friday, October 2, 5pm-8pm
Exhibition Dates
: Friday, October 2 – Friday, October 30
Transfer to Photographer
: Friday, October 30